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Koreanovelas Add to GMA News TV’s Woes

GMA News TV added Koreanovelas to its ever-confusing lineup. (Promotional photo courtesy of GMA Network)

It is hard to tell what kind of network GMA News TV is right now.

In the last three years, From the Tube has been able to dissect the programming issues that surround the sister channel of GMA Network. Whether it is movies, drama series, reruns of public affairs shows, boxing matches or even TV shopping blocks, the true identity of GMA News TV continues to be a question mark.

Now add another wrinkle to this ongoing dilemma. Enter Koreanovelas on GMA News TV.

It all started on July 11, when News TV began to air reruns of three Koreanovelas, namely ‘Empress Ki’, ‘Pinocchio’, and ‘The Producers’. All three were broadcast on GMA’s Telebabad block a few years ago, each with varying degrees of success.

By re-airing Koreanovelas from the parent network, GMA News TV is once again defying the notion that they are indeed a news channel. To make matters worse, the management made the network look as if they are a mirror image of Channel 7, or perhaps the second coming of the old QTV.

What happened to the slogans ‘Oras-oras, Alam Ko’ and ‘Serbisyong Totoo’? It doesn’t make any sense.

The issues surrounding GMA News TV have been well-documented since their 2011 rebrand. As far as the most critical viewers are concerned, News TV is ill-equipped to be a news channel based on content alone.

Let’s face it, a revamp should have been in the works for this channel at this point. Even rival AksyonTV, a one-time news channel, is gradually morphing into a sports channel in the mold of ABS-CBN Sports+Action.

That said, it is never too late for Bro. Eddie Villanueva and Nessa Valdellon to finally give up on this venture. GMA News TV is going nowhere fast, and adding Koreanovelas only made things worse.


39 thoughts on “Koreanovelas Add to GMA News TV’s Woes

    • I don’t think they do it better. If they want to save their budget, better relinquish the rights back to ZOE. They’re definitely not a news channel with the way they’re adding this crap.

      If I were you, just switch your channel to ANC, or if you don’t have cable, CNNPH. They do a better job as a news channel than the trash can that is News TV.

  1. Welcome to GMA Balitakilyanovela Channel 11. Smh.

    Well, what do you expect from the hard-headed, defensive, petulant and f**kbrain Swine from Timog? I am — or we are, rather — not surprised with their second consecutive year of inaction on SONA yesterday.

    Defensive fantards should just shut up ka na lang and admit the mistakes. They’re getting more butthurt than ever before.

    • Whatever facts we’re getting seem to fall on deaf ears. Face it, News TV is no news channel, and they don’t deserve the name with their mediocre content. Period.

  2. News TV should close down for good. Wala talagang silbi after five years. Nagsasayang lang ng pera ang GMA diyan. May Encantadia na silang poproblemahin, pati ang News TV, nawalan na ng identity. It’s time for them go to declare bankruptcy.

  3. magteleradyo na lng sila or a mixed of their current programs plus teleradyo programs, mas tanggap ko pa un kesa sa ganyan. Never pang naglabas ng pelikula o koreanovela ang anc.

    • Exactly. Even CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, AlJazeera, BBC and every other news station don’t do the same things that News TV does. Sila lang ang alam kong news station na may pelikula at Koreanovela. Baka anime isama na nila sa susunod.

      That said, either ibalik nila ito sa ZOE o i-revamp sa mas angkop na pangalan ang dapat gawin ng GMA sa Channel 11. Or if they want to keep the name, pwede namang i-hook up sa DZBB like before.

  4. Gab says:

    Pero pilit pa ring nagmamayabang na sila parin ang #1 news channel ng Pinas kahit pa magulo ang programming… Naku, better yet back to Q or to close down for good.

    • The ratings providers should stop classifying News TV as a ‘news channel’ based on content alone. Mas ok na ilagay pa sila sa general entertainment class.

      Kung si Bro. Eddie ang tatanungin, mas ok na lang sa kanya na putulin ang long-standing ties nila with GMA, dahil sa magulo nilang pamamalakad.

  5. RJ says:

    There are the options: move GMA NEWS TV to channel 27 or channel 33, bring back QTV, rebrand another station, or cancel NEWS TV.

    • Channel 27 is already used for their DTV operations. Channel 33 is already airing Light Network and the suggestion of bringing back QTV and cancelling News TV might be the best option now. QTV 2.0 na ang tawag sa so-called “News TV” nowadays.

      • GMA can even cut ties with ZOE if they want to, and send Channel 11 back to Bro. Eddie. Simple as that, so that they can no longer be burdened.

    • That will depend on ZOE management, who still have partial ownership to Channel 11. To be honest, a news channel is out of the question now. Perhaps GMA should just cease its support on Channel 11 for good, because their declining funds are not worth it.

  6. Mas gusto ko pa Channel 11 kaysa Channel 7. Kasi updated ka sa balita at may entertainment pa sa Channel 11 pag walang Breaking News. Marami ka pang matututunan sa mga isyu ngayon.


        Mabuti pa ang ANC, mostly devoted to news. Eh yung News TV? NGANGA. Your support of Channel 11 should be ashamed. You’re watching a pathetic channel.

  7. There are few tv ads ang movies on News TV, Tila wala effect ang comment and suggestions natin na worst ang news tv. Dahil may mga magastos na mga shows ang NEWS TV like infotainment, documentaries, and live news, Ang kapalit naman at pambawi sa pagiging magastos ay movies, koreanovelas, infomercials, prank shows, etc. They are still stable na mananatili sila sa Channel 11.

    • That’s the problem. Nasa VHF TV ang News TV, and with it comes higher operating expenses. Kung nasa Channel 33 ito, all those expenses would have been minimized. Kaso that’s the way it is; sobrang foolish lang ang GMA News management.

      • More like mismanaged. Pati ang Public Affairs division ng GMA News, nakisawsaw na rin sa mga problema ng GMA Entertainment producing entertainment programs na walang historical value like To The Top and Dangwa. Both shows were ratings failures.

        Back to News TV, for me, mismanaged na talaga ang channel na yan since 2011 by airing entertainment programming like movies, dramas and Koreanovelas. They even air American Idol back in 2011 (just to complete QTV’s contract to air that show which was about to end during that year), as well.

  8. Bhong says:

    For me, pati tv ads na nag- aadvertise sa movies ng news tv ay di maganda, I hope na mapag isip isip ng Advertisers na wag na sila mag advertise doon. Kayo siguro nagiging stable pa rin sila na mananatili ang GMA NEWS TV sa Channel 11 ni Bro. villanueva

  9. Dapat magsilmucast na lang sila ng DZBB sayang pa naman yung jengjeng ni arnold clavio, ali sotto at mike enriquez hindi natin nakikita pati sa ka rene santa cruz kasi news channel tapos may movies at koreannovelas ay s**t

  10. rondorific17 says:

    *sigh* I really wish GMA would have the guts to bring Citynet Television back from the dead! In Citynet, they could at least air some entertainment programs, Koreanovela and re-airing a few of the old programs from GMA 7 from the 80’s and 90’s on free tv while News TV airs more news programs and documentaries with a Dobol B Teleradyo timeslot in morning and afternoon.

    • Unfortunately, Channel 27 is currently used for digital TV tests by the network. As for News TV, GMA really ruined its purpose and there’s nothing we can do. If you can’t stand it, switch to DZMM TeleRadyo, ANC, CNN Philippines or any legit news-oriented TV channel. They show better content than the so-called ‘News TV’.

    • Given her age and years of service, it’s unlikely to see her back in Timog. We can only hope that GMA will do something about this and improve their management group.

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