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In 100 Words: Alagang Kapatid Dominates TV5’s YouTube Channel

With the exception of clips from 'Alagang Kapatid', there is nothing new to see on TV5's YouTube page.

With the exception of clips from ‘Alagang Kapatid’, there is nothing new to see on TV5’s YouTube page. (Logo courtesy of TV5)

The pitiful state of TV5 goes beyond programming and operations.

Just look at the official YouTube channel of TV5. Much of their recent content is now dominated by clips of the program ‘Alagang Kapatid’, the public service program hosted by Cheryl Cosim, and not of the entertainment shows  they used to air.

Considering that 85% of TV5’s programming today is fully devoted towards foreign programs and TV shopping blocks, it is possible that they are unable to upload any of the content due to copyright reasons. The fact is, there is nothing interesting about TV5 at this point, other than the presence of the PBA and the aforementioned shows that attract a niche following.

Perhaps they should just rename the channel as ‘Alagang Kapatid Official’ since it’s all about the said program. Enough said.


4 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Alagang Kapatid Dominates TV5’s YouTube Channel

  1. Jason says:

    Kung iisipin mo News5 produced show ang Alagang Kapatid dapat sa News5everywhere account yan nakalagay eh.Ibig sabihin kung hindi nila ginawa to wala silang mapopost sila sa Youtube Channel nila.Kung ako sila yung mga past series na lang nila yung pinaglalagay nila diyan baka yun pa makakuha pa ng views(Suggestion lang naman hindi ko alam kung pwede ito).

    • The fact is, sobrang irrelevant na ang YouTube channel ng TV5. Like I said, if they want to keep posting just Alagang Kapatid videos, just rename the channel. Simple as that. Total wala na masyadong self-made entertainment shows ang TV5 so it only makes sense to change the name of the page.

      • No wonder. Even TV5’s own YouTube channel is now USELESS, like Aksyon TV before adding US TV series and Radyo5’s continued ignorance of big news events.

        Lugi na talaga ang TV5 at inamin talaga nila na lugi sila. May isang network na ayaw aminin na lugi sila at puro pagmamayabang lang ang alam (alam n’yo na ‘yan).

      • Right now, only Alagang Kapatid and ReAksyon are the only non-newscast News5 shows that produce new episodes. Puro reruns na lang ang History at Kaya. News5 is becoming all the more irrelevant, much like the parent.

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