22 thoughts on “Aksyon sa Tanghali’s Biggest Weakness

  1. Alarming and failing nga talaga. It would be better to end it and create a temporary extension of Movie Max 5 before it gets worse. But then — who am I kidding — Chot and Luchi have luga in their ears from hearing grievances and criticisms.

    That aside, it seems you devote so much on the Big 3 that you left out CNN Philippines’ Balitaan in the introduction and that’s worth watching than AsT because it has the least sensationalism in delivering the language.

    • To be honest, if CNNPH is an actual multiplatform TV station w/ entertainment and sports programs complementing news, they would’ve qualified. But they’re not. However, they do deserve an honorable mention because of how their Tagalized newscasts are way different from the more tabloid-style newscasts of the Big Three.

      As for Aksyon sa Tanghali, this is one newscast worth blowing up. If only Miguel Belmonte can take over News5 and relegate LCV to just anchoring Aksyon Prime and ReAksyon.

  2. Jason says:

    I think the possible solution for that is to revive T3 again.
    As for Aksyon Sa Tanghali,cut its airtime from 1 hour to 45 minutes or even 30.And give Raffy a partner(maybe Maricel Halili or Roices Naguit) so the show won’t be that one-sided.Replace Hula-Who(what is this a game show?!) with a segment that’s more informative(hell replace it with Kwentanong or Word Of The Lourd).

    • However, Ben already has Kilos Pronto with Alex Santos. Any reunion with his brothers now will be impossible. Best case scenario is to move Wanted sa Radyo to noontime and relieve Raffy off Aksyon sa Tanghali so that he can just focus on his radio show.

      Aksyon sa Tanghali might go the solo female anchor route since they lack men who qualify for the chair. If CNNPH is doing well just by featuring females as solo anchors, why not TV5.

      • Jason says:

        Or they could do T2:Tutok Tulfo with Erwin and Raffy. As for your two suggestions that’s another story.
        Radyo5’s schedule really needs a shakeup(one suggestion that I have is to have a Sports5 Center radio edition that will run before every PBA game).
        As for those female anchors,it will likely take sometime to happen since they need to have to get more personnel first as they have lost a lot.

      • I was not aware of that. While the original was aired at a time when TV5 was still aggressively competing with GMA and ABS, the current version doesn’t fit well with the Chot Reyes regime which stresses a more alternative approach. Kung gusto nila ng alternative, dapat gayahin nila ang style ng Balitaan or Newsroom Filipino ng CNNPH. Enough of those crime stories and complaints.

  3. Gab says:

    I also noticed na meron palang parang game show na segment ang Aksyon sa Tanghali sa bandang dulo ng programa. Such a shame.

  4. iris says:

    nagalig pa kanina si raffy tulfo on national television. pinagsabihan niya maintenance staff ng tv5 at sira raw yung aircon. haha. nakakatawa siya. ang init daw. dapat pinagsabihan nalang niya after ng program.

    • Anchors can sometimes be prone to things like that. After all tao lang sila. However, Raffy’s presence on Aksyon sa Tanghali is a joke in every sense of the word. That newscast now doesn’t even look like a newscast at all.

  5. Jason says:

    Looks like Miguel Belmonte will have a hard time convincing Raffy Tulfo to step aside during senate hearings and press conferences.

    • Considering how popular Wanted sa Radyo is since moving to Radyo5, Raffy could become the Kris Aquino of radio. For whatever reason, Wanted sa Radyo is slowly become radio’s version of Kris TV with the reputation to cut important live events.

      Moving the show to TV5 as a replacement to Aksyon sa Tanghali would’ve helped. Then again, the powers-that-be are in no mood to shake it up.

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  7. Jason says:

    Si Erwin Tulfo pala nasa PTV4 na.Kasama na yata siya sa Kilos Pronto with his brother,Ben and Alex Santos.But he is still with Radyo5 as the host of Punto Asintado.Para sa akin okay lang yun, move on na sa mga Tulfos.

    • Si Erwin matagal nang umalis sa Aksyon Prime, opting to become more of a freelancer like Ben. Si Raffy naka-kontrata pa rin sa TV5 kaya imposible ang T3 reunion at this point.

      Although, TV5 needs to do something about Raffy ruining Aksyon sa Tanghali, dahil parang extension lang ito ng Wanted sa Radyo imbes na newscast.

    • To tell you the truth dapat tinanggal na lang ng TV5 ang Aksyon sa Tanghali dahil aksaya na ito sa oras, walang kabuluhan ang format nito at apektado na rin ito ng live NFL at U.S. NCAA basketball. Saka may Wanted sa Radyo naman si Raffy so bakit pa i-extend ang kanyang ‘sumbungan’ sa isang newscast?

      • Dapat siguro i-sort out muna ng Singko ang situation nila regarding doon sa 5 at 41. Yung 5 talaga ang gagawing ESPN5, pero yung sa Aksyon TV, baka mas makakabuti na lang kung ibenta na lang nila ito sa iba. Wala na kasing silbi ito to tell you the truth.

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