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Once Again Ends Quickly

Not even the story of reincarnation can save ‘Once Again’ from humiliation.

Tonight will mark the final episode of the short-lived GMA series that starred Aljur Abrenica and Janine Gutierrez. Lasting for only 59 episodes, ‘Once Again’ is a series that GMA should forget, due to its inability to overcome ‘Dolce Amore’ and the lack of good chemistry between Aljur and Janine.

It was obvious from the start that ‘Once Again’ will not become a hit. When it premiered on May 2, the series only mustered a national rating of 14.1%, 17.5% lower than ‘Dolce Amore’.

From there, the losses continued, as Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil continued to pummel the inexperienced Aljur and Janine love team. To make matters worse, GMA stopped promoting episode teasers for ‘Once Again’ following the first week of airing, as it has been the case in all other Kapuso teleseryes since April.

When it became clear that ‘Once Again’ can no longer handle this shame of losing, GMA decided to cut the series short. That said, with a run of only over two months, ‘Once Again’ is one of GMA’s shortest running teleseryes, the end result of a series that failed to overcome both the competition and the expectations that come with it.

At this point, both Aljur and Janine should feel disappointed about ‘Once Again”s short and uninspiring run. This hastily created love team failed to click from the beginning of the series, and despite the good reviews about its storyline, the results prove to be difficult to accept for the show’s producers and GMA management.

To make matters worse, brother Vin Abrenica and boyfriend Elmo Magalona are now enjoying the perks of success over on ABS-CBN. Perhaps Aljur and Janine should take a good look at the two on what they have been able to do to become successful.

Come this Friday night, it will be all over for ‘Once Again’. Whether or not GMA will keep the love team of Aljur Abrenica and Janine Gutierrez for future teleseryes remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: there will not be another ‘Once Again’ on GMA’s future plans.


13 thoughts on “Once Again Ends Quickly

  1. Oh well, naapektuhan na yan ng LizQuen and a Koreanovela will replace that. GMA already surrendered. That’s it. GMA Telebabad after 24 Oras is doomed to fail.

    • Janine and Aljur aren’t a good love team after all. Wala talagang chemistry. Diyan nagkakaproblema ang GMA ngayon; the producers have no idea on how to create a compelling storyline and a great chemistry and rapport between their love teams, which is why any series featuring them is doomed to fail.

      It’s the management that deserve a lot of blame for this. Magulo talaga ang GMA.

  2. Dakchigo says:

    They’re trying to recapture the good ol’ days of Lavender and Endless Love 1 by airing Descendants of the Sun at such an early timeslot (in place of Once Again). Hahaha.

  3. Overheard says:

    Lately, may mga nakita kong mga positive reviews itong show na ito from the netizens na sinasabing “sawang-sawa” na sa kwento ng Dolce Amore, especially kina Tenten at Serena.

    Doom to failed na talaga ang GMA.

    • Well, may mga nagsabi daw na promising at maganda diumano ang chemistry nila Janine at Aljur, tapos unique at interesting daw ang story ng Once Again. Turns out they were wrong.

      Just like that, Once Again was gone. To cut the story short, hindi talaga nila makayanan si LizQuen.

    • You’re just one of the few people who can say that. The series ended quickly because the chemistry wasn’t there. Simply put, Janine and Aljur didn’t click.

  4. The chemistry between JANINE and ALJUR is there, kaya lang pigil na pigil itong si JANINE everytime na meron silang “kilig” or “kissing scene” ni ALJUR. Iwas na ibuka yung lips pang hinahalikan ni ALJUR! Isa pa, there are lots of instances na dapat mag-emote sila JANIE and ALJUR (pero kulang!), saan ka nakakita na binaril na ang boyfriend at nasa ICU pero naka-upo lang si JANINE sa bedside! also puro na lang malungkot ang scene, never silang nagkaroon ng romantic moments, puro incidental lang yung pakilig! Sayang bagay sila ni ALJUR!

    • Mukhang kinontra mo na yung sarili mong statement. Paano mo sasabihin na may chemistry sila Janine at Aljur kung nasabi mo na ring may mga issues sila sa mga scenes nila. That’s poor chemistry for you.

      We just wished na they were never paired in the first place. Mas bagay pa rin si Janine kay Elmo, kaya nga they’re a couple off-screen, while Aljur would’ve stuck with Kris Bernal.

  5. That show’s finale last Friday ended with a disappointment since it got a 16.6 rating against Dolce Amore’s 34.2, based on figures from Kantar.

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