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Can AlDub Rule Primetime with Destined to Be Yours?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza’s biggest test lies ahead.

After spending over a year captivating viewers with their spontaneous ‘kilig’ and acting skills on ‘Eat Bulaga”s Kalyeserye, the popular love team now moves over to primetime for a new challenge. As a reward to their enduring success, GMA and APT Entertainment gave Alden and Maine a new project in hopes of conquering a new audience.

Enter ‘Destined to Be Yours’, the upcoming drama series which will air later tonight on GMA Telebabad. It will be Alden’s first lead primetime series since the ill-fated mini-drama ‘Ilustrado’, while it will be the first for the still-relative newcomer Maine.

In ‘Destined to Be Yours’, Benjie (Alden) is an up-and-coming architect who spearheads a construction project in the mountainous area of Pelangi. As fate would have it, he meets Sinag (Maine), a radio jock in the province, and the two soon fell in love with each other.

However, their philosophical differences would soon get in the way of their relationship. That said, it will be up to them to sort their issues and find true love within their hearts.

‘Destined to Be Yours’ will also star Janice de Belen, Boots Anson Roa, Lotlot de Leon, Gardo Versoza, Tommy Abuel, ina Feleo, Ronnie Henares, Sheena Halili, Dominic Roco, Juancho Trivino, RJ Padilla, and Koreen Medina. It will be directed by Irene Villamor.

While Alden and Maine have established themselves as a love team to be reckoned with, conquering primetime will not be easy for the two. The dominance of ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida, in particular, has taken its toll on GMA Telebabad, and for the network, giving AlDub a teleserye of their own could be the block’s last chance at survival.

It will also be interesting to see if AlDub on primetime can win over netizens on social media. Considering how highly successful ABS-CBN is in drawing millions of tweets for their shows, GMA will definitely have their hands full trying to make an impact online with AlDub’s newest series.

As AlDub takes over GMA Telebabad, it remains to be seen if their overwhelming success on noontime will translate over to primetime. With high expectations mounting, GMA can only hope that Alden and Maine will deliver and reverse course for the seemingly moribund Telebabad block.

‘Destined to Be Yours’ airs weeknights after ‘Encantadia’ on GMA Telebabad.


73 thoughts on “Can AlDub Rule Primetime with Destined to Be Yours?

  1. ABSCBN played it smart when they decided to air My Dear Heart than Kim Chiu serye on the second slot. MDH has a different flavor than a kiligserye hence it wont be competing directly with the audience bracket of AlDub. ABS might also learned well after JaDine’s TIMY not so well performance which cater especially to millenials, it can also be said that AlDub’s crowd are millenials, with difficulty reaching home on time and without a video platform such as iWanTV, AlDub has a steep hill to climb.

    • Indeed. iWanTV helped KathNiel, LizQuen and JaDine reach a new audience. GMA doesn’t have a counterpart streaming service, which won’t help AlDub reach their potential.

      • Unfortunately, HOOQ is only a mere partner of GMA unlike iWanTV which is operated solely by ABS-CBN. Hence it still won’t help since GMA will only get a partial sum from it.

      • GMA will need to have a deal with HOOQ to air their series, that’s the difference. The investment on iWanTV is paying off, also on ABSCBN Mobile now that its fully acknowledge as part of Globe’s Tri Net service. Going back to DTBY is direct competitor MDH appeals to a different set of audience, so as far as diversity goes, its a smart move since there are no ready shows yet for KN LQ and JD (AlDubs counterpart) as of this moment.

      • Even so, DTBY is still in a tough position considering how dominant ABS is on primetime regardless of the declining ratings performance they’re enduring lately (AP only averages around 37% of late, MDH going around 27%).

      • Even with the HD cameras, they insist na gawing 4:3 via pan-and-scan just to eliminate the letterboxes. Not a good idea considering how wider the coverage area HD is.

      • Buti pa ang Maynila at Trops naka-letterbox na. Medyo maganda pa naman ang shots netong DTBY sa grassland na pinag-taping-an nila kaso nabalewala kasi hindi nakita ng buo. Nagpa-survey daw kasi noon ang GMA sa mga viewers (kasama yata pati mga non-Kapuso) tapos ayun, mas gusto daw na walang “black lines”. Yun lang ang dahilan ng hindi nila pag-progress. Nagpahawak sa gusto ng masa. Nadamay pa pati public affairs programs na naka-letterbox noon pero halos lahat balik-4:3 na

      • That’s even worse. If GMA insists on continuing this practice of pan-and-scan 4:3, baka malabuan na ang kuha nito once it goes digital.

        That said, it’s now or never for them to adopt the letterboxed 16:9 format that ABS currently uses, kasi they could fall behind further if they insist on this format.

  2. It will be the tandem’s benefit but not other artist if there is favoritism occurs. The acting and the longevity of chemistry from them will be tested and the expectation from the bosses of GMA although Alden has develop his acting skill.

  3. Vince says:

    Tbh akala ko lalampasuhin nito yung MDH pero wala. Gaya nang Jadines, puro twitter tards lang talaga ang mga yan. Walang appeal sa casual viewers. 20.2 lang ang nakuha. Mas malakas pa yung kay Dingdong

    • Then again hindi kasama ang mga OFW na nanood through GMA Pinoy TV. What Kantar only posted is for the entire Philippines, not including Pinoy viewers scattered around the world.

      Same for JaDine, LizQuen and KathNiel dramas. Also, data via online and mobile sites such as iWanTV or HOOQ doesn’t include in either Kantar or AGB Nielsen’s computations; hanggang TV sets lang sila.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        In short, wala pa tayong rating system for streaming sites which is needed to check if more people stream one show vs the competitor.

      • Exactly. Unlike Billboard which has adapted to the era of streaming, our ratings system hasn’t adopted to online streaming services. It will definitely take a while before it gets accepted.

      • Vince says:

        Sorry pero uunti pa rin sa Pinas ang gumgamit niyan unlike sa US. Ang mga simpleng tao gaya ni Mang Kanor or ALing Beba wala pakialam diyan. Mas importante pa yung maibenta ang shows sa ibang bansa. Or pwede gayahin ng ABS yung ginawa ng CW sa US, yung may Netflix deal sila sa lahat ng shows nila. Bulk ang pag benta so lahat ng shows mapapakinabangan.

      • Rei says:

        How can it be more national when AGB has more than 900 panels (for combined rural and urban area) than kantar? Clearly, AGB’s data is more representative of the Philippines. Plus the fact that ABS is the only mainstream TV station that subscribe to Kantar.. sa palagay mo ba iddisappoint nila ang “only” client nila.. haha!

      • AGB did not include the rural Luzon and VisMin, it is clear that only selected areas, and don’t forget the controversy and the issue behind it (according to LA Times website if I’m not mistaken). So don’t be complacent as if GMA winning only Mega Manila and Urban Luzon but not Rural Luzon and VisMin, at least Kantar has more reliable results for now because of the wider coverage.

      • And to think that GMA is a troubled company overall is an understatement. If I were you Rei, just accept the fact that GMA is weak. Not even their trust at AGB Nielsen will help them.

      • Rei says:

        Cyber theres a thing called NUTAM where luzon, vismin is included.. you might want to check it out..

        Ralph, then again, we are not talking about the networks right? Because if you argue against AGB with GMA’s weakness, thats not logically correct.. what im saying is, comparing AGB and Kantar, AGB is a clear step ahead..

      • NUTAM only includes urban areas, which still doesn’t solve GMA’s problems. Admit it, GMA can never be successful if their ‘trusted’ ratings firm only focuses on urban areas. For realization’s sake, the rural areas do watch TV and have purchasing power as well, which is what Kantar is focusing as well alongside the urban areas.

        I don’t think AGB is a step ahead considering their exclusivity on urban areas. The fact is, with GMA clearly having a lot of problems, Kantar seems to be the more trusted of the two.

      • They may not, but still, rural areas can see ads on TV and buy those products at sari-sari stores and mini-groceries. That’s what happens when a firm doesn’t trust one particular sector of society, all because of the notion that only urban areas have purchasing power.

    • Rei says:

      Twitter tards???? Lets see, more than 500M box office return, sold out products mags left and right, a handful of endorsements and an upxoming concenrt in US.. all because of twitter tards, so yeah.. 😂😛

      • However, all of that happened during the peak of Kalyeserye. After that, Tawag ng Tanghalan came out, and promptly dethroned AlDub from its throne. AlDub can never be like KathNiel, LizQuen or JaDine if their only shining moment came during the period of Sa Tamang Panahon. Their success was not sustainable unlike those three, because ABS took care of business properly.

      • Rei says:

        What are you sayin? Their movie was shown in july 2016, way after TNT came out.. aldub has benn on the top of their game for more than 2 years, so i dont really know what youre saying..

      • The movie may have been a success, but by that point, people are getting tired of Kalyeserye’s repetitive storylines. Most of its audience are basically bandwagoners, as in those who just joined in the fun of AlDub’s success.

        I don’t expect AlDub to be as sustainable as the Kapamilya network’s Big Three love teams, because they can’t even beat ABS shows at this point.

      • Rei says:

        Again, what are you saying?? Bandwagoners?? Clearly you have no idea how big is aldub’s fanbase.

        And big three LT youre saying, they are failing.. look at the reception on TIMY, dolce, meh…

        Also, ABS teleserye also suffer from decreasing popularity due to repetitive plotlines etc.. ang probinsyano is one example and even pangako sa yo. But you cant take anything from the success of the artist jist because ot it.

      • AlDub’s fanbase used to be big, but once Kalyeserye became overly boring and repetitive, that fanbase shrunk because most are just bandwagoners. They decide to switch to Tawag ng Tanghalan once it became clear that Kalyeserye is predictable.

        And contrary to what you think, LizQuen, KathNiel and JaDine are not failing. TIMY may have been a setback, but other than that, the three of them are still in demand, all because ABS took care of them properly. Right now they’re planning for a new project so leave it at that.

        As far as repetitive plotlines go, both ABS and GMA are criticized for that. Yet the former is winning despite those criticisms, and even if the ratings slightly decline, they still beat the latter when it comes to ratings and social media impact.

      • Rei says:

        I dont know what proof you have, ratings wise, follower wise, Eat bulaga dominated Showtime clearly.. TNT doesnt even have the pulling power you so confidently say..

        And aldub is not in demand?? Oh please.. haha!! Comparing aldub vis-a-vis tothe 3LT, we can see whos on top.. di nga mapalabas ng abs nung tvc ng aldub na magkasama e.. 🙂

      • Vince says:

        Box office? Delusional!! It flopped hard. MCDO even dropped the two as the face of their ads. Bwahahahaah US concerts??? Yet they’re filming here. Delusional indeed. Fad that’s what they are. Kahit sa AGB waley. Mukhang katulong bagsak supporting roles after this.

      • I think this guy is a fantard of AlDub. Hindi niya maadmit na hanggang Kalyeserye lang ang kaya ng AlDub.

        One secret why LizQuen, JaDine and KathNiel were so consistently successful is Cathy Garcia Molina, who directed their series and films. Right now, GMA doesn’t even have someone who’s credentials are as equal as Cathy’s, kaya madalas maging flop ang mga planned love teams nila. AlDub does not have the benefit of Cathy either, which is why their popularity declined after Sa Tamang Panahon.

      • Rei says:

        Vince clearly you are a fantard.. haha! Nakakatawa ka.. dinrop sila ng McDo as endorser?? Kakabati lang nila ng happy birthday kay Maine e.. yung concert sa US sa april pa yun kaya malamang andito pa sila, alangan naman itape na ang concert tas ipalabas sa april.. labo mo! Saka flop yung movie?? Baka yung movie ng jadine sinasabi mo!

        Get your facts straight, lagi silang panalo sa AGB.. haha! Fad pa pala ngaun ang more than 2 years of being number 1.. hahaha! Ewan ko sa yo, nakakatawa ka..

      • Rei says:

        Ako pala talaga ang fantard? Baka ikaw ang this piece of shit you called blog.. pangalan mi nalang ito the fromthebuttholeofABSCBN.. hahaha! No credibility at all.. hahaha!!

      • Parang puno na ng tards ang comments section.

        I think lahat ng mga network, may pagkakamali rin. Mga network fantards ang hindi nakakaintindi dahil todo-tanggol sila sa network na kanilang tinatangkilik hanggang sa huli. Ang TV5 nga, aminadong lugi. GMA nga, puro pagmamayabang. Ang ABS nga, puro accusations ng “biased” news reporting ang nakikita mo.


    I still admire AlDub then but then, I fed up last year. I believe na meron pa ring supportive fanbase. Pero ang nakakaloka ay you’re always defensive without any valid sense of good and bad. You’re just being too butthurt to accept criticism. I understand that the rival has enormous deadly sins.

    But is this what your psyche dictates? By being permanently fixed and being indoctrinated to unconditionally bash the other as if two things exist in this sphere. That’s false dichotomy.

    Yes, I admit that there a slight side over FTT and Ralph and so is mine but we’re good collaborators. If he can’t write other things than from the mainstream; I’ll try to supply them.

    Anyway, if you can’t comment anything nice or try to beg to differ nicely, better close the tab in your browser immediately.

    P.S. I have one piece of advice, BASAHIN MO RIN ANG FINE PRINT!

    • Overheard says:

      Buti pa tong si Timow, isang matalino at may prinsipyong Aldub fan. Eh ikaw, eh hindi mo kayang tanggapin ang mga kritisimo laban sa Aldub at sa halip, batikusin mo sila? STFU

      • Well, Rei is just too dumb to admit the facts. And that’s why he’s just another butthurt fantard that we found here. Welcome to the FTT Hall of Shame, Rei.

      • I admit na AlDub bangwagoner ako, pero may katotohanan talaga ang sinasabi ng blog na ito. Ever since Showtime cleaned house last year with Tawag Ng Tanghalan and Kalyeserye getting repetitive and predictable after Sa Tamang Panahon concert in Philippine Arena last October 2015, klarong-klaro na bumawi ang Showtime after the bandwagoners switched back to Showtime after the said show’s failed attempts to beat AlDub with the introduction of Pastillas Girl (which failed miserably), this is despite Showtime broadcasting in HD at the height of the ill-fated Pastillas Girl craze.

        Sa ngayon, tanging loyal AlDub fans na lang ang tumatangkilik sa Kalyeserye, lalo na sa kanilang drama, kahit na mababa ang ratings nila sa Kantar (at kahit na nagmamayabang na naman ang GMA na panalo sila sa NUTAM).

      • Essentially, TNT killed Kalyeserye, even if the fantards think otherwise. The decline of Kalyeserye also affected AlDub’s later projects, from the movie Imagine You and Me, to their current teleserye Destined to Be Yours. That’s the problem when GMA doesn’t have managers and directors in the mold of Johnny Manahan and Cathy Garcia Molina to take care of a seemingly top love team like AlDub.

  5. Overheard says:

    Ralph, please delete my pending comment here. May pakakamali lang sa pangalan.

    And please also remove Kei in this comment section. A certified butthurt aldub, eat bulaga and kapuso fantard.

    • Simply put, hindi niya maadmit ang mga shortcomings ng AlDub, EB and GMA in general. If he wants to pollute this blog with garbage that lacked sense, we can just delist him, much like detsa, muning, Eririn and the other nuisance commenters here.

  6. Ralph, finally, this Rei is now banned. He makes a remorse that is not usually doing other blogger if he is insist. On DTBY, nakukulangan ko sa sense ng story dahil I’ll think it’s repeated.

      • Agree. Hindi niya matanggap na AlDub’s glory days are long gone, insisting that they’re still popular and a hit. Unfortunately, without someone like a Cathy Garcia Molina, AlDub can never enjoy sustained excellence that LizQuen, KathNiel and JaDine experience.

      • Ralph is a media critic. Hindi network fantard. Network fantards are way too butthurt over constructive criticism, lalo na sa kani-kanilang network. No wonder why friendly competition doesn’t exist here in the Philippines.

    • Overheard says:

      Tsk, tsk. Banned her pls. And stop worshipping them! Mas mabuting manood ng It’s Showtime kaysa sa Eat Bulaga nyo!

      • Let’s just move on. Rei is banned and any future comment from him will be deleted. Rather than closing this box, let’s foster a more healthy conversation without bitterness and fantardism.

  7. Overheard says:

    FYI: Ang FTT po ay hindi pro-ABS-CBN/GMA or anti-ABS-CBN/GMA blog. Ang mismong blogger po ay nagpapahayag lang ng saloobin sa mga nangyari sa media sa bansa. Neutral po si Ralph. May kritisismo bawat network. FYI: Ang ABS, kinukuwestyon din niya dahil sapaglahok ng celebrities sa mga game shows ni Luis Manzano at ang hindi pag-convert sa HD ng newscasts ila

      • Maine is more of a late bloomer. I think she only got serious in acting once she took on the Yaya Dub character. That’s why her inexperience is showing at this point dahil nag-start ng late ang acting career niya.

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