8 thoughts on “Revisiting GMA’s Iconic Rainbow Logo

    • You think I’m a Kapamilya fantard? Think again. Better take that back if I were you. Everything in this blog had nothing to do with network affiliation, so don’t think that every content here is pro-Kapamilya.

      The reason why I revisited GMA’s logo history is obvious. GMA’s ‘rainbow’ days were remembered for a more different programming approach. No teleseryes in the afternoon and evening, they even had more relevant shows. Heck, anime were even shown at night and were popular. Nowadays, with the ‘Kapuso’ logo, they’re just a near-mirror image of ABS, lacking any direction, all because Gozon wanted to be more aggressive.

      Next time you’ll say the same thing about fantardism again, I may ban you for good. Just keep that to yourself.

  1. markky says:

    i prefer to watch anime series or locally game shows at primetime just like how it was in mid 90s to early 2000s (remember the price is right hosted by dawn zulueta, family feud hosted by ogie alcasid, and who wants to be a millionaire by christopher de leon way back then) rather than these “teleseryes” dominating the night timeslot nowadays.

    • I agree with you. Primetime in the 90s and early 2000s was watchable then, because it gave the networks the much-needed flexibility. Not to mention you have all the options in the world to watch. Not the case now with all these teleseryes.

      • Too bad. We now have to depend on cable for our alternative programming choices.

        The old days of GMA, especially during the 90s, will always be remembered as the greatest era of GMA’s 67-year history.

        Nowadays, we have to deal with a teleserye which airs six days a week, but is somehow successful as of late, a morning anime block reliant on reruns, expensive fantaseryes, and confusing programming offers both on the main network and their so-called “news channel”.

      • All because GMA became obsessed with taking over the top spot, that’s why they eschewed their mostly alternative programming in the early 2000s in favor of a similar formula that ABS popularized today.

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