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Yes FM Rebrands, Targets Millennials

The similarities between MBC sister stations 90.7 Love Radio and 101.1 Yes FM have been well-documented.

Ever since the Manila Broadcasting Company converted Yes FM into a Hot AC (‘masa’) station in 1998, the competition between Yes and MBC’s older flagship station Love Radio became intense and at times cordial. Both stations were in the top two in the ratings, and they even boasted that so-called fact in various stingers.

Unfortunately, the similarity in format proved to be a hindrance for Yes FM. By playing virtually the same type of music and catering to the same audience as Love Radio, Yes was always in the shadow of its older counterpart, and thus, they were treated like a ‘puppet’ to MBC.

It was clear to MBC that Yes needed a facelift. So in July of this year, they decided to give Yes a new sound, rebranding the station as 101.1 Yes the Best.

While semblances of its old ‘masa’ self continue to exist, the new Yes the Best is now dominated by music that is typically heard in CHR stations, with some mix of OPM and other Asian pop music. The new format of Yes is also targeted toward millennials (i.e. those born in the 1980s to the early 2000s).

Yes the Best also had a talent exchange with older station Love Radio prior to the reformat. Erstwhile Love Radio DJs Shai Tisai and Raqi Terra were moved to Yes in exchange for Tanya Chinita and Kara Karinyosa, who were moved next door to Love Radio.

In all honesty, the new sound of Yes the Best makes sense. Though the new format may prove to be consequential to its ratings, distinguishing Yes from the older Love Radio may be the best decision that MBC made, which could also benefit the FM radio industry in general.

Let’s just hope that the new Yes the Best model can be sustainable for a long period of time. With a new generation of listeners now coming to their senses, Yes the Best should live up to their billing as ‘The Millennials’ Choice’.


13 thoughts on “Yes FM Rebrands, Targets Millennials

  1. While I do appreciate Yes FM’s change to a nearly CHR format, the only lingering question I have is: do they still have those radio bumpers with annoying high-pitched voices and corny jokes on the breaks?

    Then again, I’d still would rather either listen to Magic, RX or Play, go for my Apple Music subscription, or listen to Spotify’s Pinoy Indie Mix playlist for OPM. And I’m speaking as an actual millenial.

    • As far as radio bumpers go, why don’t you listen to Yes for a few hours. Then be the judge.

      Anyway, Yes’ change is for the better. Considering there is the more established Love Radio for ‘masa’, MBC wanted something different, so there. Yes is now for a younger audience, and the music is different. No need for a competition, just focus on a different listening group.

  2. speaking of which parang napansin ko na pangit ng dating ng 97.1 at 101.9 nowadays dapat in my opinion gayain ng abs-cbn at channel 7 yung ginagawa ng wfan new york am and fm simulcast kasi that way 1.) maraming kabatahan ng makikinig sa neither DZMM or DZBB kung nasa fm din sila 2.) fix signal problems that naturally occur with am radio and lastly para kahit sa isang smartphone mapapakingan ng DZMM o DZBB via over the air fm radio, kaya ko sinabi yun kasi nakakairita na ng jokes at music ng 101.9 at 97.1 ngayon po.

    • Problem with that though, is that the established DJs could lose their jobs. May Papa Dan ang LS, may ChaCha ang MOR, and their popularity is what keeps their respective stations going, no matter how ‘baduy’ their jokes are. Plus, neither GMA nor ABS is willing to go the Radyo5 route, considering how iconic DZMM and DZBB are and that Radyo5 is having numerous programming and talent issues.

      Kung hindi mo ma-stand ang ‘masa’, you can just listen to Magic, RX, Mellow, Play or any station that is decent to your taste.

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