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Ang Probinsyano, One Year Later

The ‘One-Year Teleserye Club’ has inducted another member.

Last night marked the first anniversary of ‘Ang Probinsyano’, the cop-themed action drama starring Coco Martin and was a TV adaptation of the Fernando Poe Jr. classic. The series, which first premiered on September 28, 2015, has aired a total of 253 episodes as of yesterday (two dates were preempted due to Holy Week, and one due to Halalan 2016 coverage).

‘Ang Probinsyano’ became the first Primetime Bida series in over six years to reach the one-year mark. The last such series to make the grade was ‘May Bukas Pa’, which reached the mark in its final week.

With ‘Ang Probinsyano’ joining the first anniversary club, ABS-CBN now has two ongoing teleseryes that have reached the one-year plateau. Nearly a month earlier, ‘Doble Kara’ also turned a year old, and like ‘Ang Probinsyano’, is a top-rater in its timeslot.

Speaking of top-raters, ‘Ang Probinsyano’ has been a ratings leader from the start. Its premiere garnered a 41.6% national rating (according to Kantar), and has consistently hit or come close to this mark ever since.

Along the way, four rivals fell. First came the 2015 version of ‘MariMar’, then came the move of ‘Little Nanay’ to GMA Telebabad’s leadoff spot, followed by ‘Poor Señorita’, and now the new version of ‘Encantadia’.

Much of ‘Ang Probinsyano’s success comes from its police-oriented storyline. In an era where the fight against drugs, corruption and other crimes are common in primetime newscasts, ‘Ang Probinsyano’ takes cue from such news, and in the process, gives viewers a lesson in fighting crime.

While ‘Ang Probinsyano’ was a runaway success, it also weathered numerous casting changes during its first year. The most notable of these changes include the departures of Bela Padilla and Maja Salvador, and the entry of Yassi Pressman.

Overall, the first year of ‘Ang Probinsyano’ became memorable in more ways than one. Even PNP chief Ronald Dela Rosa was impressed with the show, saying that it helps restore the Filipino’s trust in the Philippine National Police.

As tribute to its first anniversary, a thanksgiving concert will take place on October 8. Now that it concludes its first year, one can only hope that ‘Ang Probinsyano’ will continue to provide some memorable moments as it enters its second year.


24 thoughts on “Ang Probinsyano, One Year Later

  1. I can say that there no excessive stereotypical casting and no frills even though there are substantial clichés, especially the camera zooms playing dramatically the signature theme song. The latter exception happened to be turning into a meme lately.

    Anyway, all situations emanated from day 1 are reflected to our social psyche regardless of social class. Now, that’s what I call a true drama.

    More power to you, Mang Cardo and the staff. Chief Bato wished that this show will last until 2022.

  2. Jose Tiamson says:

    And Coco Martin as the creative consultant made the show what it is. Very different from the movie with the same title and it felt like an original show. I give him the credit that he deserves kasi hindi niya remake or ripoff ang show. And the example of it ay si Paloma na siya din nag-conceptualize.

      • Gab says:

        It will be aired this Sunday, November 6 at 11am (as part of the network’s counter-programming against the Pacquiao vs. Vargas fight on 7).

      • But don’t expect ASAP to air at 3 just to give Sunday PinaSaya a favor. ABS won’t do that.

        Anyway, there are many Pacquiao fans who are fed up with his extracurricular activities outside boxing, so this show should be an alternative.

      • Gab says:

        Pero marami naman ay di kuntento sa panibagong extension ng AP dahil kakasawa na daw ang plot nito at ang ilan ay naghihintay naman sa isa pang bagong fantaserye na LLS

      • If its ratings fall considerably to the point na natatalo na siya ng Encantadia (assuming that show stays a little longer), I won’t be surprised if they pull the plug early. Let’s wait and see what happens after this.

  3. yong says:

    I have a question. Hindi mo ba masasabi, kahit konti man lang, na naging, let’s say, successful naman ang Encantadia (sorry pinasok ko ang Encantadia dito)? Hahaha. I think 10 months is not really bad (though their 2005 franchise lasted more than a year, overall (for having three installments)). But still, mabigat na kalaban talaga ang Probinsyano (which will air for 2 years and approximately 4 months, based on their latest extension), kaya kung talagang worth extending ang Enca, kaya naman siguro nilang gawin since it’s a “requel” nga ika nila.

    • Unfortunately, Encantadia had to give way to another fantaserye. Still, even if we can say that it’s successful, it’s still costly. GMA’s priorities should’ve been about conversion to digital and HD programming, not fantaseryes. And now that they’ll produce another one in Mulawin vs Ravena, it makes things even worse.

      Ang ABS nga, tumigil mag-produce ng fantaseryes around late 2000s when they realize its hefty costs. Since then they have Wansapantym which airs once a week and is more economical to make than a daily fantaserye.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Na-hot water naman ang FPJAP dahil (accidentally?) nagamit nila yung wedding pics ni Dingdong at Marian na walang pahintulot. Buti nalang nag-apologize ang ABS at mukhang tinanggap naman ni Dingdong ang paumanhin. But it’s still a strange and embarrassing incident for FPJAP and ABS.

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