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TV5 A Wreck Under the MVP Ownership

Manny V. Pangilinan’s ambitious ventures turned out to be disastrous for TV5, and the network is now on an identity crisis. (Photo credit:

Any improvement on TV5 is now an impossible dream.

In just two weeks, TV5 went from being a promising station to a shell of its former self. Even sister station AksyonTV is feeling the sting of TV5’s seeming downfall.

Much of the blame is centered on its owner, Manny V. Pangilinan. The businessman known as MVP purchased TV5 back in 2010 and was promised to improve the station in a few years’ time.

But instead of upgrading its signal strength and nationwide reach (a weakness of the then-ABC 5 during the ownership of Tonyboy Cojuangco), Pangilinan chose to revamp TV5’s programming and facilities in order to better compete with ABS-CBN and GMA. Unfortunately, MVP’s ambitious moves did not result in immediate success, and TV5 soon encountered turbulence.

TV5 first tried to form its own stable of artists (mostly veterans like Sharon Cuneta and Willie Revillame), and produced some programs that could have given ABS-CBN and GMA a run for their money. It failed, and not even the intervention of Vic del Rosario and VIVA Entertainment made a difference.

The Kapatid network then acquired the broadcast rights to some big-name sporting events (e.g. PBA, Olympics, FIBA World Cup) and even managed to strike a blocktime deal with IBC-13 (named AKTV) to aid in his quest. However, AKTV was a financial failure, and Sports5 had no choice but to air them on TV5 and AksyonTV, which proved to be detrimental to both networks.

Next in TV5’s agenda was the improvement of its news division, thus the establishment of AksyonTV and Radyo5 92.3 News FM. Despite the numerous awards given to them, News5 was criticized for its overemphasis on tabloid-style news reporting, as well as mismanagement from within.

Finally, TV5 invested in the satellite subscription service Cignal, and by 2015, it reached its target of 1 million subscribers. Still, its channel lineup remains paltry in comparison to its older cable competitor SkyCable.

Overall, the attempt to turn TV5 into a broadcast giant in the mold of ABS-CBN and GMA turned out to be a failure. Today, their programming as a whole is back to what the Cojuangco-era ABC 5 used to air, with a lot of TV shopping blocks, imported programming and movies, and in the case of Radyo5 92.3 News FM, too many vacant slots.

Now that TV5 is back to where they started, what will be the next move for MVP? Having wasted a lot of money making some ambitious yet unsuccessful ventures, it’s about time for his network to tear down and start over, or else the inevitability of bankruptcy or sale will soon hang over his head.

The next move starts now, MVP. Do the right thing and save TV5 from collapse.


89 thoughts on “TV5 A Wreck Under the MVP Ownership

  1. To be honest, I’m pretty sure all the MVP companies are in a slump right now. PLDT and Smart have widely-perceived terrible service coupled with badly-executed branding, Cignal has been less impressive lately (I mean, congratulations to Cignal on getting 1M+ subscribers, but they’ve been adding a lot of uninteresting channels like Bloomberg PH, Sari Sari, Celestial Pinoy, Juan Sports, Pinoy Extreme, and others lately, instead of adding channels people actually WANT to watch), and, as mentioned, TV5 being a network with confused and misplaced priorities, trying and failing to win over the ABS and GMA audience.

    Overall, I’m starting to get an impression that MVP is becoming the kind of businessman that cares more about earning money than improving the quality of services. Unless something huge happens, I won’t be optimistic about it.

    • It was MVP’s fault that TV5 is now back to where they were under Tonyboy Cojuangco. He is simply too ambitious to begin with. First he overpaid on older stars, then gambled on AKTV on IBC with a host of big-name sports (e.g. Olympics), and finally established an all-news FM radio and TV station that doesn’t even pale in comparison to both DZMM and ANC. All of that failed, and now he’s paying the consequences.

      • No wonder. Even Brigada News FM is more listenable than Radyo5 with tons of vacant space. MVP’s ambitious goals took the toll on TV5.

      • The truth is, Radyo5 deserved better than this. They are capable of upstaging its AM counterparts, yet they’re hounded by mismanagement issues. A lot of their vacant space is used for music, when in fact they should be filling it with more talk -oriented shows. They’re still a poor man’s DZBB or DZMM.

      • For me, Radyo5 is no DZBB or DZMM, Radyo5 is more like a softer version of Brigada News FM with adult contemporary music on Radyo5’s music playlist. I think the news FM department should be left to players like Brigada.

      • That is, if Brigada can be much better than the 104.7 frequency suggests. They should’ve been the ones occupying 92.3, not TV5.

        We can now say that News5 failed to seriously revolutionize the news format on FM, since they didn’t take this format seriously. Until now, people on the streets still prefer news on the AM band.

  2. harhar says:

    Too ambitious was the right words to describe it. Now, TV5 is losing its viewers due to change of format. What TV5 should do is
    1. Continue broadcasting sporting events even if it’s primetime. The PBA, Superliga and UFC are the prized programs of TV5.
    2. News programs like Aksyon should broadcast at a slightly early timeslot of other news programs of ABSCBN and GMA.
    3. Dedicate AksyonTV to Radyo5 programs like DZMM Teleradyo.
    4. Press briefings should be broadcast at AksyonTV
    5. Hire more hard hitting radio broadcasters for Radyo5
    6. Lessen Shopping programs on TV5 and AksyonTV

    • MVP’s biggest mistake has to be the sporting events. I expect them to drop the PBA and the Olympics after this season, because it’s clear that it became detrimental to its programming. The PBA, in particular, intervened with VIVA’s plans to revitalize TV5’s entertainment group.

      Aksyon definitely needs a revamp, to be honest. I don’t like their overemphasis on sensationalized news and crime reports, especially on Aksyon sa Tanghali where they kick off the newscast with such reports.

      Finally, I’ve given up on AksyonTV. They should’ve just established an all-news channel on Cignal instead of on free TV. They really made a mistake by advertising AksyonTV as the first all-Filipino 24/7 news channel on free TV, and now they’re really in ruins. As for Radyo5, they should get more journalists/hosts to work on the network’s vacant hours, because as it stands, they’re a poor man’s DZBB or DZMM masquerading in FM.

  3. Who were the owner of TV5 back when they still air hit animes and Talentadong Pinoy? Those were the glory days but it ended when MVP entered the picture

  4. Wrong moves means a huge disaster is coming. I think nagdadalawang isip na si Boss Vic about partnering with a network like TV5 which has many issues inside and outside the network.

    • Exactly. His first wave of programs didn’t work because of the PBA and other sporting events, and it is clear that he is becoming more reluctant to continue this deal. Sayang, he would’ve helped, kaso magulo lang ang pagpapatakbo sa TV5 nowadays.

      • Although they do have a Cignal channel called Hyper, I’d say drop only a few for now, particularly the PBA which proved to be a distraction to VIVA’s plans.

      • Well we should stop all the rumors about Viva’s big stars moving to TV5 because the network is not a good place to work in. And besides many of TV5’s stars are now on either on GMA or ABS-CBN.

      • We could see Ogie Alcasid move back to GMA if TV5 continues to sink further. Even Jasmine Curtis-Smith may end up joining sister Anne on ABS if this goes on. And we may inevitably see the end of TV5’s lone entertainment show ‘Happinas Happy Hour’ unless they fix this ongoing issue.

  5. Alternative sana ang TV5 sa ABS-CBN at GMA. Pero kung titignan ang mga programa ng Net25, Light Network, at UNTV Life, parang mas may mapapanood ka pang maganda compare to TV5. Take note na UHF pa ang mga ito at hawak ng mga Religious Ministries. Samantalang ang daming resources ng TV5 pero hindi pa rin nagiging maayos ang mga programa, magaling lang sa simula. At isa pa yung CLTV36 na provincial station pa man din na halos mas maganda ang programming than TV5. Baka dumating ang time na matulad sa IBC ang TV5 na kaya puro TV Shopping eh doon na lang sila kumikita.

    • Even the Solar-managed free TV stations like ETC and 2nd Avenue have better programming than TV5 now. It’s a shame na naging ganito ngayon ang TV5 dahil sobrang ambisyoso ni MVP na gawing katulad ng ABS at GMA, without any regard for signal and power improvement.

  6. Jason says:

    1) Hyper should be the main sports channel not Aksyon TV. Because they don’t have the firepower to mix sports and news(AksyonTV/Radyo Singko) or entertainment(TV5) that will become a success to benefit all of the aforementioned stations.
    2) For now TV5 should try to plead to the PBA board to split the elimination games. And in the near future don’t renew. They can still right the ship with TV5, AksyonTV and Radyo Singko, if they do that.
    3) Hope that VIVA sticks. They need all the help in the world now. But stick with the alternatives and not those highly-budgeted,cliche teleseryes. Signal isn’t good.It’s like your wasting your money on nonsensical things.

    • I’d rather see a complete shakeup on TV5, as in tear down and start over. Any further suggestion to restructure their lineup could be futile at this point. Let’s just wait for the PBA contract to expire and look forward to this potential demolition (don’t take it literally) and rebuilding of TV5.

  7. RJ says:

    Similar to their opponent’s sister networks, ABS CBN Sports + Action and GMA News TV are better than TV5 right now to watch, if you observe but I really don’t like to compare of those. Sorry if I fed up to watch TV5 and their boring sister network, AKSYON TV. From now on, I watch only GMA, ABS CBN, GMA News TV, ABS CBN Sports + Action and their exclusive channels of TV Plus from ABS CBN.

    • News TV is just as worse. Their endless array of reruns, movies, and even a TV shopping block is almost the same content as TV5 and AksyonTV. At this point, only ABS and its sister channels are considered the most formidable.

      • 5, 11 and 41 are in their worst shape. 5 and 41 are now suffering, 11 has been suffering the longest with their questionable programming, ika nga, sari-sari. 2 might have a problem with their delivery of news, but it will remain as the only one.

      • This is clearly becoming an epidemic. ABS running unopposed does not bode well to Philippine television in the long term. Unless TV5 and GMA can get their act together, we could see a repeat of PHTV in the Martial Law era.

  8. RJ says:

    Thus, GMA 7, ABS CBN and their sister networks are well-performed. TV5 seems not like a major network if they discontinue their attention.

    • Did I say GMA 7? No, right. I said that ABS and their sister stations are the only ones that are most formidable. GMA may claim to be a major player, but like TV5, they too have their own share of problems.

  9. RJ says:

    Sorry, but in my opinions and observations, GMA, ABS CBN and their sister networks have best programs, while TV5 and AKSYON TV are nothing.

    • You may think that GMA has the best programs, but they’re like TV5 in a managerial sort of way. Why? Even their entertainment department’s a mess (Artist Center, expensive fantaseryes). They don’t have a sports department (an important one should the PBA leave Sports5), they’re still airing their programs in old school 4:3 format, and they’re unprepared for HD broadcasts. Not to mention they have issues with their employees and regional networks. Overall, GMA is just like TV5 will all of their own problems.

      Like I said, only ABS and their sister networks are the most formidable right now. With them in total domination, it won’t be beneficial to Philippine television long-term.

      • At isa pa, nakikialam ang GMA Public Affairs sa GMA Entertainment and went on to produce ratings flops like Dangwa and To The Top, which are both entertainment programs.

      • Mas malala ‘to. Kaya it’s no secret na ABS lang ang pinakaformidable sa kanila at this point. GMA and TV5 really have a long way to catch up with ABS because of their variety of problems.

  10. Gab says:

    Apektado na rin pati ang mga online shows. For example, News5-produced satire news program Kontrabando ends today.

      • Jason says:

        Quick update: The satire show will still continue but they might be changing the shows’ name or will be aired on TV5(that’s just a hunch)

      • Could become the next Wazzup Wazzup or May Tamang Balita, if TV5 will push through with this. But I don’t think it will last long given the meager resources.

  11. Gab says:

    Checking out the tweets of Snow Badua, a former PTV personality and here is what he say.

    I heard that TV5 is running out of resources and that most of their talents have either left or faced with an uncertain future.

    I was also informed that MVP wanted to salvage the network, but as of the moment they have no revenue generating shows to stop bleeding

    In fairness, nag rate naman ata yung GILAS announcement nila. Nag backlash nga lang dahil maraming nagalit na tao sa irrelevance nito

    I was also informed that NOEL LORENZANA has left TV5 as president & that former Gilas coach CHOT REYES will be his successor. How true?

    Indeed, TV5 is in desperate mode now…

    • This is where their poor nationwide reach comes into play. If there are only a few areas where powerful signals exist, then they’re doomed to fail. In essence, TV5 simply failed to learn its lesson from the Cojuangco days.

      Had MVP decided to emphasize improving its signal first, TV5 would have been competitive. But alas, his ambitious ways proved to be the blueprint for TV5’s inevitable collapse.

  12. Jason says:

    Looks like the news department is catching up to the entertainment and sports department in terms of racking up problems. First was Martin Andanar , now Cherie Mercado. With her leaving, I just hope they give the post of Aksyon sa Tanghali and Aksyon Tonite (give Cheryl Cosim a break she’s too overworked with Aksyon Sa Umaga and Aksyon Tonite and radio commitments) to someone more credible like maybe Maricel Halili, Mae Anne Los Banos, Fritzie Cabial or Carla Lim. Just give others a chance.

    • More than that, a total overhaul of the Aksyon newscasts is seriously needed, because I hate the fact that they emphasize more on sensationalized news than political issues. If their target at this point is a niche audience, then better make their newscasts more hard news-oriented, just like those of ANC and CNNPH.

      Maybe the time has come for Luchi Cruz-Valdes to step aside and have a younger, more enthusiastic individual to head News5.

  13. TV5 should not have deviated from its strategy back in 2010, when it was beginning to gain ground. Instead of offering this similar to that of ABS and GMA, like groundbreaking and thought-provoking weekly series, the Cinemalaya films to expose the people to independent filmmaking, the news should have taken a broadsheet format, and of course, minimize costs s much as possible.

    Seems to me MVP is just throwing money away.

  14. ramones1986 says:

    I don’t know if MVP himself has an official Twitter account, because I am tempted to send this link to him. I wanna see his reaction… 😉

    • And since TV5’s entertainment department is all but dissolved, they have no choice but to do this. They’re more on sports and news now, while all of their entertainment shows will be purely foreign in nature.

  15. Gemini says:

    TV5 is in a slump because of its overpaid underachieving executives. Susme, lubog na nga network nila kung gumastos akala mo ang laki ng kita. I say, investigate your executives especially your marketing executive who treats the network as her milking cow. Ano nga ba talaga ambag niya sa network? Naging number 2 raw sa middle east at the time when GMA was temporarily pulled out but when GMA made a comeback asan na TV5 uli?

    Andaming pakulo, independence day celebration kuno sa New York para laging makapag biyahe sa New York at makapag Waldorf-Astoria pero magkano ba sales sa New York? Insignificant di ba? Mas mahal pa gastos sa pagkain sa mga mamahalin restaurants kesa sa kinikita.

    • Basically MVP overpaid everyone. Yung kina Sharon Cuneta at Ogie Alcasid halos nasa bilyones na ang kontrata while they were there. And by doing so, TV5 fell flat dahil mas prinioritize yung sweldo at production fees imbes sa technical at equipment issues which are crucial in gaining a wider audience. Kaya hanggang ngayon, marami ang nagrereklamo sa TV5 dahil hindi nila naayos ang problema nila sa signal at power.

  16. Joey says:

    Sharon Cuneta did the right thing of paying off her contract so she can get out of TV5 asap. Overpaid sales and marketing executive was super incompetent and failed to market her shows in Dubai and Italy resulting to very low audience turn out. Now, if only these overpaid executives are actually doing their jobs and actually know what their jobs is all about then perhaps TV5 still has hopes left.

    Apparently, the expensive European cars and sky high salaries are not enough motivation for these people to actually work their asses off.

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