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PBA on TV5’s Biggest Eyesore

This virtual Oppo logo has become a distraction to the PBA games on TV5. (Logo courtesy of Oppo)

This virtual Oppo logo has become a distraction to the PBA games on TV5. (Logo courtesy of Oppo)

The Philippine Basketball Association today is full of problems.

Whether it’s the poor attendance in games that do not involve Ginebra, or the questionable officiating that coaches regularly complain, the PBA is a league that is in hot water every so often. Heck, even television coverage of the games has been a problem in recent years.

These days, the PBA games on television are aired on TV5 and PBA Rush, employing a separate set of commentators for their respective Taglish and English broadcasts. While the games on PBA Rush are relatively free from any product placement, the same cannot be said for TV5’s broadcasts.

Much of the issue has something to do with the gigantic virtual Oppo logo popping out on the court during games. Oppo is currently the main sponsor of the PBA, but while the promotion of their products is worth noting, the visually irritating virtual logo on the court leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth.

TV5’s penchant for placing virtual logos is not limited to Oppo alone. In past years, the network has placed the Sports5 logo, followed by the team logos on each end of the court.

It should be worth noting that ABS-CBN Sports also tried to place virtual logos on the court during select NCAA basketball games last season. However they stopped placing these logos upon realizing that they are an eyesore to the league’s coverage.

Let’s face it, there is nothing wrong about promoting a particular product. However, the PBA is all about game action, and placing these virtual logos while players run up and down the court is extremely distracting.

The best that TV5 would have done is to follow the example of the ASEAN Basketball League. Every ABL team’s home court features an AirAsia (ABL’s main sponsor) sticker being placed on the court, and this feature gives the league a chance to showcase the game without any distraction from the television screen.

Even the NBA also follow the ABL’s example, as some teams place stickers of advertisements on the court. That said, the PBA should take a good look at it and convince TV5 to do the same thing without straying away from the game.

The PBA should be about the game and how the fans buy into it. Anything distracting could spell disaster for the league.


17 thoughts on “PBA on TV5’s Biggest Eyesore

  1. Imagine if FOX will does the same thing TV5 did to Super Bowl LI between Atlanta Falcons & New England Patriots in their field in NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on Sunday (Monday local time). Of course, it’ll be an eyesore.

    Speaking of Super Bowl, I heard ABS-CBN S+A will cover the Big Game but I kinda doubt that first-time experiment. I account the following factors, aside from the sports mindset:

    1. NBA. During the Big Day, their season games are held in the afternoon instead of the usual evening. That translates to early morning here, which is inconvenient both for the broadcaster and the fans. In the past editions, during that football game play, they broadcast such matches to alleviate the drawback.

    2. The time. Super Bowl usually lasts about four hours, inclusive of Lady Gaga-led halftime show. Heck, I’m giving a benefit of a doubt if they cut it for our local analysis. Also, I’m not surprised for their tape delay thanks to NBA (priority).

    3. Local announcers. I don’t think TJ Manotoc or any local sportscaster will fit to this very well. Better keep the US commentators (Joe Buck and Troy Aikman) intact.

    • Actually, Sports Illustrated Asia, whom S+A will pick up the Super Bowl, will not carry the FOX U.S. broadcast. Instead they will use the NFL Network International feed.

      Anyway, NFL games usually have graphics on the field that illustrate the number of downs and yards to go for the offensive team. That’s important and not distracting. Virtual ads are a different story though, which is a troubling sight whenever people watch the PBA games.

      • doesn'tcare says:

        Earlier I was able to watch Super Bowl LI thru live streaming on S+A website although it’s better for me to watch thru FOX on live streaming. I don’t know if this was also shown on free TV or just cable only (via its HD channel) since the majority of Filipinos don’t have any interest on American football.

        And speaking of SB, ‘tong Atlanta Falcons naging Nalanta sa 4th quarter! Hahaha nahawa na sila sa Golden State Warriors dahil na-choke sila at na-blew 28-3 lead! BTW, congrats to New England Patriots, the 5x Super Bowl Champs.

      • Super Bowl was shown on S+A channel 23, however it is sourced from the Sports Illustrated Asia channel which has the NFL rights in the country. Many were mostly interested in the halftime show than the game itself although the game was epic.

        Still, it could take time before Filipinos will gain some interest in the game of American football. Right now, the typical Filipino sports fan is more interested in basketball, volleyball and soccer.

  2. Gab says:

    Suggestion: Why not use again the team logos or the Sports5 logo on the virtual flooring? Ito kasi ang logo ng OPPO nakakasakit sa mata eh

    • If I were the PBA, dapat yung sticker na lang ng Oppo ang idikit sa court. Kagaya ngayon sa NBA at ABL, their sponsors are taped on the court. However, dapat mas maliit ng konti ang Oppo logo to make it less distracting.

      To be honest, TV5 is seriously trying to gain attention with this stunt. Kaso with the PBA not attracting as much sponsors as before, that’s not going to help.

      • No wonder. Mas popular pa ngayon ang local college hoops (thanks to ABS-CBN) at NBA kaysa sa PBA. Nakakahiya naman.

        The only to change things at PBA is to get rid of old school 80s rules. 2017 na ngayon, hindi 1980s.

      • Also, if they want to get the attention of advertisers more, they should get rid of the shorter LED panel at the scorer’s table in favor of the longer ones we see in the UAAP and NCAA games. Kasi based on what we see now, the presentation of the games is very inconsistent. Games in Metro Manila, Antipolo and Binan have the benches positioned on top of the court facing the main TV camera, pero in provincial games, nasa ibaba naman ito. And deciding whether to call a full or 30 second timeout shouldn’t take long, perhaps after 5 seconds dapat idecide na ng mga coaches kung anong timeout ang gagamitin.

        Overall, the PBA’s inconsistency in game play, presentation and marketing is driving many fans away. Kaya hanggang Ginebra na lang ang patutunguhan ng PBA because of these issues.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        No wonder that ABS-CBN will always will be a gold standard when it comes to sports broadcast. Though TV5 have huge sport properties, they have a lot of catching up.

    • doesn'tcare says:

      For me, it’s better na alisin nalang yung virtual flooring… nakakadistract lang at saka may OPPO logo na sa score bug nila, redundant?

      And another thing, yung mga ads na nilalagay nila sa TV screen during the coverage eh natatakpan yung score bug within few seconds, nakakairita parang nung mga laban ni Pacquiao over GMA. Sports5 should solve these things.

      • Well, the ads that cover the score bug isn’t Sports5’s fault. Kahit yung ABS-CBN Sports ginagawa rin ito during the UAAP. What we’re really concerned about is the Oppo ads on the court. Kung ginawang sticker na lang ito at nilagay isang bakanteng space sa court, it would’ve helped.

  3. Jason says:

    Napanood ko lang yung Mahindra vs Meralco game yesterday at gamit pa rin nila yung virtual advertisement para sa OPPO.Sana lang gawing court sticker na lang.Nagiging major sponsor naman na nila ang OPPO with PBA and the upcoming PNTM.

    • They just added a new virtual court sponsor in Daikin, na mas maliit kesa sa mga dambuhalang Oppo ads na yan. Either way, TV5 should’ve learned their lesson well. It’s too bad that they’re going the cheap route without taking advice to sound viewers like us.

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