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Examining Chot Reyes’ Plans for TV5

The Chot Reyes era on TV5 is indeed underway.

Upon his ascension to the position of chief executive officer late last year, Chot vowed to make some sweeping changes to TV5. After all, 2016 was a poor year for the Kapatid network, one marked by the ill-fated VIVA partnership, loss of revenue and programming quality, and streamlining of operations.

This year, TV5 has a new set of programs coming up, one that will include the return of the beloved AniMEGA block. However, this is only a portion of a much-needed overhaul, one that will also include sister UHF station AksyonTV and FM radio station Radyo5 92.3 News FM.

More on AksyonTV and Radyo5 in an upcoming article. In the meantime, here is the master plan that Chot Reyes conceived for TV5 this 2017.


AniMEGA has long been a staple of TV5’s programming, having been aired since the rebrand in 2008. Unfortunately, it has run on and off for the past several years, to the point that anime fans were increasingly fed up by TV5’s constant mishandling of the block.

Its return this year should give anime fans a new reason to watch, with series such as ‘Attack on Titan: Junior High’, ‘Kantai Collection’, ‘Myriad Colors Phantom World’, ‘Knights of Sidonia’ and ‘Uta no Prince-sama Maji 1000%’ airing on TV5 soon. Hopefully TV5 will no longer regret about reviving AniMEGA ever again.

Brillante Mendoza Presents

The dissolution of TV5’s entertainment department forced the network to rely on outside sources. One of them will be director Brillante Mendoza, who will produce several made-for-TV films and mini-series as part of the ‘Brillante Mendoza Presents’ umbrella.

These days, TV5’s entertainment fare is exclusive to digital media under the Digital5 banner (e.g. ‘Kontrabando’, ‘Forever Sucks’). The addition of Brillante Mendoza, however, made it clear that TV5 is not done collaborating on homegrown entertainment fare on TV.

Philippines’ Next Top Model

It had been nearly a decade since ‘Philippines’ Next Top Model’ aired on TV (via RPN-9). This year, TV5 will revive the said modeling reality show, though it remains to be seen if TV5’s version will be a second cycle or a rebooted first cycle.

TV5 is no stranger to the ‘Top Model’ series, having aired ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ a few years ago. However, PNTM’s status as either a TV5-produced show or a blocktimer remains to be seen, so stay tuned.

More Tagalized American Series

Finally, TV5 will air new American action series, which will obviously be dubbed in Filipino. Two of them, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Quantico’, are expected to air during the first quarter of this year.

Of course, TV5 will still air other ongoing series such as ‘Smallville’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Walking Dead’. But for 2017, the women of ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Quantico’ will be in charge.

TV5 is expected to unveil more game-changing programs in the months to come. But at this point, the pieces are now firmly in place, as TV5 vows to be a different station this 2017.


34 thoughts on “Examining Chot Reyes’ Plans for TV5

  1. Jason says:

    From a report of MJ Marfori on Aksyon Prime, TV5 will revive Wattpad Presents sometime in April.
    I think that’s a good move because I think they’re targetting the youth audience with the slate of programs they just announced.

    • Iban says:

      Expect freelance talents (and even what remained of TV5’s homegrown talent since the entertainment division’s dissolution who are yet to appear in other networks’ TV shows) to topbill the possible return of Wattpad Presents.

      Meanwhile, Solar Entertainment a few years ago announced Top Model Philippines to be aired on ETC, but nothing materialized.

      • Solar, as we know, has had its fair share of issues when it comes to local productions, dating back to its earlier foray with RPN-9 many years ago. They’re mostly known as an importer of shows and not a production giant.

        TV5 definitely has their work cut out when it comes to this new season of PNTM. Let’s just hope they don’t make the same mistakes as Solar did.

  2. Gab says:

    And its official. Animega will return next week. Tamang-tama dahil dalawang anime kasi ay ipapalabas sa hapon. Noong 90s kasi karamihan ng mga anime na pinapalabas ay nasa late afternoon or early evening slot.

    • And considering that many anime these days are adult-oriented and unfit for the kids’ slot, it was the right call. The afternoon slot talaga has long been a domain for animes, while the morning slot which GMA currently utilizes, it doesn’t make sense at all due to the graphic nature of most of them. It was also the reason why ABS got rid of Team Animazing, because more and more anime are being targeted towards adult audiences.

  3. Jason says:

    Well the schedule goes this way:
    Myriad Colors Phantom World(M-F 8:30am)
    Kancolle(M,T,TH 5:15 pm)
    Voltron(T 5:45 pm)
    Attack on Titan(M,Th 5:45 pm)
    Since halos lahat naman yan ay 12-13 episodes lang.
    1)Yung Myriad may double purpose.Pang filler hindi pa siguro handa yung kids block nila sa umaga. And the other one titingnan siguro kung magrate.Kung hindi pang-hapon talaga yan.
    2)Weird yung timeslot ng Voltron at Attack on Titan. Pwede naman Monday and Tuesday yung AOT:JH and Thursday yung Voltron.

    • Regardless of the scheduling quirks, mukhang maeenjoy pa rin ito ng mga long-suffering AniMEGA fans. Still, I hope they won’t do a GMA in cutting out the opening and closing music as well as heavily editing the animes.

    • Honestly, the PCCL was a poor initiative from the start. It’s more like an exhibition rather than an actual tournament. The final straw came when they crowned two champions last year simply because of a postponement due to a typhoon.

      More on that in a future article.

      • Gab says:

        And with this development, Sports5 will focus now aside from the usual PBA and PSL coverage, are their committments with the Gilas Pilipinas and probably if approved by POC, the SEA Games (I heard that ABS will plan to cover it)

      • Patricia Hizon has her work cut out this year. Last year’s Olympic disaster has Sports5 reeling, that’s why it’s important for them to return to form, or else ABS-CBN Sports will pull away further.

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  5. Jason says:

    What’s your take on Aksyon Prime’s extension?Last week it implemented a new schedule on non-PBA days,6:15-7:30,to be exact.
    And News5 will have a news special on newly-elected President Donald Trump on Sunday.

    • Honestly, this is not good. Extending Aksyon Prime makes them look like TV Patrol and 24 Oras, which is in contrast to what Chot Reyes wants to achieve. I have no idea what LCV wants to achieve here. TV5 can never be a true alternative channel as long as she’s in charge. She’d rather be a talent than an executive, period.

    • The duration of Aksyon made me cringe.

      Plus, the Trump inauguration will be this Friday late night to Saturday early morning (our time); it’s somewhat mandatory to all networks here to cover the pomp and pageant.

      I guess News5’s special will be the highlight and not a primer.

      • Jason says:

        If I were them I’d keep Aksyon Prime on that 6:15-7:30 slot until a newly-produced News5 show takes over that 7:00-7:30 slot.Maybe a new season of History with Lourd,Kaya or Insider can take its place.A somewhat remnant of KBO but in an earlier schedule.What do you think?

      • Plus AksyonTV’s airing too much of the old and irrelevant PA shows over and over when there’s no sports events to air. However, with News5 still suffering from the lack of personnel, bringing such shows won’t be easy. Right now only Alagang Kapatid is their only PA show, and it’s not good.

        Before they can think about those new programs, think about hiring some talent first to replace those who left. Otherwise, I would rather see a merger of Aksyon Prime and Aksyon Tonite into a 9:00 p.m. newscast and place Sports5 Center in the 6:15 slot instead.

      • Jason says:

        If they do solve those personnel issues and if they would create News5 produced shows I want them to place it at the 7:00–7:30 slot because looking at the failed KBO before.An 11:30pm public affairs show would spell disaster and they would be bound to following the wave since GMA and ABS have public affairs shows after Saksi and Bandila.Try something different and they could have a small sample size of three locally produced shows first.With History with Lourd on Mondays,Kaya on Tuesday and Insider on Thursday all at 7:00pm

  6. Now with TV5 about to become ESPN 5, how would we expect it, I guess, mabuwag na ang News5 and yung SportsCenter PH ang magiging primary newscast imbes ng Aksyon. Aksyon Prime has been a distraction to PBA/PSL fans as Aksyon Prime got in the way of doubleheaders.

    • Yung ang dapat nating asahan, kaso may oras at panahon para diyan. Hindi talaga madali ang magiging desisyon ni Chot tungkol sa News5. Kahit sabihin natin may madaming pagkukulang ang News5, hindi pa rin susuko ito. Nasa kay Chot na ang pasya kung ano ang plano niya para sa News5.

      Kung hindi mo na kayang tiisin ito, I dare you to visit the TV5 Media Center sa Reliance at try mong makipagusap sa mga staff, kung papayagan ka ng mga gwardiya.

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