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Case Solved Adds to GMA’s Saturday Afternoon Madness

It is safe to say that GMA’s Saturday afternoon lineup is an absolute mess.

Since ‘Startalk’ left the airwaves nearly two years ago, three successor shows have tried to fill the void that the former left. Unfortunately, neither ‘CelebriTV’, ‘Laff Camera Action’ nor ‘#Like’ were able to make an impact.

To make matters worse, the block now features three shows that appear indistinguishable from one another. ‘Karelasyon’, ‘Wish Ko Lang’ and ‘Imbestigador’ may be different shows in name, but their formats are way too similar to each other, especially now that the latter two employ greater amounts of dramatization than before.

Now add a fourth show with a similar premise. Starting this Saturday, GMA will introduce the docu-drama series ‘Case Solved’, to be hosted by Dingdong Dantes.

Here is an excerpt from the GMA Network Public Relations Department:

Case Solved features sensational and controversial real-life cases ranging from nonaggressive to violent circumstance derived from Philippines’ Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA) handled by the country’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Philippine National Police (PNP), International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), judicial agencies like the Department of Justice (DOJ), Supreme Court and Bureau of Corrections. More than presenting how the crime is committed, it further explains how the crime is solved.

Hosted by none other than Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes, this program presents solved cases that will empower and educate the viewers in predicting the probability of a crime before it occurs.

Let’s face it, does GMA need another ‘Imbestigador’ at this point? Because based on the description, ‘Case Solved’ is just another crime-solving program that GMA concocted, even though they already have one in ‘Imbestigador’.

That said, the addition of ‘Case Solved’ does not solve anything as far as their Saturday afternoon lineup goes. The lack of diversity in the block is something that might concern viewers, especially now that ABS-CBN is pulling away in the ratings with ‘Ipaglaban Mo’, ‘SOCO’, ‘Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan’ and ‘Family Feud’.

A moral victory or disaster awaits ‘Case Solved’. GMA can only hope that the show can defy the odds and at least make their block more interesting than ever.

‘Case Solved’ airs starting this Saturday after ‘Eat Bulaga’ on GMA.


22 thoughts on “Case Solved Adds to GMA’s Saturday Afternoon Madness

  1. iHeartYouPo says:

    Mukhang gagayahin ng case solved yung ipaglaban mo. Tsaka akala ko ba after ARH si DIngdong muna ang mag-aalaga sa anak nila habang si Marian naman ay gagawa ng teleserye sa GMA?

    • I really don’t understand Dingdong’s priorities at this point. Parang work pa rin over family ang iniisip niya.

      As for Case Solved, I don’t think it will copy Ipaglaban Mo since the latter is more on drama than documentary. Parang mas hawig ito sa SOCO, but with the addition of celebrity dramatization.

      • iHeartYouPo says:

        kaya ko nasabi yun kasi yung sa CC eh kasi sabi itatackle nila yung mga cases na nadesisyunan ng RTCs at NBI. At parang mala-IM yung CC dahil may celebrity dramatization

      • For all intents and purposes, Case Solved should’ve not been produced considering they already have Imbestigador, Karelasyon and Alisto. GMA should’ve used the time to air People vs. the Stars on Saturdays as well. Because as it stands, no match ngayon ang Imbestigador against Family Feud.

  2. A doppelganger show though; it’s time for GMA to workshop other artist who are capable on hosting regarding Dingdong is need to be rest or to take care of his daughter during vacant time to prevent overfatigue.

    • Well, Alyas Robin Hood is about to end this week so Dingdong should have no problem attending to his daughter’s needs at this point. It is probable that he started hosting Case Solved after taping his last episodes for ARH.

      Still, GMA doesn’t need this show. There’s just too many investigative shows for them.

  3. Ralph, i would suggest that the news reporter, whether veteran or not will host this show because logically, they have the knowledge in terms of current events just like the counterparts of channel 2 (Atty. Jose and Jopet Sison of IM, whose know about legal issues and criminology, and then Gus Abelgas of SOCO, who reports all about crime and police matters on TV Patrol). I’m talking about the compatibility and the knowledge who can host the show.

    • Like I said, GMA doesn’t need Case Solved since they already have Imbestigador and Alisto for those things. They should’ve given the vacant timeslot to People vs. the Stars instead.

      If they insist on producing more investigative shows, better move those to News TV. But it’s best for them to not overemphasize dramatizations.

  4. Mas okay ang dramatization nito kasi walang mga artista, mga mahahalagang eksena lang din ang dinramatize. Mas may focus sa mga interviews tungkol sa mga nangyari sa kaso. Kaso, entertainment tv ang may hawak kaya di ganun kaganda ang cinematography ng dramatizations at yung on-screen graphics mediocre lang kumpara sa GMA public affair produced na current affair programs.

      • Experimenting. Nag-click kasi yung mga “out of their department’s comfort zone” programs ng Public Affairs gaya ng Karelasyon, Wagas, Bayan Ko, etc. kaya eto si ETV susubukan naman gumawa ng current affairs program. Ewan. Basta kasi GMA laging nag-e-experiment.

      • Experiment pa more. Ang GMA News nga, gumagawa ng entertainment programs like To The Top at Dangwa, habang Case Closed naman ang regalo ng GMA Entertainment sa GMA News.

        Ewan ko kung ano na ang nangyayari sa GMA ngayon. Just fire Rasonable and Gozon should sell GMA.

      • No wonder ABS-CBN is the more trusted network according to Reader’s Digest. Magulo lang talaga ang pamamalakad ng GMA, and the viewers totally despise their antics.

  5. Patrick Star says:

    If I were to GMA, they should revive youth-oriented programs like “Click” on Saturday afternoons. This formula worked well during the early 2000’s, and I guess it will also for today’s youth. ‘Yun tipong wholesome pero makaka-relate ang mga kabataan.

    • Problem is, where will GMA go as far as young stars are concerned? Their Artist Center doesn’t even possess bankable young teenage stars at this point. Besides, youth-oriented shows no longer work in the social media age.

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