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Struggling JaDine Demoted; Magpahanggang Wakas to Face Alyas Robin Hood

Two weeks in, and ‘Till I Met You’ is not living up to expectations.

Even though it is the third most-watched show in Kantar’s national ratings, ‘Till I Met You’ is only averaging 26% through its first eight episodes. This was a far cry from the consistent 30% or better marks enjoyed by KathNiel’s ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’, and LizQuen’s ‘Forevermore’ and ‘Dolce Amore’.

To make matters worse, the GMA Koreanovela ‘Descendants of the Sun’ closed the gap to within 3% as it airs its final few episodes. With the controversial series ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ nearing its premiere, it is clear that JaDine is in real trouble.

Thus, ABS-CBN decided to demote ‘Till I Met You’ to the third slot in hopes of giving JaDine less pressure to succeed. Though the duo is used to the slot during the time of ‘On the Wings of Love’, it is an entirely different story since the demotion clearly affected the morale of not only JaDine, but also their fans.

With the move of ‘Till I Met You’ to the third slot, it will now be a battle of two debuting series starting this Monday. Going toe-to-toe with ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ will be ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’, the new Kapamilya series starring Jericho Rosales, Arci Muñoz, and John Estrada.

In ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’, Jericho (as Waldo) and Arci (as Aryann) will play two young lovers who were tightly connected to one another. However, Waldo was accused of a crime that was accidental, and after his release, he appeared to have been murdered by the brother of Aryann’s would-be rapist.

Soon after, Aryann moved on and found a new love interest in Tristan (John). But after realizing that Waldo is alive, a series of complicated events begin to take place between the three.

‘Magpahanggang Wakas’ will also star Gelli De Belen, Rita Avila, Danita Paner, Liza Lorena, Lito Pimentel, Justin Cuyugan, Marco Gumabao, Maika Rivera, and Jomari Angeles. It will be directed by FM Reyes.

It will be interesting to see how the unexpected move to the second slot will affect ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’. The fact that it is a mature and sexually-charged series may not be worth a shot, considering the recent tradition of the second slot that involves young love teams.

Then again, as proven by ‘Pasion de Amor’ when it was slotted to the early evening slot, it will not be a hindrance. Still, ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’ will have its hands full as they face the ever-motivated ‘Alyas Robin Hood’.

‘Magpahanggang Wakas’ airs weeknights after ‘Ang Probinsyano’ on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.


20 thoughts on “Struggling JaDine Demoted; Magpahanggang Wakas to Face Alyas Robin Hood

    • Magpahanggang Wakas still won though. However, they’re nowhere close to PSY and Dolce Amore’s figures. The second slot of Primetime Bida is clearly in a crisis, and GMA should take advantage. Problem is, though, GMA’s strengths are in Luzon only, so it won’t help.

      • Vince says:

        Di ko nga alam ang ano gagawing ABS diyan. Parehong TIMY & MW di ma-retain ang AP viewers. Pwede mag-grow ang MW gaya ng TAL dahil sabunutan serye ito pero pag hindi ewan ko na lang. Yung upcoming teleserye ni Bea sabunutan serye din eh.

      • Well, sa totoo lang mas matalino na ang mga viewers. Kung paulit-ulit yung formula ng isang teleserye, there is a chance na mas mababa ang performance nito. ABS has been overly dependent on its love teams, foreign scenery and even sexy storylines na hindi na ito papansinin in the long term. Even GMA is repeating these same formulas.

        Many would rather watch foreign series na weekly lang and on a seasonal basis than these teleseryes that run for less than a year and on a near-daily basis. After all, kapag weekly series, may oras para magplano ng istorya, unlike teleseryes. Not to mention some much-needed creative options.

      • No wonder. Most viewers tuned out after Ang Probinsyano. At least Ang Probinsyano tackled the rampant crime situation nowadays. Even PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa met Coco Martin last July when he personally visited ABS-CBN and praised Coco for his portrayal as a police officer.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        The fact that FPJAP is more like a weekly series in a form of a daily series that why people are hooked to it. And I have to admit that any US series has better storytelling and more compelling than what we produce here. I hope a network executive here turn on the switch and shift to a more complex programming.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        That is why it’s more interesting for me to watch The Flash, Stranger Things, Agents of Shield, Etc at least it is easier for me to know the whole thing lalo na weekly siya and new episodes air at the beginning of fall. Unlike here, daily nga pinapalabas pero mahihirapan ang viewers kung ano ang istorya.

    • Stranger Things is a Netflix series, and all Netflix series like Orage is the New Black, Daredevil and now Stranger Things and soon The Punisher’s episodes come out at once not weekly. Plots are different, no show on air is having the same plot in other networks in the US except Late Night shows. Hence the reason why a lot prefer the US TV series rather than watching cliche Pinoy teleseryes which its plots are limited to: rich guy poor girl, husband has a wife yet has another woman, et al. Just some of the plots that either people hate nowadays or watch just because its the show of their favorite love team.

      • It is no secret why our TV programming lineup gets dumber than ever, thanks to overemphasis on teleseryes. There’s just no room for creative improvement and research.

      • Vince says:

        Hahahahah what you’re suggesting won’t even make it to air just with MTRCB’s approval alone. Even pricking a finger with a needle is censored on national TV.

      • He’s only trying to convince that if they’re tired of these repetitive formulas, there’s online and broadcast U.S. TV series to take care of. What’s he’s pointing out is that change is seriously needed as far as the Philippine landscape goes, because right now, networks are more about money over quality.

  1. Yenski says:

    It is a shamed that a teleserye like Till I Met You didnt get a high ratings and appeared to be not acceptable by the viewers especially between 8-8.30pm. The theme is brave and very relevant now a days and yet reached only 28 at max. There is wisdom in every episode and the story line is not predictable. It is disappointing because the viewers didnt get that way. I guess Filipinos are not ready yet to change the stereo type of drama where killings, cheating, murder, lies aftet lies always the plot of the stories. It is sad. 😭

    • Well, we’re disappointed to see the show demoted to the third slot. But for Filipinos overseas, particularly in North America, it’s a moral victory, since they can watch TIMY during breakfast time. Nowadays, ABS air their teleseryes on TFC almost simultaneously as that of the main channel.

      However, for smart and educated viewers, TIMY represents what is wrong on Philippine TV today, with repetitive storylines, themes and locales the major culprit. No wonder they’re tuning out.

    • It’s not that hindi sila kumita. The reason why they’re not reaching the 30% ratings of Pangako Sa ‘Yo and Dolce Amore is because viewers are getting fed up with the seemingly repetitive formulas in teleseryes. Magpahanggang Wakas is just another case of the ‘kabit-serye’, a branch of the teleserye where a couple and a third party is involved, and the third party plays a big role in ruining their relationship. In essence, we’ve seen this plot before.

    • GMA really wanted to match ABS toe to toe, that’s why those animes on primetime were eliminated in favor of teleseryes. Problem is, GMA doesn’t even match up with ABS on other aspects, and worse, their lack of finances and questionable decisions get in the way at times.

      Yes you’re right, that anime vs. teleserye battle was a good one then, since GMA didn’t need to imitate ABS at that time. However, it was Gozon’s obsession to beat ABS that led to this overload of teleseryes that we have now.

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