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Ex-SOP Stars Take Over ASAP Stage

The long and storied rivalry between ABS-CBN’s ‘ASAP’ and GMA’s ‘SOP’ has been well-documented.

For 13 years, the two Sunday variety shows duke it out for not only high ratings, but also the best performance. While ‘SOP’ managed to become successful, it failed to sustain the momentum that the now 21-year-old ‘ASAP’ enjoys nowadays.

Successor GMA variety shows in ‘Party Pilipinas’ and ‘Sunday All-Stars’ followed suit, but neither proved to be a match to ‘ASAP’. As a result, GMA abandoned the purely musical variety format in favor of ‘Sunday PinaSaya”s comedy-infused approach, which was initially successful but now struggles to regain form.

With ‘Sunday PinaSaya’ employing a new cast and a new outfit in APT Entertainment, the performers that were once part of GMA’s past variety shows were forced to look elsewhere. Eventually, it led them to ‘ASAP’, and their performances on the said show felt like a throwback to many who watched ‘SOP’ for years.

While Kyla, Jay-R, Jolina Magdangal and Jona Viray were the first former ‘SOP’ stars to join ‘ASAP’, the biggest surprise came in July, when long-time ‘SOP’ cornerstone Ogie Alcasid stepped into the ‘ASAP’ stage for the first time. Not long after, Jaya came aboard, and last Sunday, a tribute for Ogie included a reunion between the two ‘SOP’ icons.

Backstage, another former ‘SOP’ mainstay paid a visit to the ABS-CBN studio. Ogie’s wife Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, who remains under contract with GMA, was at the dressing room reuniting with her old ‘SOP’ pals.

The reunion of former ‘SOP’ stars became a much-needed boost to ‘ASAP’, as it defeated ‘Sunday PinaSaya’ by 1.6% that day. Despite that, many are still hoping for a full reunion, as Regine remains a GMA talent while another former ‘SOP’ cornerstone in Janno Gibbs was nowhere to be found.

With so many performers in tow, how much longer can ‘ASAP’ sustain this high-quality trend? Only time will tell, but for now, enjoy this reunion of old rivals.


6 thoughts on “Ex-SOP Stars Take Over ASAP Stage

    • They have no choice. Sunday PinaSaya is mostly full of comedy skits, thus no room for the singers to do their thing. GMA is apparently tired of competing with ASAP’s superior song and dance numbers that’s why they decided to do something different.

      They also can’t join TV5 owing to the network’s dissolution of the entertainment group.

  1. jetblazer2015 says:

    I just admire ABS-CBN in general and ASAP in particular for not being vindictive by providing the ex-SOP artists a stage to perform. And for the ASAP artists for allowing them a moment to shine once more. More than money I guess it can be depressing for artists if they lose a show or project.

    I can only imagine the headache SOP gave ASAP during the former’s “golden years”. I’m still wishing though for a true rivalry in Sunday musical variety shows.

    • As long as Sunday PinaSaya is there, that may not happen anytime in the near future. Besides, GMA wanted to do something different, not to mention that many are getting tired of these musical variety shows on Sundays that they crave a new approach.

  2. Patrick Star says:

    I think one of the worst decisions GMA has ever made is the cancellation of SOP. While it is true that they were losing to ASAP during those times (2009-2010), they could regain the momentum if they persisted on producing the show.

    Noong una, click sa akin ang format ng Sunday PinaSaya, pero habang tumatagal, nakokornihan na ako. Parang hindi nila pinagpapraktisang mabuti ang palabas. Hindi nila nae-execute in a funny way ang mga lines. Minsan akala mo may karugtong pa ang joke, ‘yun pala tapos na. Kapag live silang kumakanta during skits, hindi nagsasabay-sabay at kinakapa pa nila kung paano ilalapat ang lyrics sa music.

    • Unfortunately, GMA’s poor reputation when it comes to honing their talents was one of the reasons why their Sunday noontime shows fell to ASAP. ASAP has the blessing of Star Magic as it allows new stars to shine, and it paid off for them because the environment there was conductive for showcasing their talents. GMA doesn’t have someone like Freddie Garcia and Johnny Manahan, that’s why their talent system is mediocre at best.

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