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ABS-CBN Koreanovelas Find a New Home

Koreanovelas on ABS-CBN find a new partner in CineMo!. After ‘Blood’, the second Koreanovela on CineMo!, ‘You’re All Surrounded’, begins this Sunday. (Publicity photo courtesy of ABS-CBN)

The relocation of Koreanovelas on ABS-CBN is now underway.

With the flagship Channel 2 no longer committed to broadcast Koreanovelas due to various critical factors (e.g. low ratings, heavily edited content), ABS-CBN decided to move them to another platform. Fortunately, an exclusive channel of the network’s TVPlus platform came to the rescue.

Enter CineMo!, whose foray to the Koreanovela genre began May 1 with the series ‘Blood’. After ‘Blood’ aired its final episode last Sunday, CineMo! followed it up with another Koreanovela, titled ‘You’re All Surrounded’, which will air starting July 10.

If viewers on ABS-CBN were not happy with their harsh treatment of Koreanovelas, then they should feel relieved with CineMo!’s more relaxed approach. Unlike the weekday airing of Koreanovelas on Channel 2, CineMo!’s Koreanovelas air once a week, and on a near-uninterrupted and unedited basis.

This means that viewers will enjoy a more complete, unadulterated and free-flowing Koreanovela experience, something that Channel 2 cannot guarantee due to its stricter programming rules. More importantly, their entry should appease more consumers to purchase the ABS-CBN TVPlus digital box.

ABS-CBN’s most recent Koreanovela on the main Channel 2 was ‘My Love Donna’, which was either cancelled or concluded last April after a run of nearly one month. After the humiliating experience of ‘My Love Donna’, it was clear to ABS-CBN that Koreanovelas, like animes before them, are no longer a good fit to Channel 2’s current plans.

With the presence of digital channels such as CineMo!, ABS-CBN was able to accommodate some of their imported programming to their new digital counterparts. That way, Channel 2 can air more local programming which should satisfy viewers’ appetites.

As far as ABS-CBN is concerned, flexibility matters in this digital age. Now that Koreanovelas on ABS-CBN move to their digital partners, the network’s future becomes brighter than ever, and with a greater emphasis on local programming, expect them to continue their consolidation as the premier broadcast network in the Philippines.


9 thoughts on “ABS-CBN Koreanovelas Find a New Home

    • At least it’s a better decision considering Channel 2’s increased emphasis in local programming, not to mention the criticism they faced for their harsh treatment of Koreanovelas.

  1. Kapamilya Asianovela fans didn’t welcome this move with a warm approach. Just check the page of Kapamilyanovelas (Official), the fans are enraged with this move.

    Off topic: It would be more awesome if they’ll also make Jeepney TV available on TV Plus.

    • That was initially, but the positive reviews came in later on because CineMo!’s airing of Koreanovelas are both uncut and nearly uninterrupted, which is somehow different from ABS’ heavily edited approach. And besides, many criticized Channel 2’s harsh treatment of foreign programs (a lot were against the heavy edits of such programs), which is why they were left with no choice but to move them to CineMo! (for Koreanovelas) and Yey! (for animes and foreign cartoons). Of course, ratings are also important, and the fact is, Channel 2 needed more local shows, that’s why they have no place for animes or Koreanovelas.

      As for Jeepney TV on TVPlus, I don’t think they’ll do well on that platform. Since it’s mostly filled with classic ABS-CBN programs, it’s more akin to cable because it only caters to fans who are nostalgically inclined.

      • Your suggestion would be impossible. Jeepney TV would be better off as a cable channel. As for Koreanovelas moving on CineMo, Kapamilya fantards might hate it, but TV critics would love it since it would enable ABS to air almost all local programming possible, and to create a perfect Koreanovela experience sa CineMo na parang nanonood ka lang ng isang Koreanovela na uninterrupted in one sixty-minute episode sa KBS World, SBS, MBC, JTBC, TVN atbp.

        Sa mga walang SkyCable at walang TVPlus, GMA na lang ang option mo sa Koreanovela pero magtitiis ka pa rin sa sandamakmak na cuts.

      • The fact is, ABS simply made the right choice, considering the consequences of low ratings for their Koreanovelas. It was a perfect plan all along, one we initially resented but eventually respected it, since it helped them.

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