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Analyzing the New ABS-CBN Regional Channel

The new ABS-CBN Regional Channel gives viewers access to virtually all programs of the Regional Network Group in any dialect. (Logo courtesy of ABS-CBN)

Living up to the Kapamilya moniker, the ABS-CBN family of networks recently added a new channel.

On August 1, the ABS-CBN Regional Channel was officially launched. The new channel’s premise is simple: it is a 24/7 cable channel that consists of programs straight from the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group.

Programs that air on the ABS-CBN Regional Channel include:

  • TV Patrol
  • Bagong Umaga Bagong Balita
  • Maayong Buntag Kapamilya
  • Agri Tayo Dito
  • MagTVna
  • Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka
  • Special events such as local festivals
  • MOR FM radio programs
  • ABS-CBN AM radio programs

In essence, the channel should benefit Metro Manila and other regional viewers who originate from their home provinces. Those who want to watch the latest news and information from their home town can watch the ABS-CBN Regional Channel in any place and any time.

All programs on the ABS-CBN Regional Channel will continue to air on their respective regional networks and in their original timeslots. That said, the channel will only complement rather than replace the entire Regional Network Group by accessing content from each station.

Even though ABS-CBN has already established a channel for the sake of its regional viewers, they still need to solve a long-standing issue regarding the need for unified programming. Some programs of the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group continue to air in place of select shows that would otherwise air in Metro Manila and other relay stations.

That said, it is the responsibility of ABS-CBN to give every region access to all of its programs in concert to that of Metro Manila. Though the ABS-CBN Regional Channel is a good start, it is still not enough, and resolving this issue of preemption and next-day broadcasts is a priority that ABS-CBN and its regional viewers should agree upon.

The ABS-CBN Regional Channel is available on SkyCable channel 4 (for Metro Manila subscribers), SkyDirect channel 14 (for nationwide subscribers), iWanTV, SkyOnDemand and select cable providers.


33 thoughts on “Analyzing the New ABS-CBN Regional Channel

    • I could agree on that based on the many international awards that GMA News received. However, GMA News has a lot more weaknesses than you can imagine. They can’t even expand on their regional news coverage. It’s no secret that the regional networks of ABS are at most the only ones doing the reporting in these areas, and it’s all because GMA closed many regional networks and turned them into relay stations for the sake of money and digitization.

      If GMA can somehow regain these lost regional networks, then you can only say na maganda ang pagbabalita nila. But for now, it’s ABS who’s much better.

    • Credibility, sure. Coverage, not so.

      In order to improve their bottom line in the Gozon’s empire, they did the “addition by subtraction” approach last year — increase profit by lessening the RNGs and terminating talents. Of course, it loses the distinct identity of regional networks they respectively serve.

      If GMA were to use Channel 11 right as a regional hodgepodge than going for an identity crisis, they would be on the right track.

    • Right now, naiinggit si Gozon sa mga pinaggagawan niya. ABS’ stability in terms of regional programming is an advantage, and they solidified that further with the ARC. Kahit mga Cebuanong nasa Metro Manila, for example, pwede nang mapanood nito, provided they have cable and iWanTV.

      It is ABS’ way to bring the RNGs to Metro Manila and the rest of the country. Another achievement for the 63-year-old TV institution.

  1. Eto ang AGB Urban Luzon Ratings, tanong ko sa office ng AGB sa IRIS One Building Pasig, ayaw nila ilabas ang National Urban dahil baka ma-bash nanaman daw sila. Nasa sa inyo na iyan kung maniwala kayo sa post ko o hindi. Buti nga , nagbigay ng ibang impormasyon.
    1. GMA- 39.7
    2. ABS CBN-32.5
    3. TV5-6.8
    4. GNTV-6.2
    5. ABS CBN Sports+ Action-3.2
    6. AKSYON TV- 1
    7. CNN 9- 0.5
    8. PTV- 0.4
    9. UNTV- 0.2
    10. IBC- 0.17

      • No one can match ABS overall. GMA and TV5 seem to be tied based on their weaknesses (GMA for lack of HD broadcasts, sports coverage and streamlined operations; TV5 for overpaying live sporting events, unsuccessful venture with VIVA and negative criticism of their news division). Sa sobrang monopolized ang TV industry ngayon, how will GMA and TV5 be able to compete if cash is pretty much lacking with their bad investments? That’s going to be a long-term problem for both.

        Right now, sa mga taga-probinsya, ABS is the only network that caters to their needs. And for Probinsyanos living in Metro Manila, ARC can take care of that.

      • Same goes to ABS-CBN with a few weaknesses: over dependence on franchised shows when it comes to reality, talent and game shows instead of localized ones, perceived bias in some news coverage, and their Kapamilya Gold block is beginning to sink.

  2. TV Patrol Northern Luzon (Baguio), TV Patrol Southern Tagalog (Batangas), TV Patrol North Central Luzon (Dagupan), TV Patrol Palawan, TV Patrol Socksargen (GenSan), and TV Patrol Central Mindanao (Cotabato) use Tagalog.

  3. akosiagentorange21 says:

    I was watching the Regional channel and I saw a One Kapamilya Go event on the channel, at least they are airing events outside the country.

      • This despite the fact that many of the OKG events take place outside the country and caters to OFWs, Filipino migrants and mixed-blood Filipinos. It really is surprising.

      • They’re rating well because of their strong reach and coverage area. Would ABS be able to dominate without a strong regional and international network system? I don’t think so. And would they be able to dominate without constantly finding ways to improve signal reach and clarity? Again, I don’t think so. That said, ABS has done its share in giving its programs wider availability to the public. No wonder they’re winning so much.

        Same cannot be said for its rivals because they don’t have the finances and the capable management to pull the same stunts as ABS-CBN. Period.

    • Considering that the actual regional stations don’t have the slots to produce more of their own content (thanks to programs on the MM flagship), the ARC is their best bet to supply more programs of their choosing.

      • The regional stations uses primarily the following slots for their own programs:

        Weekdays 6:15am and/or 5pm, Saturday 7am for regional current affairs (and 8:30 am in the Visayas and Mindanao for Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka), Sunday 7am for Agri Tayo Dito and 9am for Mag TV Na.

        talagang they can use ARC to expand regional programs.

  4. I talked to their FB page before and said they will also consider to simulcast local coverages of Masskara, Dinagyang, Kadayawan, Sinulog, Panagbenga, Bangus, Kagay-an, Peñafrancia, Tuna, and other festivals.

  5. MusicNerd says:

    It’s a good thing and I’m actually happy that they revived The Sarimanok News Network (now ANC), from 1996 to 1998 which had the same idea and concept as ARC. I remember back then, they showed LIVE coverages of the regional festivals as they didn’t have any other magazine shows prior to MagTV. It gets me weirdly excited everyday to watch ARC just as much as the flagship channel.

    • The reason why SNN evolved into ANC is because ABS-CBN was dead set on running a 24/7 news channel with emphasis on live news reports and coverages. That left no room for live national coverage of regional festivals, and the idea of a regional channel remained dormant until last year when ARC was launched. Luckily Gabby Lopez did not forget his father’s idea of a regional channel that can be shown nationwide via cable.

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