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GMA Is NOT The True No. 1 Station As Rasonable and Cruz Claim

The braintrust running GMA are at it again.

In an article published by the network last week, GMA executives Lilybeth Rasonable and Angela Cruz claimed that GMA is the No. 1 network and that AGB Nielsen is the more trusted ratings provider, based on the 77% mark that the network attained in the latest NUTAM and Urban Luzon ratings. While that was a good reason to cheer, ratings is not the only measuring stick towards becoming a top network.

As harsh as it sounds, GMA is nowhere close to what ABS-CBN has done. For several years, GMA is plagued by a variety of issues, most which have been thoroughly discussed to on this blog.

To summarize, here are the concerns that have frustrated the Kapuso network.

Lack of Quality Talents

Talents, in this case, are the actors and hosts of various GMA programs. This is already self-explanatory, as Rasonable has had trouble overseeing the development and utilization of GMA’s roster of talents.

Labor Woes

Following the concerns that its employees were illegally dismissed, the National Labor Relations Commission has no choice but to force GMA to pay sums of money to them. The well-documented struggle of TAG (Talents Associated with GMA) only added to GMA’s poor reputation, and the NLRC’s decision serves to give them justice.

Streamlining of Operations

Despite GMA’s claims of over P2 billion in revenue, cash within the network remains few and far between. Right now, GMA is streamlining its operations, which started by closing most of their regional operations.

Unwise Usage of Funds

The shortage of cash only got worse when GMA began to produce a new installment of ‘Encantadia’. They would have been smart enough by saving some of the money for more important things, such as HD, digital broadcasts, and the improvement of the much-maligned GMA News TV.

A New Investor

CEO Felipe Gozon has already expressed his intention to sell some of his shares to prospective investors. However, the GMA executive should have done this a long time ago, and considering the ongoing issues that GMA faced, that may be too late to resuscitate the network.

These are just some of the concerns that plague GMA in recent years. Overall, despite the so-called proclamation that GMA is the true No. 1 network, they can never be the real No. 1 unless they fix these long-standing issues.

That said, the onus is on Rasonable and other executives to justify GMA’s No. 1 billing through a network-wide rebuilding program. Because as it stands, GMA is not even close to fit the bill as the Philippines’ best network.


83 thoughts on “GMA Is NOT The True No. 1 Station As Rasonable and Cruz Claim

  1. No surprise for me over their myopic sight and dysfunctional synapses except the butthurt fantards.

    Ralph, if I were you, I would’ve contributed about Kilos Pronto on PTV 4 where Alex Santos comes back home on the VHF turf after almost 4 years from leaving UKG.

    • Most people can’t accept it at all. GMA may claim that they’re superior according to AGB Nielsen, but they’re inferior in other aspects. Winning in the ratings doesn’t mean they’re the best network ever, and this is something that Rasonable must realize.

      The comments made by Bhong were on the butthurt and fantard side of things (good thing I deleted it). He claimed that this blog was against GMA, when in fact he can’t accept the truth that his network is not superior at all, and that even ABS and other networks have their weaknesses too. That said, Bhong’s lack of foresight was evident, as he just bashed his way into this blog without accepting those criticisms first.

      • Oo nga eh. Makikitid ang utak ng mga fantards eh.

        I might write something on my blog on the ratings obsession of radio and TV stations, most especially Love Radio, Yes FM and GMA 7, with some local stations claiming na #1 sila eh hindi naging #1 sa survey sa matagal na panahon.

  2. You have a misconception,Ralph. I know that ABS CBN is truly no. 1, both AGB and Kantar. I said making and opposing an article regarding on AGB seems to others that you are a ABS CBN fan. Then, of course that is up to you if you again delete my comment here.

      • Sorry if I misunderstood him since I thought he’s a GMA fantard. However, I would like to remind him that this blog favors no network. Every network, not just GMA, has its weaknesses too. ABS is also prone to mistakes like on Family Feud where they have emphasized celebrities over ordinary people as contestants.

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  4. I forgot to add this on my piece but I will just comment it here

    ABS-CBN and TV5 are conglomerate-owned and has access to bank financing which GMA is reluctant to do (proud si Gozon dito pero let’s say ito ang dahilan kaya di nila mafinance ang ibang needs nila, and takot sila siguro mangutang ulit given the early 2000s and when the 3 families inherited the then-RBS in such a sorry state just like IBC is today)

    really, GMA has to shape up

  5. gj says:

    For me, its a part cgru nang marketing, kasi pang pull-in nang advertisers cgru, like radio stations kaliwat kanan stations no.1 raw sila, para yung mga Business man doun mag iinvest ng advertisement.

    • AGB Nielsen only trusts the urban population, thinking that they have the purchasing power to lure in advertisers. Problem is, they failed to account the rural folks, who have just as much purchasing power as the urbanites.

      GMA trusting AGB Nielsen at this point is a serious mistake. No. 1 man sila sa ratings, pero sa ibang aspeto, hindi.

      Their decision to keep posting those ratings on TV is a bad decision. Parang nagyayabang na sila doon.

  6. iHeartYouPo says:

    Sabi nga nila ABS at GMA merong weaknesses ang mga yan. They say ABS is the best because they can manage talents very well (partida marami nang talents ang abs pero nabibigyan sila ng chance makilala ng tao) compared sa GMA na nakafocus lang sa bankable talents nila like AlDub and DongYan (so far). They say na GMA is the best daw sa NCAs (news and current affairs), pero ang kinaaasar ko sa GMA sa pagbabalita nila ay yung lagi nilang sinasabi na #1 sila sa AGB, na never ginagawa ng ABS kahit nangunguna sila sa Kantar. isa pa sa kinaaasar ko sa GMA ay yung pagiging bias nila, nung issue ni vhong navarro noon pinapasama talaga nila arnold clavio at jessica soho ang image ni vhong. They also say na magaling magdiscover ang GMa, yeah thats true pero di naman nila naaalagaan to ng maayos (like jonalyn viray now jona, paulo avelino, jake cuenca, yassi pressman) kasi nga nakafocus lang sila sa pinakasikat na talent/s nila.

    • GMA has more weaknesses than ABS has, and it’s all because of their questionable management. It’s no secret that ABS continues to progress with the times, whereas GMA is still stuck in neutral.

  7. Gab says:

    And if you noticed Ralph, monthly or by the other week sila nagbabalita (via their newscast) ang kanilang mga ratings chart. Yan ang isa sa mga senyales ng pagiging boastful ng network.

    • Marissa Flores deserves flak for this. Kahit sabihin na natin critically acclaimed ang GMA News, this thing about ratings is getting way too far. They can’t be No. 1 just by ratings alone, period. Andaming kakulangan talaga ang GMA.

  8. iHeartYouPo says:

    kung tutuusin nagustuhan lang naman ng mga tao ang NCAs ng GMA dahil lang sa mga documentaries nila. Dun lang sila naging interesado lalo na pag tourist spots, Pero sa aspeto ng balita, may pagkabias sila lalo pa pag involved ang personality sa rival network/s nila,proven na yan sa issue noon kay Vhong Navarro.

    Sila Gozon rin ang dahilan kung bakit di matuloy-tuloy ang pagshi-shift sa digital technology ng mga networks. Kung tutuusin nung 2010 pa sana ito nangyari, Agree na sana ang mga nakararaming networks dito pwera kay Gozon. Agree ang nakararami sa Japanese technology pero si Gozon ay pabor naman sa European technology, pero ang totoo wala pang pondo sila gozon para sa digital technology dahil pag natuloy yun magiging useless na ang mga rating providers like agb at kantar na ayaw naman niyang mangyari.

    • GMA’s lack of budget has been well-documented. Kaya way behind sila pagdating sa mga new technologies, dahil kulang sa suporta ng investors. It only got worse when they decided to spend money on Encantadia rather than pursuing both HD and digital broadcasts.

      Yung sa news naman, mas lumala ito once they ventured into entertainment shows. Kung maaalala mo, GMA News began to produce dramas like Titser and Ilustrado, as well as the reality show To the Top. And worse, GMA News TV started airing Koreanovelas and movies. Magulo talaga ang pamamalakad ni Marissa Flores ngayon. This despite winning Peabody and New York Festival Awards numerous times.

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  10. iHeartYouPo says:

    Hirap kasi sa GMA, parang kontento na lang sa analog kesyo malinaw daw sila. Tsaka about sa paggawa ng highly budgeted fantaseryes buti sana kung nakakabawi, pero kung lumamang man sila, wala pang 1% masabi na fair ang AGB nila.

    Disappointed rin ako sa NewsTV na may koreanovelas, parang di nila napanindigan ang pagiging news channel nila. kung ganon rin lang pala ang gagawin nila, ibalik na lang sana nila ang QTv. Buti na lang at hindi free tv ang ANC dahil pag nakagayon, no match na naman ang GMA News TV sa ANC.

    • GMA doesn’t even have its own cable or satellite service in order to create its own channels. Overall, GMA is just resting on its laurels without thinking about the long term. Kaya napagiwanan na sila ng ABS at TV5 when it comes to modernizing television in the country.

  11. iHeartYouPo says:

    Then kamakailan lang nagpost na ang GMA ng AGB ratings. As we expected talo ang ABS sa GMA (di naman na bago yun eh) ayon sa post 11% lang ang nakuhang ratings ng MU coverage sa GMA shocks!, mas mataas pa yung Unang Hirit kesa sa MU huh, kinagabihan, naglabas naman uli ng GMA ng AGB ratings about MU ratings, Aba’y from 11% naging 57% na. Meaning nadagdagan ng mga 45% yung ratings. Mukhang ayaw patalo ng GMA huh! gusto mahigitan ang 60%+ratings ng MU coverage sa ABS nung 1994 at manguna sa “highest rating show of all time ng agb nutam”

    • However, as MU is basically a collaborative effort between Solar, GMA, ABS and TV5, ratings did not matter since everyone watched the show regardless of channel. But in a apparent disregard for cooperation, ABS and GMA decided to post ratings for the said event, which I don’t think makes sense.

      Same with Mayweather-Pacquiao, both networks posted ratings even though it’s a unified broadcast. If this is a news event such as elections, SONA or presidential inauguration, pwede since kanya-kanya ang production. But this? They carried it via one source and one source only, and should’ve not compared against one another. For ABS and GMA, their rivalry against one another only got worse with this stunt.

      • doesn'tcare says:

        Pati ba naman iisa lang ang feed or source, eh pinagcocompare pa nila kung aling network ang mas maraming nanood. Jusko! Network war is really worse than ever! Getting dirty competition on Philippine TV! Ni hindi nga sila nagkakasundo sa digital TV transition sa Pinas, yan ba kaya?

      • Exactly. Miss Universe was among the most talked-about events last Monday, yet some networks insist that they still show ratings to prove that they’re better than everyone else. Money is everything for these networks now.

  12. doesn'tcare says:

    And yesterday, I saw GMA’s plug during first commercial of EB, at yumayabang parin talaga ‘tong GMA nang nagpakita sila ng ratings at sinasabi nila na #1 daw sila nationwide. Pati nga voiceover nila eh ang yabang din eh


    • Al Torres isn’t even highly recognizable to GMA fans. Buti pa si Peter Musngi nagpapakilala sa mga Kapamilya fans, pero si Al Torres laging patago. The voice of GMA is really a coward.

      • doesn'tcare says:

        Ou nga eh… I observe that GMA is no stranger to be mayabang even in the past during early 90s when they had shown trophies, awards from local (particularly Star Awards for TV) and international award-winning bodies (mostly from Peabody). Naging aggressive sila nung mid-2000s after they changed from being Rainbow network into Kapuso network.

        I wonder kung sinasabi nila na #1 daw sila sa TV ratings, eh bakit sa paggawa ng movies nila from GMA Films eh ni isa wala sila ginawa (minsan pa puro co-produced from other film outfits) compared to Star Cinema which is making more movies almost every month either box-office or not (at least kumikita)?

      • It really goes to show how poor GMA’s investments are. GMA Films is more or less a derelict division with no direction whatsoever, because they’re simply on and off when it comes to producing films. The lack of cash flow and poor box office returns is affecting that outfit.

        What’s worse is that none of GMA Films’ classics are shown on Cinema One (obviously an ABS-CBN affiliate) and PBO (an affiliate of former ally Viva). No one is really respecting GMA’s film work these days.

      • Especially since most of GMA’s film work have flopped. No one really respects their classics nowadays (e.g. Let the Love Begin, My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend, Sosy Problems, Basement, Tween Academy, Till I Met You).

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m sorry if this comment is more than a year late, but I saw a video of Torres being featured on KMJS, and it mentioned that a few years ago he and his family migrated to Canada, so he only does his voiceovers through the net. So that could be a factor as to why he’s not as visible as Musngi.

    • iHeartYouPo says:

      As usual mayabang pa rin ang GMA. Madalas nila binubuyangyang ang ratings nila na pinapaniwalaan ng mga tao. Palagay ko ginagawa nila yun to attract more investors and buyer/s. Sasabihin nila sa lahat na #1 sila para nga makaattract ng buyer lalo na’t for sale ang GMA uli. Pag narinig yun ng mga viewers nila, syempre ang iisipin nila #1 ang gma kasi pinakita nila yung ratings nila at dapat lang ipagmalaki yun. Sasabihin pa nila bakit di rin gawin yun ng ABS, tutal naman #1 sila sa kantar? pero kahit di gayahin ng abs ang ginagawa ng gma so far eh nakaka-attract sila ng mga investors at maraming mga companies ang nakikipagpartner sa kanila.

      • Regarding ABS, ratings is only secondary to long-term plans. Yes No. 1 talaga sila, but what’s the point if you don’t plan ahead for the future? This is exactly what GMA doesn’t realize. Wala talaga silang long-term, puro short-term lang.

      • Come to think of it, somebody should acquire the rights to Jose Rizal and Muro-Ami, both starring Cesar Montano. With increasing irrelevance to GMA’s film division, people tend to forget those two classics that put them on the map in the first place.

        Rival Star Cinema could give the two films a little help through digital restoration, then air it on ABS-CBN like all other classic films from other outfits. It won’t make sense if GMA keeps the rights to the two films now that they’re lagging behind Star Cinema when it comes to consistently successful filmmaking.

  13. iHeartYouPo says:

    Naging mabenta lang naman ang mga movies ng GMA nung panahon ng ChardGel, almost nakaka 200m pa nga sila that time eh pero nawala lang yun nung umalis si Angel at lumipat sa ABS. Nung si Marian na ang nagreyna sa GMA at ginawan siya ng pelikula,ayon Flop. Maski yung saJuliElmo noon na 6m lang ang kinita (Buti na lang meron pang mas mababa doon as of now which is EK10) Kaya yung GMA ngayon nakiki-co produce na lang sila sa regal o sa movie firm nila vic sotto,

    Tsaka kung naging aggressive sila nung mid-2000s kasi nga sila yung nasa top that time dahil na rin sa Mulawin, Encantadia or in short, nung may ChardGel pa. pero nung mga 2007 to 2008 nawala nayun, bumalik na uli sa ABS yung suporta ng mga tao. Tsaka pumatok man ang Marimar nila Marian noon pero di tulad ng pagtangkilik nila noon sa mga teleseryes ni Angel.

    • GMA really wanted Angel Locsin to be their franchise player. Kaso GMA did not renew her contract as soon as it expired, and once she moved to ABS, they were never the same. The messy divorce was just the beginning of GMA’s issues regarding their artists.

      Kung inalagaan nila ng mabuti si Angel, the transfer would not have happened. Still, Angel’s departure was only secondary to the long-term financial damage that GMA incurred in the years since.

      • iHeartYouPo says:

        Actually gusto pa ng GMA na magstay pa si Angel sa kanila. kaya nga inoffer sa kanya ang Marimar role before eh, pero tinanggihan niya (kaya napunta kay Marian), Titriplehin ang TF niya tinanggihan pa rin ni Angel. Kung tutuusin sikat naman si Angel noon sa GMA eh, marahil napagod at nagsawa na sa buhay na taun-taon na lang may ginagawang teleserye. Biruin niyo ba naman 2004-Mulawin with Richard Gutierrez, 2005-Darna with Dennis Trillo, 2006-Majika with Dennis Trillo pa din, 2007-Asian Treasures with Robin Padilla Kung mapapansin niyo, wala man lang siyang pahinga sa paggawa ng mga tv shows. kumbaga pinapagod siya. inaabuso ng gma ang kasikatan niya that time. dahil doon nawawalan na siya ng time sa sarili at sa pamilya niya. Yun yung rason kaya mas pinili ni ANgel ang ABS kesa sa GMA.

      • Come to think of it, GMA’s inability to produce new stars each year may have also played a factor. Kaya at times they’re too overly dependent on their veterans imbes na i-hand over sa mga bagito. There’s just no continuity here.

  14. I am Kapamilya fan, pero mas kapani-paniwala sa akin ang AGB kaysa sa Kantar kasi:
    1. Sa Kantar, sa kada buwan nilang resulta, di pa nananalo ang GMA doon, di tulad sa AGB , patas na nananalo ang GMA at ABS CBN sa AGB.
    2. May di rin ako kapani- paniwala sa kantar, bihira lang manalo ang wowowin sa kantar, pero ang minute to win it na nakakasawa na sa akin panoorin at puro artista ang naglalaro, lagi pa rin ito panalo sa Kantar.
    3. Noong may entertainment shows pa dati ang TV5, bihirang bihira itomakaabot sa higit10% ang ratings nito sa Kantar kumpara sa AGB.
    4. Sabi nga natin na walang rural ang agb at may kakayahan naman makapamili sa mga patalastas, ang Urban TV ratings talaga ang pinakamahalaga kaysa sa rural dahil iba ang antas ng buhas ng tao doon , pero ang iba ay hindi at malayo sila sa commercial centres, halimbawa na lang patalastas ng jollibee, malayo pa ang lalakbayin nila bago makapunta doon.

    Tama ka naman, hindi talaga no. 1 ang GMA sa ganoong mga dahilan, pero kahit marami silang problema sa mga nabanggit mo sa itaas, mananatili pa rin sila matatag sa ratings ( kung kaya pa nila) at sila pa rin ang pinakamahigpit na kalaban ng ABS CBN.

    • Regarding No. 4, I disagree. Rural is just as important, and GMA’s disregard for this area is bogging them down. If you recall, they shut down many of their regional networks because they can’t keep up with ABS, and that’s just one of the reasons why they’ll never be equal to ABS as far as capability to win is concerned.

    • iHeartYouPo says:

      Yung sa #1, di ako agree. kasi may times naman na mataas rin ang GMA shows sa Kantar, take note nung pilot week ng MTB, mas mataas ang ratings nila compared sa TIMY, at mas nagrerate ang mga animes ng GMA. Lalong-lalo na pag may PacMan fights.

      sa #2, i think kaya mas nagrerate ang MTWI kesa sa Wowowin kasi nga mas pinapanood talaga ang MTWI di lang sa urban,pati sa rural din. Compared sa wowowin na kung nagrate nga, sa urban lang naman. Tsaka wala namang bago kasi sa wowowin eh, yung mga ganap dun nakita na yan sa wowowee at willing willie before.

      Ako rin, disagree ako sa #4. Importante din ang rural areas. Kung sa urban lang malakas, papano masasabi na #1 ang isang network?, Take note hindi naman 100% urban ang Pilipinas.

      Kaya di ako naniwala sa AGB kasi nga sa Urban areas lang sila nakafocus kesyo yung mga taga roon lang ang may purchasing power, tsaka yung karamihan sa mga panels nila nasa urban areas lang. compared sa kantar na kung gaano karami ang Panel homes sa urban, ganon din ang sa rural.

      • With MTWI moving to a new timeslot though, Wowowin could take advantage. ABS’ 5:00 p.m. slot has been very vulnerable dahil sa mga regional versions ng TV Patrol. Dahil doon, not all areas will receive MTWI which will play a huge factor in its ratings.

        As for No. 1, GMA may be doing well with animes, pero it is clear na napapagod na rin sila. Madalas-dalas na rin kasi silang nagre-replay ng anime (e.g. Ghost Fighter, Dragon Ball), and over time, interest wanes. Nowadays, isang oras na lang ang anime block nila at mas marami pang cuts dahil kailangang ipagkasya ang tatlong anime sa isang oras. Eventually they’ll have to stop, in the same way that ABS has since stopped airing animes due to lack of interest.

      • Tingnan mo sa paramihan ng naniniwalang advertsers at tv subscribers, AGB ang maspinapaniwalaan pero sa Kantar, 1 major network ang nakasubscribe.

      • AGB may claim to be more trusted and have more subscribers but they have fewer coverage areas due to their reliance on urban subscribers. That’s the obvious difference. It’s a shame that many trust AGB without realizing its smaller scope.

    • ABS-CBN also does that but during newscasts only. GMA’s excessive airing of ratings results is just too much, not to mention their constant manipulation of results from AGB Nielsen.

  15. Ralph, what’s your opinion on stars transferring from ABS-CBN to GMA (e.g. Atom Araullo, Eliza Pineda, Jason Abalos)? They really don’t care if their beloved network is struggling and suffering from financial woes.

      • Jake J. says:

        Mr. Cerin, why bother asking this blog’s owner about his opinion on your comments? You shouldn’t have worried about that, for Ralph will get back to you soon.

      • Also, it would be best if you use just one name instead of two. Using two different names might give people the illusion that you’re a poser and an impostor. If I were you, just use Lorenzo Kiel for all your comments.

        And since you insist to be impatient while waiting for my response, I will not answer your question. That’s my first warning to you.

  16. Jared says:

    Late reply, pero seriously. Why can’t both Kantar Media and AGB Nielsen merge together? Para gawing isang TV ratings system na ang Pilipinas at itigil na ang kayabangan ng GMA.

    • Much like network wars, meron ding ratings war. May sari-sarili silang pamamaraan. If GMA keeps trusting on AGB so be it. Bahala sila. Pero at the end of the day hindi naman ratings ang pinakaimportante. It is on how the two networks manage their businesses well.

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