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The End of A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo?

Is it really over for ‘A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo’?

Last Thursday, the GMA-produced sitcom aired its so-called season finale, with the hashtag #A1ThankYou. In the episode, Digna (Jaclyn Jose) held a Thanksgiving party to celebrate the return of Kaycee (Denise Barbacena) and her reconciliation with her husband Rolly (Gardo Versoza).

While the episode probably signaled the conclusion of ‘A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo’ as viewers know it, the show’s Facebook page tried to pacify concerns by promising another season in the near future. Still, any hope of a return may be questionable considering the year-round approach of Filipino programming.

‘A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo’ first premiered on June 2, 2016 as GMA’s first weeknight sitcom in nearly a decade. The show immediately lived up to its billing as a sexually-themed sitcom, emphasizing more mature situations that are not suitable for young kids.

The premiere of ‘A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo’ was at the time an attempt to revive the seemingly moribund KiliTV block. In fact, GMA promoted both ‘A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo’ and ‘Bubble Gang’ in various 30-second clips in order to draw interest from comedy fans.

Unfortunately for GMA, ‘A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo’ did not exactly revive the glory days of KiliTV. The sitcom initially fared well against ABS-CBN’s Filipino-dubbed ‘Jane the Virgin’, but it soon lost momentum against the ever-popular yet controversial ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7’.

Let’s face it, ‘A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo’ was not a bad sitcom. It was a fresh concept that is as daring as it can get, in contrast to more family-oriented sitcoms that viewers became accustomed to.

‘A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo’ also helped GMA reduce its overdependence on Koreanovelas. During its 26-episode run, various GMA Koreanovelas run for only three times a week, enabling it to run a lot longer than usual.

But now that the sitcom is all but history (for now), expect Koreanovelas to once again dominate GMA’s late-night programming. It’s a sad development considering that GMA wanted to place another show on weeknights to alleviate its burden on Koreanovelas.

It remains to be seen if ‘A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo’ will ever come back as promised. But for now, it’s good riddance for the show.


17 thoughts on “The End of A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo?

    • As much as you want to bring back the said show so bad, there’s nothing we can do. GMA has made that decision whether we like it or not. We can only hope that they’ll produce a season 2 as promised soon, if not just move on.

      Honestly, GMA should make more of these weeknight sitcoms instead of relying heavily on these Koreanovelas. ABS has relied less on Koreanovelas of late, so it’s up to GMA to do the same.

      • Aldous Coroza says:

        FYI Lang Po, It is not actually finished, A1 Ko Sa’yo, just like Ismol Family is on Seasonal Break and they already have 2 seasons under their belt, they maybe back by February 2017

      • IDK about Ismol Family though. GMA already cancelled the show AFAIK. And to be honest, any possibility of A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo returning remains in doubt, so we’ll have to wait for the official announcement soon.

      • Aldous Coroza says:

        So you’re claiming that Ismol cancelled, no GMA did not cancel it, in fact they’re also on Seasonal Break, kitang kita that your posts are against GMA, and PS your basis for Ratings are Kantar, Katar is a lie, and ABS is the only subscriber with Kantar, unlike Nielsen in which all TV Companies (GMA, TV5, CNN Philippines, and Solar Channels) are subscribers

      • Seasonal break usually applies to reality and talent shows only, not sitcoms which air year-round. The FB people running A1 and Ismol, they were the ones who broke the news, not GMA management. Unless it’s from the hands of Lilybeth Rasonable, that so-called seasonal break you’re claiming is just an unofficial announcement. In essence, both A1 and Ismol are pretty much done for the time being.

        As for your claim that the posts here are against GMA, you’re sadly mistaken. Even ABS and TV5 have their own share of criticism. Finally, your claim that Kantar is a lie is a foolish one. AGB Nielsen’s figures don’t even seem reliable to begin with. Where are the figures for VisMin and rural areas? Those are areas with which GMA has long overlooked, that’s why despite their so-called claim of No. 1 network in the country, they can’t even make a profound impact in these areas. That’s why they lost a lot of regional networks and talents because of this.

      • Aldous Coroza says:

        Okay, 1st of all the Regional networks of GMA did not close down they underwent renovation, where you read that story is a lie, GMA and Pep released the statement regarding the regional stations, they just reduced man power/layed off the workers, Here is a reliable source for GMA Regional And your claim that Nielsen only provides for Mega Manila and Urban Luzon, Nielsen starting Monday Nov 28 released the NUTAM Nationwide ratings, and I have to agree with you with Lilybeth Rasonable, she has not done a good job in Handling the Entertainment dept. She destroyed all the work that Wilma Galvante has done for GMA Entertainment

      • I did not say they closed down. They simply lost those regional networks. Yes they’re still there, but the production and operation of those regional stations were shut down and turned into relay networks, thus they had no choice but to dismiss those talents.

        As for Nielsen’s release of NUTAM, it’s still not an actual gauge of a TV network’s success, considering that its focus is on the urban areas, ones that advertiser appear to favor.

    • You may be right since teleseryes are all over the place, that’s why the overall landscape of Philippine TV is horrible. However, we can still praise and criticize some aspects.

  1. jewel torres says:

    sana maibalik uli ang Ai ko sayo. Maganda ang konsepto, mahusay ang pagpili ng mga casting pati nga characters nila. Nakakatuwa at hindi corny. Mahusay ang director nila. Kalungkot naman kasi lagi pa naman nanin pinanonood.

  2. yong says:

    As far as I know, Ismol is cancelled, while A1 Ko Sa’yo is on a season break (Benjamin Alves also said this via Twitter). And I also noticed on your articles and comments that you are biased towards ABS-CBN.

    • If you say I’m biased toward ABS, then you can’t accept the truth. It’s because you’re an obvious fantard. Just stop reading this blog if it’s clear you can’t admit the weaknesses of your station.

      • yong says:

        Actually, I know the weaknesses of the station I’m watching. It’s just that I noticed that your posts about ABS-CBN are those dominate on your page.

      • Well not all talk about ABS though. Essentially this is not a support site for any particular station. We only critique each one if there’s any interesting event that’s taking place.

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