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In 150 Words: The Walking Dead Arrives on TV5

It was only appropriate that ‘The Walking Dead’ will come to TV5.

The hit American suspense series, which also airs on FOX Asia and in Filipino on FOX Filipino, will make its free TV debut this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on the Kapatid network. And to make it more interesting, people dressed as zombies made their way to various Metro Manila hotspots to promote the upcoming series.

The entry of ‘The Walking Dead’ seems fitting for TV5, since most of its programming now consists of TV shopping blocks, canned American shows and foreign movies. Still, don’t expect ‘The Walking Dead’ to air the same way it did on FOX Asia, as stringent MTRCB rules regarding violence and horror will come into play.

Hopefully ‘The Walking Dead’ will not be a one-timer on TV5 the same way sister show ‘Outcast’ did. If they can make it beyond week 1, that may help boost its confidence.



30 thoughts on “In 150 Words: The Walking Dead Arrives on TV5

  1. The_Truthseeker21 says:

    I assume that the premiere of TWD on TV5 will have cuts on the scenes like blood and gore, and illict relationships; as well as censorships on violence. The TWD fans will react if this happens since they already watched the show via Cable or Satellite with no cuts.

    • Thing is, TV5 scheduled it at 7:00 in order to attract more viewers, but like you said, it has lots of violence, sex and blood which is inappropriate for that timeslot.

      TV5 would’ve been better off scheduling TWD on late-nights, preferably after ReAksyon, just to avoid further complications.

  2. I think MTRCB should change the ways they rate TV programs, or at least, approve shows to air on free TV. Like, it should be content-based, quality-based AND plot-based, and they should be able to tell whether the cuts would affect the quality of the program.

    That said, I still think that the MTRCB should take a page from the Media Development Authority here in Singapore, where the TV ratings are the same as the movie ratings, and also from the Australian ratings board, where the programs with more mature subject matter and content would be limited to the pay TV networks and niche audience networks. That way, the government and the entertainment industry would be in a win-win situation.

    • The US TV ratings and classification system is a more systematic example, to be honest. Shows like The Walking Dead only air on cable because the violence and gore in the said show is too inappropriate for free TV. Classifying a show according to age group could be a better solution than just G, PG and SPG alone.

      For example, crime shows like CSI and NCIS do air on US free TV because the violence is kept to a minimum. But shows with a lot of profanity, violence and sex are dumped to cable networks.

      Problem is, we’re a Catholic country where ethics is stricter, thus violence is pretty much condemned here.

      • Exactly. Plus, if MTRCB’s ratings systems were more age-specific, then parents would be better informed on what they shouldn’t let their kids watch. Also, The Walking Dead should’ve been placed in a watershed period for mature programs, but since TV5 is so hungry for ratings, then whatevs.

        At this point, I just hope that this new administration would hire a more capable person from the entertainment industry to lead and revamp the MTRCB.

      • Perhaps they need someone who knows a thing or two about the ratings system in the U.S. as well the evaluation of various programs. American TV ratings system is much more specific, which will help viewers identify what show they’re watching.

      • Or maybe they could develop a mashup of the US ratings system with Australia and Singapore’s (much simpler and better executed) version of the color-coded pictogram system would do the trick. As long as they would notify people the rating without the need to distract the audience too much. And maybe they could even get digital box and cable TV operators to help out by using their rating system in their EPGs.

      • idp5601 says:

        Personally I’d prefer it if we adopt a European-style watershed system where programmes with adult content (e.g, nudity, heavy cursing) can only be shown after a particular time (say, 23.00).

  3. Hey just wondering if you already noticed TV5’s poor and limited Free TV coverage of Rio 2016. Thought they will do a hiatus on american canned programs on primetime to give way for the games but they did not. They only air highlights at 10. Such a disappoinment for the so-called Olympic Network

    • Thing is, they’re depending more on their Cignal channels for most live coverage of the games. Remember, Rio’s time is almost the same as that of New York’s, and TV5 wanted their coverage on all platforms to be aired live and sometimes slightly delayed. Thus Channel 5’s coverage only takes place in early morning and late nights, whereas other channels air from mid-evening to early morning. Also consider the PBA Governors’ Cup that’s also ongoing, and was delayed because of Gilas’ participation in the Olympic qualifiers.

      If the Olympics were to be held in an Asian country, TV5 would have been more committed. But the games are in Rio, thus TV5 needs to depend on their other platforms for their coverage to thrive. Too bad there are only a few Cignal subscribers.

      • idp5601 says:

        Well we’ll just have to see if TV5 is more committed to airing Tokyo 2020. That is, *if* they’re still the rights-holder.

      • I don’t think they can. Then again, no other station is even willing to cover future Olympics. ABS, for example, is too loaded, GMA is too reluctant and cash-strapped, CNNPH is purely news, IBC is still a private owner away from relevance, Solar Sports is also cash-strapped, and PTV is undergoing a transformation. The POC is going to have a hard time finding a proper partner to cover the games.

    • Actually, since 2011, TV5 has had a lot of problems with the PBA and other sporting events, that it ruined not just entertainment programming, but also AksyonTV, whom they once considered the first all-Filipino 24/7 news channel. The reason: the ill-fated AKTV block on IBC-13.

      Let’s face it, MVP’s forays into sporting events really destroyed TV5’s reputation. Quite literally, the network resembled a haunted house populated by zombies, hence their appropriate decision to bring The Walking Dead to the channel.

    • Honestly, the MPB Primedia (aka Ka-Shake) era under Tonyboy Cojuangco remains the only high point of TV5. Their programming then was unconventional and stable, unlike today. Now they’re settled with The Walking Dead, of all things.

      • Wala na ang MVP-era TV5 ngayon. TWD is already a hit in the States, even here in the Philippines, but I think most TWD fans will likely tune out dahil dubbed.

        Mukhang ang overinvestment ni MVP sa sports ang dahilan ng pagbagsak ng TV5. Sa case ng GMA, ang dami. Olympics happens occasionally (Winter Olympics on a non-leap even-numbered year and Summer Olympics every leap year), but PBA ruined everything.

  4. They gained a high ratings in this shows, but i suddenly they substitute another important live sports, maaasar nanaman ang mga loyal viewers ng The Walking Dead.

  5. Bhong says:

    Sa kantar media, yun na lang ang shows nila na may highest rating sa TV5 . But I wish na ibigay na lang sana ang Rights ng PBA sa ABS CBN sports para naman may magandang kompetisyon sa 2 majors networks.

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