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Alyas Robin Hood to Premiere Monday Despite Continuous Criticisms

There will be an ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ after all.

The upcoming GMA fantasy action series will see the light of day starting this Monday. This despite the many criticisms that the show faced, particularly its similarities to the American series ‘Arrow’.

But for ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ lead star Dingdong Dantes, he remains confident with the new project despite the negative reviews of it. He, like Suzette Doctolero and Redgie Magno before him, also defended ‘Alyas Robin Hood’, claiming that it is based on the legend of Robin Hood.

The story of ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ involves the character of Pepe (Dingdong) who was arrested for the alleged murder of his father Jose (Christopher de Leon). After surviving a violent prison break, he assumes the Alyas Robin Hood persona in order to find the real culprit while at the same time redeeming himself.

‘Alyas Robin Hood’ will also star Andrea Torres and Megan Young as Pepe’s confidant and love interest, respectively. As mentioned earlier, Christopher de Leon will have a special role as Pepe’s father.

The rest of the supporting cast includes Ms. Cherie Gil, Sid Lucero, Ms. Jaclyn Jose, Paolo Contis, Gary Estrada, Dennis Padilla, John Feir, Tanya Gomez, Gio Alvarez, Lindsay de Vera, Dave Bornea, Caprice Cayetano, Rey ‘PJ’ Abellana and Ces Quesada. The series will be directed by Dominic Zapata.

With so many criticisms surrounding ‘Alyas Robin Hood’, they might have a hard time attracting viewers early on. Although their opponent, the JaDine-starred ‘Till I Met You’, is struggling of late, the negative publicity that affected ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ could give the latter an opportunity to regain some of their viewers.

Still, it will be interesting to see what kind of story ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ will turn out to be. For the viewers who have tuned in to ‘Arrow’ and criticized ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ the first time around, it’s best for them to watch the latter and see for themselves.

‘Alyas Robin Hood’ airs weeknights after ‘Encantadia’ on GMA Telebabad.


30 thoughts on “Alyas Robin Hood to Premiere Monday Despite Continuous Criticisms

  1. Looks like bad publicity helped Alyas Robin Hood. With Till I Met You of JaDine struggling as of late, I’m not even sure that Alyas Robin Hood will be a hit or even surpass the JaDine drama ratings-wise.

    For me, Alyas Robin Hood alone represents the sorry state of Philippine Television, especially on lack of creativity and lack of originality among the writers and the networks themselves.

  2. Not surprised with this move. Next week will be the litmus test for ARoH but if they fail to keep up against JaDine, I don’t give a d**n even if I am sick with the unending wars they waged.

  3. Jason says:

    Personally I think it might surpass Till I Met You’s rating maybe on its first week due to the publicity it has created (people will be curious and will likely be watching) but the question is if it has the willpower to beat Jadine on its entire run.
    But the thing that I’m most disappointed is that they’re going into desperation mode in terms of viewership that they would pull any kind of bad publicity so that they would win in the ratings game and have the balls to push through with it, with the amount of backlash has been getting.
    GMA needs a brand new set of creative writers.

    • More than that, the entire management team of GMA Entertainment must be terminated, including Lilybeth Rasonable herself. It’s obvious that her leadership put GMA in this deep predicament that they may never recover.

      Given the negative reviews, I won’t be surprised if Alyas Robin Hood only airs 40, 45 or 50 episodes. And if it ends so soon, Dingdong may be better off as a househusband than an actor whose prime had passed.

  4. Gab says:

    Schedule change: ARH will be pitted against another new show on ABS-CBN, Magpaghanggang Wakas starting Monday, and not Till I Met You (which will be aired instead after MW)

    (Please delete my first comment)

    • Well, with TIMY not living up to expectations like you said in the past, this was probably the best course of action. It’s also a break in tradition, considering that this slot was dominated by young love teams prior to the change, while the third is typically reserved for more mature and sexually-charged dramas (save for OTWOL and BFY). JaDine, despite their rise in stardom, is still far behind KathNiel and LizQuen, so they’ll have time to catch up.

    • Unless you have a source to back it up, official na yung Alyas Robin Hood sa second slot. Kung itatapat ito sa Ang Probinsyano, delikado sila since that series is still on a roll.

      We’ll just have to wait and see if they can prove doubters wrong against another new drama in Magpahanggang Wakas.

  5. Jose Tiamson says:

    I may not be surprise if GMA imitates what Disney or The CW is doing in creating a shared universe on TV based on Marvel Comics and DC. And if those in creatives copy the flash or legends of tomorrow for sure people will go mad bananas with it. And for sure those fantards will defend GMA for sure.

    • Vince says:

      Those are based on existing brands though unlike GMA’s vigilante show so they have an audience albeit niche. Also CW’s President wasn’t happy with Legends of Tomorrow’s ratings. That show is also going to face football this Fall. I see Riverdale replacing that show in midseason. Riverdale is an Archie comics adaptation, also from Berlanti.

      • American series are usually prone to cancellation any time they perform poorly. Ours is a different situation. Even if a teleserye is not performing well, they still need to finish the story, hence cancellations are seldom in that aspect. However, it can still be shortened which is exactly what happened with Born for You and Once Again.

  6. Despite negativities and “copying” issues, ARH received possitive feedbacks. The bad kind of hype helped this program gain viewers who would actually try and watch a series instead of judging it without even knowing what it really has in store for the viewers. Because as we all know, fantards will say “ang pangit naman niyan” or “eew yuck, mas maganda yung (insert katapat na programa)” even if they haven’t watched a single episode.

    • The apparent ‘backlash’ helped, but still not enough to beat Magpahanggang Wakas. Overall, however, the decline in teleserye quality is evident. Many want to see celebrities perform in each episode instead of following the story, which is becoming increasingly predictable.

    • Jose Tiamson says:

      I think you said the other way around. People are more critical about the content and how much did they spend on a show. That scene which for me is so laughable and clinge worthy due to poor cgi effects, bad acting, the villain is a mere imitation of Heatwave from The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow (baka gayahin pa nila si Capain Cold), the binoculars used is the same as the ones being sold in a toy store, and a f*cking water gun as a flamethrower how funny is that. That scene alone has garnered 1k dislikes on YouTube and panned by mostly Pinoy Arrowverse fans. This goes to show that if GMA keeps on doing ripoffs and making it look cheap to the viewers, no one will watch it.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        That scene alone is an example of how local producers insult the intelligence of the viewets nowadays. Back move for GMA. If some appreciate a show that is not produce in a good way, they are the people who don’t know what class is. Alyas Robin Hood is an example of a show that exemplify the “Pwede Na” spirit.

      • And the director Dominic Zapata deserves all the insults too. IDK if he’s running the operation or he’s being manipulated by GMA to create that said scene. Either way, it’s an epic fail.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        More than an epic fail, it is like a huge catastrophe just because the creative team didn’t at this point. So even if nag-dip ang ratings ng primetime shows ng ABS after FPJAP, at least they put effort on it. Unlike sa ARH, it’s was rushed na parang walang preparation what so ever. But I guess we need to start improving the storylines of a primetime series, let’s hope that FPJAP will be an instrumental piece in that shift.

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