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GMA’s Mid-Morning Problems Continue with Kapuso Movie Festival

GMA is bringing back ‘Kapuso Movie Festival’ as they continue to figure out the problems that plague them every weekday morning. (Logo courtesy of GMA Network)

Poor ratings have characterized GMA’s mid-morning lineup.

After an impressive showing for the network’s Astig Authority block (some of which are often reaired), the drop-off in ratings becomes noticeable once they move into a different set of programs. This has been a perennial problem for the network since Lilybeth Rasonable took over, and they have tried everything just to shake the mid-morning slate up.

There was the ‘Kapuso Movie Festival’ block, which was their obvious answer to ABS-CBN’s ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’. Then came Heart of Asia Mornings, a block that contains new light-hearted Koreanovelas.

They even attempted to air talk shows (e.g. ‘Basta Every Day Happy’, ‘Yan ang Morning) and local dramas (e.g. ‘With a Smile’). Unfortunately, all of these attempts failed miserably.

Now they are going back to airing movies via the ‘Kapuso Movie Festival’ block. Not to mention a rerun of an old QTV program called ‘H20: Just Add Water’, which will be obviously dubbed in Filipino unlike its original airing on Channel 11.

Let’s face it, there is no way GMA can beat ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’ with their own movie block. Their portfolio of new movies to air is running low, and to make matters worse, GMA Films has only a few titles to choose from, which is basically 1/8th to 1/16th of what rival Star Cinema has produced lately.

If GMA were smart enough to admit that they can no longer beat ABS-CBN after 9:00 a.m., perhaps the time has come to welcome a TV shopping block of their own choosing. Whether or not it is Shop Japan, EZ Shop or even Shop TV, it doesn’t matter, as long as they fill in GMA’s programming hours every morning.

They could also welcome blocktimers who can produce their own programs. While they already have established blocktimers in TAPE, Inc. (‘Calle Siete’, ‘Eat Bulaga’) and APT Entertainment (‘Sunday PinaSaya’), they might as well need another for non-entertainment purposes, such as lifestyle shows or documentaries.

Still, it is up to GMA management to decide the fate of the mid-morning slot. They need to think twice about giving up this venture.

Otherwise, they will be stuck with this hashtag: #KMFMForever, which translates to Kapuso Movie Festival Mornings Forever.


11 thoughts on “GMA’s Mid-Morning Problems Continue with Kapuso Movie Festival

  1. That move is unsurprisingly que horror to me.

    Pardon my unpopular opinion but those Harry Potter films should’ve been aired there, instead of SNBO, so that the concert specials of Kapuso talents could air there.

    Anyway, putting home shopping would emulate the likes of Channel 4, 5, 13, 31 & 41. Though, it’s really the part of the day with the low viewership and giving much idleness. And speaking of which, looks like that this Tuesday will be The Big Reveal. 😉

    • Unfortunately, there’s not much specials on GMA lately. ABS is getting most of it.

      Having wasted a lot money on Encantadia really took its toll on GMA. Their so-called financial statements may claim that their revenue is increasing, but what’s the point of it if they’re not even putting them into good use?

      If GMA wants to confuse viewers with their on-and-off Kapuso Movie Festival every weekday morning, so be it. But the next time they make a change on weekday morning, they better put a TV shopping block or two instead, because it’s a certainty that they’ll lose viewers from that point on.

      • Apparently, you read their article provided about the net income for the first half but yeah, fantards don’t understand business transactions within the network and their partners.

      • It never makes sense at all. If they’re earning big, why make mostly bad investments? Somewhere in Timog, Gozon is still denying that their network is losing money, and claim about their increase in revenue.

    • Those two shows were actually a direct result of Afternoon Prime’s decision to just air three teleseryes, the extension of Wowowin to 90 minutes, and the GMAPA shows’ move back to late nights. For the most part, GMA has shuffled between movies, Koreanovelas and talk shows in the mid-morning slot, with little success.

      Simply put, that so-called revenue increase through addition by subtraction did little to solve GMA’s overall problems.

  2. There is a great rumor na mapupunta si Kris sa GMA, di ba siya nahihiya sa ABS CBN na aalis siya dahil nagtatampo o may galit sa ibang stars ng ABS CBN? At may ulat daw na tatapatan daw ang Magandang Buhay.

    • I don’t know what you’re saying, but we’ll have to wait and see. Still, I don’t think Kris will do another talk show like Kris TV considering her health issues of late.

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