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A Look Back at the First and Only GMA Artist Center Ball

Remember the first and only time GMA held the Artist Center Ball?

On November 8, 2011, the GMA Artist Center staged its own ball at the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati. A majority of Artist Center talents attended the event, each of whom showed up in their most elaborate attire.

The GMA Artist Center Ball was presented in response to the growing glamor of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Ball. At the time it was held, the Star Magic Ball had been staged five times since its inception in 2007.

The theme of the 2011 event was about the launching of the short-lived Profiles magazine. It was supposed to be GMA’s answer to the annual Star Magic catalogue magazine, but it only had one catalogue before it was shut down that same year.

Unfortunately, the 2011 Artist Center Ball marked the last such event for the network. Lack of funds, declining television ratings and programming concerns were too much for GMA to handle, and they have not produced a ball since.

On the contrary, ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Ball continues to put on a show for all of its talents. In fact, the tenth edition of the ball will take place tomorrow night, which should only add insult to injury for GMA’s Artist Center and even to Entertainment department head Lilybeth Rasonable.

Five years after the last Artist Center Ball, there are still questions of what might have been. Regardless of the unfortunate circumstances, Kapuso faithful can only hope for the best, as GMA tries to make sense of their ongoing dilemmas.

For those who may have forgotten the last GMA Artist Center Ball, Pep.ph has some interesting photo galleries to show for. Click the following links and look back at a time when Kapuso stars used to show up in their glamorous dresses and suits for this occasion.


13 thoughts on “A Look Back at the First and Only GMA Artist Center Ball

  1. jetblazer2015 says:

    Actually this annual gathering of artists more than the spectacle is a showcase of the ingenuity of our designers. The Star Magic Ball indeed set the trend for glamour.

    • Exactly. And it also shows the superiority of ABS-CBN’s talent pool over GMA’s, not to mention one of their rewards for the network’s constant success.

      Too bad GMA has not staged another Artist Center Ball since, due to their continued struggles and questionable management decisions. The first one was great, but since then, their artists are helpless to watch their Kapamilya counterparts strut their formal wear on an annual basis. Poor them.

  2. In relation to this topic, many Kapuso fans are trying to curse the Star Magic Ball last Saturday (particulary AlDub fans), some said that those people in that ball are UNEDUCATED. On the contrary, the Kapamilya fans have some resentments because they are only viewed the Red Carpet parade of their favorite artist only and not the whole program.

    • If you look at the PR website of ABS-CBN, they stated that the red carpet parade will be the only televised portion of the Ball. Here’s the link:

      The rest of the program is mostly a privately attended affair. There will be highlights of the program proper though on TV Patrol and other ABS-CBN newscasts.

      As for Kapuso fans who were trying to curse the Star Magic Ball, they should be ashamed. After all, GMA has not held an Artist Center Ball since 2011, and their artists and management have not done a pretty good job in giving GMA a fighting chance.

    • Jose Tiamson says:

      I guess their fans are so envious to the point that they said a word like uneducated. Maybe those fans are ones that are uneducated. That is why their beloved network is struggling to gain success.

      • Agree. They just can’t accept the fact that GMA is financially weak to put up their own glamorous Ball and other aspects that made ABS-CBN so successful. Hence they resort to these cowardly moves rather than realize the truth.

  3. No wonder. Kapuso fantards don’t even know their beloved network is losing money. Look at what happened. GMA Ilocos, Naga, Iloilo, Bacolod, CDO and Gensan were closed last year plus they spent a lot of money for Encantadia.

    They will never learn.

      • At the start of 2016, the Kapamilya fans are already excited for the “Ball” after the Star Magic are being re-introduced on ASAP for its 24th anniversary because more artists both from GMA and TV5 keeps coming like, Ritz Azul, Jona, Vin Abrenica and more, that is why they gaining more fans as they turned Kapamilya and then they expected to see on the “Ball”

        Meanwhile on the FB page of GMA Artist Center, some of them are waiting to have have a ball again. Due to financial constraints and mishandling their homegrown artist, they are only holding a ball once and for all and eventually, some of the artists are transferred to get more expose. How sad (to be honest). They are only watching their rival network on the “Ball”

      • Blame Rasonable. Her incompetence is dragging GMA down. We’ve been saying that Gozon and co. need to get rid of her ASAP, but they seem to fall on deaf ears. Their inability to fire Rasonable only adds to the problems that GMA is facing right now.

    • We’ll never know. But sooner or later GMA should fire Rasonable. Blame those fantaseryes and the inability to give the younger artists greater opportunities for GMA’s long-term plight. No wonder they can’t show their glamorous side by holding their own artist ball, all because of Rasonable’s questionable decisions.

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