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News5 Loses Another Reporter to Duterte’s Staff, Plus Luchi’s Staying

Former News5 reporter Mia Reyes (third from left) will join President Rodrigo Duterte's staff as its assistant secretary for media relations. (Photo credit: Mia Reyes)

Former News5 reporter Mia Reyes (third from left) will join President Rodrigo Duterte’s staff as its assistant secretary for media relations. (Photo credit: Mia Reyes)

The losses continue to pile up for TV5.

Recently, Media Newser Philippines reported that TV5 reporter Mia Reyes will join President Rodrigo Duterte’s staff as the assistant secretary for media relations. Prior to the hiring, Mia was a beat reporter who covered the news within the Malacañang Palace.

Reyes joins Martin Andanar, Cherie Mercado, Ina Zara and Jun Loyola as former News5 talents-turned-Duterte staff members. News5 also lost DJ Sta. Ana, Benjie Felipe and Deah Regacho for various other reasons.

The departure of Mia Reyes is another huge blow to TV5’s embattled news division. With so much losses in the talent front, not to mention the many criticisms that the division has faced, it is clear that News5 is living on borrowed time.

To make matters worse, Media Newser Philippines also reported that News5 chief Luchi Cruz-Valdes decided to stay on amid rumors of her impending departure. Obviously, many were not happy with her decision to remain.

Despite her award-winning reputation in the documentary department, Luchi’s inability to lead News5 to greener pastures puts her in the hot seat more often. While she is an excellent storyteller, her leadership has always been questioned, whether due to News5’s overreliance on sensationalized news, or due to the talent surrounding her.

With sports aficionado Chot Reyes now handling the task of restoring order within TV5, the news division itself is in a dire need of a revamp. From the Tube previously discussed these proposals in a two-part series, but for whatever reason, not even these tips can help TV5 in the long run.


Indeed, many will agree that the future of News5 is not very bright. With so many talent leaving in bunches, not to mention the questionable approach in news reporting, how much time does News5 have left to redeem themselves?


9 thoughts on “News5 Loses Another Reporter to Duterte’s Staff, Plus Luchi’s Staying

  1. Jason says:

    News5 really needed a revamp.I don’t hate Luchi for staying but she should step down as news chief but as a news presenter they need her(with some of their the seasoned reporters leaving).
    Chot Reyes will have his hands full with what’s been happening on TV5 both in the news and entertainment departments.

    • To be honest, their continued adoption of the ‘masa’ sensationalized style of newscasting is hurting them. They don’t have any credibility by doing this style. And with TV5 focusing more towards a niche audience, this approach is a clash to their identity.

      Luchi won’t do any good as its chief. Ed Lingao would be much better to lead them to a new era.

  2. Gab says:

    Latest development as per MNP, Carla Lim leaving the station after 6 years, while Trish Roque moved to Sports5 to join the coverage team of the PBA (Roque was a former courtside reporter in the UAAP)

    • Trish is a good fit for Sports5 considering her past background, so no problem. But they need to restructure the news division ASAP because the losses of their personnel are slowly taking their toll.

      • Jason says:

        If they add new reporters,I hope Marga Vargas and Lia Cruz moves to Sports5 since they are former courtside reporters and they’re more suited that way.

      • As far as Sports5 goes, they’re too loaded already. They just added Selina Dagdag who used to work for CNN Philippines, and Trish Roque was reassigned from News5 to Sports5 as well. Along with mainstays Denise Tan, Mich del Carmen, Erika Padilla, Mara Aquino and Rizza Diaz, there’s no room for Lia and Marga. They need to work their butt off as beat reporters first in order to get some journalistic experience, or move over to Bloomberg Philippines if they want to.

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