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The Final Week of Alyas Robin Hood

‘Alyas Robin Hood’ is coming to a close.

Friday, February 24, will be the show’s final episode, and for those who stuck with ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ throughout its run, they will have plenty of stories to tell for this hooded hero. However, it was not all smooth sailing for this GMA action-drama series.

Just weeks before its premiere, many doubted ‘Alyas Robin Hood’, particularly its similarities to another Robin Hood-inspired character ‘Arrow’. Though creative head Suzette Doctolero tried her best to differentiate the two, it was clear from the beginning that the criticisms surrounding ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ would linger on during its run.

‘Alyas Robin Hood’ premiered on September 19, and was pitted against another newcomer in ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’. Though the latter’s subpar ratings did alarm ABS-CBN for a while, the former failed to take advantage, at best closing to within 1% of ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’.

The series also failed to get past ‘A Love to Last’ (during its brief two-week run at the second slot) and ‘My Dear Heart’ despite getting decent ratings of 20% or better. Overall, even with a total of 115 episodes and strong hype over the controversy, ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ still fell short of expectations.

The fact is, the superhero genre that GMA advocated in ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ no longer works in today’s primetime scene. Many prefer the more realistic and inspiring plots that ABS-CBN produces in series such as ‘Ang Probinsyano’ and ‘My Dear Heart’ rather than the fantasy leanings of ‘Encantadia’ and ‘Alyas Robin Hood’.

It also puts into question GMA’s casting choices. Let’s face it, Dingdong Dantes is in a starring role for way too long and should’ve given way to younger talent, but as it turns out, GMA wanted him because there is no other capable actor who can portray the lead role in ‘Alyas Robin Hood’.

And while Megan Young and Andrea Torres are worthy supporting actors in this series due to their youth, giving them a younger male lead would’ve helped ‘Alyas Robin Hood’. In the end, GMA made a grave mistake by putting over an actor with over a decade of service as a leading man, thus continuing a path of overusing veterans.

Come this Friday, ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ will be in a fight of his life. But whether or not it will make a lasting impression at the end remains to be seen.


7 thoughts on “The Final Week of Alyas Robin Hood

  1. It will be hard not to get Dingdong since he is the creative consultant behind the series and also one of the producers of the show. Same with his new show case solved. That’s the deal he has with GMA.

    • Basically, he’s doing what Kris Aquino once did during her time with ABS-CBN: he controls his own show. Inevitably speaking, he could become a de facto blocktimer within his own station.

      • Yes, also with Coco Martin, John Lloyd, Judy Ann, Vice Ganda and other big stars. Nung big star pa si Robin gnun din ang contract nya sa GMA kaya lang madaming nagreklamong production staff sa teleserye nyang Joaquin Bordado. Its one way to protect the network na rin, since big stars have more equity on their own brand of work, kpag nagfail ang show at naapektuhan ang tf nila o kasikatan nila, walang pananagutan ang network

      • I call it ‘ironclads’ due to the enormous power given to them. Mas notorious talaga si Kris Aquino dahil lagi siyang kinainisan ng mga NBA at anime fans noong umeere pa ang Kris TV, owing to the so-called ‘power’ manifested in her to keep airing her show without restrictions.

      • ABS has a deeper talent pool compared to GMA, thanks to their secret weapon Johnny Manahan. GMA has had a notorious history of talent development kaya laging talo sa ratings.

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