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Fixing Radyo5 (and AksyonTV) Under Miguel Belmonte

New man in charge: Miguel Belmonte will now run Radyo5 and AksyonTV, hoping to restore the credibility of both stations (Photo credit: The Philippine Star)

New man in charge: Miguel Belmonte will now run Radyo5 and AksyonTV, hoping to restore the credibility of both stations. (Photo credit: The Philippine Star)

TV5’s renovation goes beyond Channel 5.

A few weeks ago, From the Tube discussed the plans that Chot Reyes envisioned for TV5, which included the return of AniMEGA and the entry of director Brillante Mendoza to the fold. Now let’s focus on the renovation project of TV5’s sister stations AksyonTV and Radyo5 92.3 News FM, both of which are now under the leadership of The Philippine Star CEO Miguel Belmonte.

Last year was a poor one for both stations, not only in coverage but also in programming. The plight of Radyo5 and AksyonTV was well-documented, from the departures of Martin Andanar and Cherie Mercado, to their inability to cover significant news-worthy events that other stations were deeply committed to.

Replacing erstwhile head Gladys Lana-Lucas with Miguel Belmonte serves as a first step to restore the news-gathering capabilities of both Radyo5 and AksyonTV. That said, here’s a look at both stations’ needs that Belmonte must address.

New Shows and New Hosts

Radyo5 really needs new hosts and new shows, period. The departures of Andanar, Mercado, Anthony Pangilinan and Benjie Felipe were deeply felt within the station, and Gladys Lana-Lucas’ inability to process replacements led to her dismissal.

This is one area that Belmonte must look at immediately, because from the looks of it, Radyo5 will never be equal to more established AM stations like DZMM, DZBB and DZRH. Heck, he can even sign a blocktime deal with another media outfit, similar to DZRJ 810 AM’s agreement with 8TriMedia.

Greater Commitment to Live Events

Radyo5 was essentially absent during important live events such as the hearings on extra-judicial killings and President Rodrigo Duterte’s public addresses. To do so, Belmonte must convince the hosts of Radyo5 to give way to events such as this in order to give its listeners an idea on what is going on (take note, Raffy Tulfo and Niña Taduran).

Although the PBA’s priority on the network could put an end to ongoing news coverage once it goes overtime, the least that Radyo5 can do is to prove that they are a worthy news-covering machine on FM radio. There may be some constraints, but covering the news on the spot is better than nothing at all.

Embrace TeleRadyo Format on AksyonTV

AksyonTV wastes a lot of time by airing TV shopping blocks and reruns of now-defunct shows during vacant time periods. So why not allot the time for a TeleRadyo-esque format instead, except during live sporting events.

Since 2011, AksyonTV has been simulcasting select Radyo5 programs. The time is perhaps now to fully integrate the TeleRadyo in AksyonTV, given that the network no longer intends to produce original programs like they did in the past.

Improve AksyonTV’s Power and Revenue

This is indeed the most important need of the station. AksyonTV has long been criticized for its poor signal and power, which was the primary reason why the NCAA returned to ABS-CBN Sports and the PBA forced TV5 to air all of their games on VHF Channel 5 only.

Now under Belmonte, the time is now for AksyonTV to improve its facilities, power and reach to serve more viewers. But to do so, the station needs the backing of advertisers in order to provide much-needed revenue.

Miguel Belmonte’s role in restoring Radyo5 and AksyonTV will not be easy, given the extensive damage that both stations endured last year. That said, patience is a virtue, and if all the right buttons are pushed, then Radyo5 92.3 News FM and AksyonTV could return to prominence as soon as possible.


20 thoughts on “Fixing Radyo5 (and AksyonTV) Under Miguel Belmonte

  1. Jason says:

    Here’s my suggestions:
    1)For News5 as a whole hiring a new set of reporters is needed
    2)For RadyoSingko,the PBA coverage needs to go.
    3)Another one for RadyoSingko,kung may important hearings or presscons,everyone should take a backseat and disrupt it for their own programs.
    *Binalik na yata yung ibang radyo5 shows sa AksyonTV*

      • As far as the PBA goes, the league has always mandated a radio coverage, so no choice ang Radyo5 as long as TV5 is the coveror. Regarding the need to air an ongoing live hearing or press conference, the one radio show that must abide to that is Wanted sa Radyo, because from what I heard last year, Raffy and Nina continued to air their show even during an important hearing. While they obviously want to hear the grievances of others, these come at the expense of a more national issue. That said, it is Belmonte’s call to convince the two to give way for a more important event.

  2. If they want to remain competitive, they should listen to Brigada and why they are successful on the news FM market in the country, thanks to their massive expansion. I repeat, Radyo5 is Radyo5, not DZBB, DZMM or DZRH. Their music block is basically pang-Easy Rock ang dating since I called Radyo5 as the ‘softer’ version of Brigada News FM sa music pa lang.

    • Come to think of it, expansion is a good tool for Radyo5 to become nationally recognizable. But that will depend on TV5’s seemingly fluctuating funds to support an idea like that.

  3. People are not watching because they have the same slant as other news organization. Dpat gawin nilang conservative ang news nila like fox news. Kaya number one ang fox news sa US, dahil sila lang ang conservative news org. Khit malaki ang CNN, dhil liberal point of view which is same as others, di sila makakuha ng mataas na ratings. TV5 needs to fish/feed from other audience demo to make a mark.

    • Kung ganoon, LCV should watch a lot of Fox News to gain an idea of a conservative newscast, then apply that to her news org. Won’t be easy, but it’s possible. Saka News5 may need to get rid of the sensationalism, kasi kung nais nilang maging alternative, ba’t pa nila gagayahin yung sa ABS at GMA?

      • Yeah, maraming pinoy ang conservative ang viewpoint. Catholic nation pa man din tayo. Kaso sa turo sa universities masyadong liberal ang atake, kaya bihira ang journalist na conservative, pero pde nmang pagaralan. Values oriented ang conservative view point, halimbawa sa crime news, kahirapan at droga ang cause sa iba tulad ng tvp at 24oras, mostly ang headlines nyan more of preserving the values of pinoy, like kaya maraming krimen, kasi tinanggal ang Christian Ed at Values sa curriculum, iba ang slant, may market ang gnyang newscast, since patok nman ang inspirational series dito proving na conservative ang pinoy.

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  5. chakuyprodbicol says:

    The best solution is the reformat into the Brigada-like format (News+Masa). Although, noong pumunta ako ng Maynila. Nag-aair sila ng mga millenial songs. Noong 2015, narinig ko ung kantang “What Do You Mean” ni Justin Bieber sa naturang radio station. Then, last May, natinig ko rin ung mga kanta ni Sarah G like “Kilometro” and “Kaibigan Mo”.

    • chakuyprodbicol says:

      Contemporary OPM and Foreign songs should play during non-PBA days and Remoto Control should move at 9 pm slot before Aksyon Tonite.

      • If all things don’t go to plan, Radyo5 would be better off reformatting into an easy listening station similar to 96.3 Easy Rock. That’s my more logical solution since they mostly play love songs during vacant hours.

        The fact is, they have too many vacant slots and too few hosts for a news station which is unfathomable at best. Even LCV seems to have stopped appearing on radio or TV these days. Sa sobrang dami nilang bakante, ba’t pa sila nagooperate ng news station? It is very pathetic to say the least. I’ve given up hope on them at this point since parang wala na silang motivation to improve or maintain Radyo5.

  6. Jason says:

    Based on her FB account, LCV just had surgery so maybe she’s recuperating hence the different anchors on Aksyon Prime and Tonite.
    As for Radyo Singko, my suggestions would be:
    1)Get rid of Martin Andanar’s voice-overs umalis na siya eh.Nandiyan naman sila Cherie Bayle and Archie Zapanta.
    2)New program plugs for the shows.(If they actually do number 1,I would think ito yung susunod na mangyayari..)
    3)Ewan ko kung nangyayari pa to pero yung mga program plug for TV5 shows medyo out-dated na.MInsan may maririnig akong plug for Teen Wolf,Myriad Colors or any shows na tapos na.Sana man lang may mag-check kung ano yung ipinapalabas nila.
    4)Sana lagyan nila ng mga mga DJs ang Slow Down if possible.
    5)And lastly kung importante pa rin ang news side,why don’t they just create new shows.Have Miguel Belmonte call some of his contributors/writers from Philippine Star/PSN or have some of the on-air talents from News5 host some shows.
    I really agree on what you said parang walang pinagbago sa Radyo Singko ganun pa rin.Nakaka-six months na yung mga bagong admin ng Radyo Singko/AksyonTV ganun pa rin yung problema ng dalawa at parang walang ginagawang solusyon.

    • Like I said, if this is indeed a hopeless cause, then Radyo5 can just drop the news and talk format in favor of an easy listening format similar to 96.3 Easy Rock. Simple lang naman ang gagawin nila. Kung wala na silang motivation to operate a news station on FM, then reformat into a music station. Period.

  7. Jason says:

    If I were them:
    1) I’d move Cristy Ferminute to the late morning slot(10am-12pm)
    2) Have Punto Asintado and Aksyon Solusyon running for only an hour.
    3) As for the late afternoon slot, place Alagang Kapatid and Serbisyong Kapatid there .Bagay naman kasi eh once a week lang naman yung dalawang show since ganun nangyayari sa programming nila dahil sa PBA coverage.
    4)And make Newsroom5, a fixture on the radio.
    So the end results would be:
    6:00-8:00 Orly Mercado, All Ready
    8:00-9:00 Punto Asintado
    9:00-10:00 Aksyon Solusyon
    10:00-12:00 Cristy Ferminute
    12:00-2:00 Relasyon
    2:00-4:00 Wanted Sa Radyo
    4:00-5:00 Alagang Kapatid(M)/Serbisyong Kapatid(T)
    5:00-5:30 Newsroom5
    5:30-6:00 Slow Down

    Any thoughts?

    • I actually prepared an upcoming article in response to the Tulfos’ departure and Radyo5’s need for more talent because as it stands, they can’t be viable with a thin talent pool at this point. In short, it’s not about the shows, it is about the talent.

      As for the suggestion, it could be better if Aksyon Solusyon, Serbisyong Kapatid and Alagang Kapatid merge into one show because they’re pretty much employ the same purpose. Alex Tinsay could get a perfect co-host in either Cheryl Cosim or Menchie Silvestre. Plus, Relasyon is better off at nighttime against DZMM’s Usapang de Campanilla. Remoto Control and Chillax Radio could share noontime duties since this is the lunchtime/siesta period and people need to have some relaxing good vibes.

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