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Kris Aquino Returns, But Not on ABS-CBN

‘The Queen of All Media’ is back.

Returning to the Philippines after a three-month break, Kris Aquino is once again expected to appear in front of the small screen. But instead of booking a date with her long-time network ABS-CBN, she decided to make her television comeback as a guest on GMA’s ‘Yan ang Morning’.



According to Kris on her official Instagram, her guesting on ‘Yan ang Morning’ yesterday is a promise fulfilled to her ‘inaanaks’ Marian Rivera (the show’s host) and Dingdong Dantes. It can be recalled that Kris attended the wedding of both Marian and Dingdong last December 2014 and she stood as one of the principal sponsors.

The said episode of ‘Yan ang Morning’ will air tomorrow, again according to Kris on her Instagram.


Despite her appearance on Kapuso soil, there is talk of Kris’ return to ABS-CBN in the foreseeable future. According to long-time hosting partner Boy Abunda via Pep.ph, discussions about possible shows between Kris and ABS-CBN are currently in the offing.

Let’s just hope that Kris’ surprise guesting on ‘Yan ang Morning’ will provide a much-needed boost to the struggling talk show, whose 6% average ratings prove to be a headache to GMA management. This is going to be a make-or-break episode for Marian and co., so better make the most of it.


14 thoughts on “Kris Aquino Returns, But Not on ABS-CBN

  1. I hope the guesting of the former (or for 2 1/2 hours left, as of this writing) Presidential sister would not be as permanent throughout its airing or it’s going to be a big turnoff and a que horror for Gozon.

    Ralph, let’s all join together for the new chapter of our nation. We may never know what challenges of Philippine television is yet to come. 🙂

    • We’ll just hope for a more competitive and high-tech Philippine television in the Duterte era. Channel 2 is ready, now it’s up to the others (especially GMA) to step up.

      • Parang yung digitalization at paghahanda sa HD broadcast ang dahilan kung bakit nagkukuripot ngayon si atty. Gozon. Haha. Kaya malapit-lapit na rin sigurong mag-advance ang techonology nila

      • Pero those things came at the cost of closing some of their regional networks and firing some of their employees. Essentially, it’s addition by subtraction on the part of GMA.

      • Blame the fantaseryes of the mid-2000s for their financial woes. Kung hindi nila nagastuhan ng todo yung mga fantaseryes, they would’ve been in a better position to compete with ABS. Kaso hindi sila naging maingat.

  2. Gab says:

    Speaking of Kris Aquino, at this moment she is currently meet with top ABS-CBN officials for a possible TV comeback…. ang bilis talaga ng panahon….

  3. I feel sad for GMA. Back in the 80’s up to mid 90’s, GMA was very big and popular… Everyone in the Philippines was hooked on That’s Entertainment, and Eye to Eye every day and the only shows Filipinos watched on Sundays were GMA Supershow and Lovingly Yours, Helen. All the popular teens were members of That’s Entertainment.
    Now, ABS is dominating the TV of Filipino household.
    I don’t understand what happened to GMA that they are so behind ABS. Their stars are so behind too. Everyone knows all the Popular ABS stars even the GMA fans but no one knows GMA stars except for the ones watching GMA. I think it is time for GMA to fire their managing staff and hire new people or maybe rehire their former staff from the 80’s and try to do another That’s Entertainment but they should be more picky with their talents and not just get anyone who doesn’t even have star quality like most of their talents now.

    • Exactly. But their problems go beyond talents alone. They also have issues regarding equipment, power and employment issues. Though their financial statements state that they are gaining an increase in revenue, these come at the expense of closing their regional networks and firing some of their employees.

      It is no secret that all of GMA’s problems lie on questionable decisions by management. Especially during the era of Lilybeth Rasonable.

      • As I observed from the 90’s until now, Ang TV is the answer of switching the popularity during the time when the management lauched a talent search called ABS-CBN Talent Center of Freddie M. Garcia and Johnny Manahan wherein the former child stars like John Prats, Jolina Magdangal, Katya Santos and others are became a household name in the industry; stars of Kapamilya Network is even more popular to their rival network, GMA and TV5 (formely ABC), GMA can’t denied that their homegrown talents are wanted to do a movie with Star Cinema of ABS-CBN like DongYan, Dennis Trillo and others, how surprising.

      • That’s because with the lack of funds, GMA Films can’t make films by themselves nowadays. They need other film outfits to survive. It’s no secret that their portfolio has only a few films to their credit.

        And since this article is about a talk show, an individual like Kris Aquino would have helped GMA resurrect their floundering talk show fortunes. But her loyalties with Channel 2 is hindering them. And ever since Carmina Villaroel and Janice and Gelli de Belen left GMA after SIS was cancelled, they had a hard time creating a successful talk show, not to mention hone talents who can also host a talk show well.

      • But the thing is, Carmina Villaroel and Janice de Belen have returned to GMA. So what’s the point if they would revitalize their fortunes on mid-mornings?

      • Even if they returned, they have no plans of reviving SIS anytime soon. And unlike before, their ties with GMA are on a per-series basis only and not a long-term contract (same with all veteran stars who are now given supporting roles). This means that they may jump ship anew to ABS after a series or two.

        Besides, GMA has no hope of producing its own morning talk show considering its failures (SIS, in particular, was cancelled because of Showtime and GMA has not had any success since). I would’ve wanted The Lolas’ Beautiful Show to compete against Magandang Buhay but since TAPE is only given a three-hour slot on weekday afternoons, that particular faceoff would be impossible. GMA is better off living and dying with repetitive animes and not a talk show since these are the only ones that are helping them in the morning.

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