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AlDub ‘Wedding’ Catapaults Eat Bulaga to Victory

The ‘wedding’ between Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards became a must-watch.

On Saturday, October 22, ‘Eat Bulaga’ presented a special edition of the newly-revived Kalyeserye segment. The emphasis of the three-hour episode was on the aforementioned ‘wedding’ between Maine and Alden’s characters, which was set inside Christ the King Church in Quezon City.

The ‘wedding’ featured numerous special guests, such as Ai-Ai delas Alas (in her Lola Babah character), Jake Ejercito, Mike Enriquez, Rodjun Cruz, Helen Gamboa and Irma Adlawan. As always, the ‘Eat Bulaga’ hosts played special roles in the event, which included a rare appearance of Vic Sotto’s Dodong character.

The seemingly realistic marriage between the two had been carefully prepared throughout the week, from the pre-nuptial shoots and bridal showers to the proposals for Maine’s wedding gown. The skits even went as far as preparing an invitation to the said ‘wedding’, and inviting Liz Uy and Jason Magbanua to play key roles.

The ‘wedding’ itself took over an hour to complete, a majority of which were spent without commercial interruption. Near the end of the segment, however, Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola) fainted in the midst of Alden and Maine’s exchange of I dos, prompting ‘Eat Bulaga’ to take a commercial break in order to add drama.

Despite the incident, Lola Nidora was able to regain consciousness, and the ‘wedding’ proper eventually pushed through without further incident. In the end, Maine and Alden left the episode as a ‘married’ couple.

The episode, which took place nearly a year after the successful Sa Tamang Panahon event, gave ‘Eat Bulaga’ a rare victory in Kantar’s national ratings, as it barely finished o.1% above ‘It’s Showtime”s figures.  More importantly, netizens took the hashtag #AlDubWedding to one of the top global trending spots on Twitter, with over five million tweets.

Considering that the show has been struggling to remain relevant in the months after Sa Tamang Panahon, this episode was in many ways a shot of adrenaline. Still, not even a rare victory can satisfy any AlDub fan, or whoever’s left of the once-highly popular fanbase, as they try to rekindle the tandem’s glory days.

At least there are still ‘Eat Bulaga’ loyalists who have supported the show even before Alden and Maine came aboard. As long as they’re here, ‘Eat Bulaga’ will still enjoy some moral victories, no matter how small it becomes.


5 thoughts on “AlDub ‘Wedding’ Catapaults Eat Bulaga to Victory

  1. It actually took place in Shrine of Jesus the Divine Word.

    Though, this event was made exactly 52 Saturdays after the concert in the Philippine Arena but not necessarily the highest tweet report all-time (though it did year-to-date).

    Too bad, I wasn’t able to watch the ceremony personally because of the power outage. What a killjoy, SFELAPCO!

    For Showtime, it’s their second consecutive year of their defeat in celebrating their anniversary — even if it’s a razor-thin margin.

    • But it won’t help overall since Showtime is already winning almost every month since Tawag Ng Tanghalan revitalized that show.

      I wonder if the wedding will change things for good. For me, Showtime will win through the rest of the year.

      • Well, for the long-time EB viewers, they don’t care if their show is struggling, as long as they’re enjoying the segments. And besides, the majority of those who followed AlDub early on were bandwagoners, who just want to join in the fun only to stop watching once it becomes stale.

  2. Showstopper says:

    “Well, for the long-time EB viewers, they don’t care if their show is struggling, as long as they’re enjoying the segments…”

    – I agree. They are in the business for 37 years. They have been through a lot. As a long time EB watcher I don’t mind if Showtime is winning on their own ratings. OK na rin yun may kakumpitensya. Pangit naman kung walang competition or challenge. Though I was one who also hoped that the ending/final of Kalyeserye was the TP itself (as I thought it was the fitting one), pero as long as its for the long time watchers and not for bandwagoners, continue it. Who are we to say it should stop? I guess continuing KS is for the real fans and not for everyone like bandwagoners.

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