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ABS-CBN Wins All Timeslots Last Monday According to Kantar

Not even AlDub’s much-anticipated primetime debut can stop ABS-CBN from reaching an immaculate record.

On Monday, February 27, all ABS-CBN programs defeated their respective GMA counterparts in the ratings, according to Kantar Media. This includes a rare victory for ‘Magandang Buhay’ (8.1%), as it swept all of GMA’s Astig Authority block (‘Ghost Fighter’ (5.9%), ‘Pokemon XY’ (6.7%) and ‘Bleach’ (7.3%)) and the European fantasy series ‘Wolfblood’ (6.8%).

As always, ABS-CBN’s usual suspects dominate the list, with the network continuing to prevail from late morning to late night. Six of the top ten slots belong to ABS-CBN programs, with ‘Ang Probinsyano”s 42.8% leading the way.

Even the network’s programs in the wee hours earned a victory as well. The 4:00-5:30 a.m. slot was won by ‘O Shopping’ (0.4%) and a rerun of ‘Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan’ (1 %) over ‘Reporters Notebook’ (0.9%), while the 11:45-1:00 a.m. slot was won by ‘Mission Possible’ (1.8%) and ‘O Shopping’ (0.9%) over ‘The 700 Club Asia’ (1.2%) and ‘EZ Shop’ (0.6%) respectively.

But the highlight of the day was the matchup between newcomer ‘Destined to Be Yours’ and ‘My Dear Heart’. The former, starring Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, entered the night with high expectations, and considering the duo’s popularity in the last two years, the series was poised to get off to a sizzling start.

Instead, it was fellow young star Ria Atayde who turned heads. Her debut as Margaret’s (Coney Reyes) daughter Gia helped ‘My Dear Heart’ defeat ‘Destined to Be Yours’ 29.1 to 20.2%.

And finally, two shows that are normally affected by ABS-CBN Regional’s own programming managed to beat the odds. Both ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’ (5.2%) and ‘Minute to Win It’ (14%) prevailed over ‘Unang Hirit’ (4 %) and ‘Wowowin’ (13.7%) respectively, despite getting preempted by ABS-CBN Regional morning shows and ANR-produced ‘TV Patrol’.

Overall, it was thorough domination on the part of ABS-CBN. No one knows when will this rare wire-to-wire win will take place again, but one thing is for sure: ABS-CBN continues to reign as the Philippines’ top network.


29 thoughts on “ABS-CBN Wins All Timeslots Last Monday According to Kantar

  1. Gab says:

    We have to wait if Primetime Bida’s ratings will be dominant by Monday since PBB will end and Love in the Moonlight will premiere that day

    • Mas compelling kasi ang kwento ng My Dear Heart na value-oriented. Yung Destined to Be Yours, parang continuation lang ng Kalyeserye with a different plot. It’s no wonder people were tuning AlDub out.

      • Sawa factor combined with Maine’s lack of acting experience. Loyal Kalyeserye fans ang nakatutok sa teleserye na yan. As for ratings, panalo man sila sa Nielsen (URBAN PA MORE), nakalimutan nila ang nasa rural areas na kung saan may advantage ang ABS-CBN.

    • Sorry if I deleted them all, but here’s what I thought about.

      First off, regarding Rated K, many may not like the show since you said na salbahe si Korina, pero meron ring marami na ayaw sa KMJS. Just look at it now. Two hours for a magazine show? That’s too much. Kaya naging last resort na ito ng GMA dahil wala silang pantapat sa mga sikat na reality/talent shows ng ABS.

      As for the weaknesses of ABS, madalang lang ako mag-post nito dahil malakas naman overall ang performance nila. However, they do have other weaknesses, such as their overreliance on celebrities during game shows, their overdependence on franchised shows imbes na gawang Pinoy, and their perceived bias when it comes to some news coverage. Other than that, they’re essentially formidable.

      • As for fantardism, we don’t tolerate that. Let’s face it, may mga ganoong tao na obsessed sa isang programa na minsan ay nagiging overprotective sila, to the point na napupunta sa ‘bashing’ ang usapan. Kaya ganito lagi ang ginagawa namin; if they take this bashing too far, we don’t hesitate to delete and ban them.

        Saka may sinabi ka na ‘kung gusto mong tanggalin ang lahat ng comment ko, go ahead!’ Kaya bakit ka pa bumalik rito para mag-request na ibalik ang mga nadelete mong comments? Hindi kita maintindihan.

      • Pero sobra na yung dalawang oras. Magazine shows are supposed to last for only an hour. Yung ginagawa ngayon ng GMA parang last resort na dahil hindi sila makagawa ng magandang reality or talent show. Saka wala na rin silang pantapat kay Vice Ganda tuwing Linggo dahil pumalpak rin ang mga ito. That’s why KMJS is their saving grace on Sunday nights right now.

  2. Ganito kasi yun kung bakit sinabi ko sa iyo yun? Alam ko naman yan ang ugali mo pag may commentor na nagtatanggol sa GMA. Bago kasi ako magcomment dito, pinag-aralan ko lahat ng reply mo sa kanila. Kapag napansin mo na GMA fantard siya, nagbabanta ka na i-ban mo rito. Yan ang mali sa yo “Husga kaagad”!!!

    • It’s not just me. May mga loyal followers din dito na nais ma-ban ang mga nuisance commenters dito na deemed fantard in nature. So huwag mong isisi ang lahat sa akin dahil meron ring iba na nagaagree sa akin.

    • I no longer see AGB Nielsen as a reliable source dahil sa mga obvious nitong pagkukulang. Yung system nila, they emphasis more on urban areas, particularly Metro Manila, whereas Kantar covers all urban and rural areas of the country. While GMA can claim victories on AGB Nielsen as many times as they want, it will never change the fact na marami talaga silang kahinaan. Kaya yung mga figures sa AGB Nielsen ay madalas misleading, since it does not affect GMA’s current situation.

      But that doesn’t mean na maka-ABS ako.

  3. Sabi ng mga kapamilyas; “Agbayaran” daw… Pero bakit kaya hindi nila naisip:

    1.) Kung Agbayaran ‘yan; BAKIT NATATALO ang GMA sa Abscbn?
    Dapat palagi panalo lalo na sa primetime.

    2.) Kung mali ang resulta ng tv ratings ng Nielsen, DAPAT NAGREKLAMO NA ANG IBA PANG SUBSCRIBERS.


    4.)BAKIT ABS-CBN lang ang major channel na nagtityaga sa KANTAR?

    5.) Bakit ganun ang results ng data ng Kantar mas mataas pa sa rating ng laban ni Pacquiao at Miss U ang Ang Probinsyano at iba pang programa ng

    b.) Bakit mas mataas sa Kantar ang Rated:K kaysa sa KMJS? Totoo lang po Hindi namin ramdam sa social media na number one si Korina

    c.) Bakit sa Kantar lahat na lang mataas sa ABSCBN na parang wala ng ibang channel sa Pilipinas?

    6.) Bakit lumalayo ang gap ng ratings sa Kantar pabor sa Abscbn sa tuwing may
    Pilot at farewell episode ang GMA shows?

    7.)Bakit hindi pinaplug ng ABSCBN ang Kantar results.on-air?
    Samantalang nung 90s at early 2000s nung AGB at Nielsen pa ang gamit nila
    every hour on the hour nila pinapagyabang ang Tv ratings.




    #Fact #TruthToBeTold

    • How can AGB Nielsen be trusted eh hindi naman lahat ng areas sa bansa ay sakop nila? Besides, they’re more manipulative when it comes to revealing those figures than Kantar. One day they’ll reveal Metro Manila and NUTAM, then the next day they’ll use People in TV Homes figures to unveil ratings. They’re very inconsistent to say the least.

      Saka it was ABS’ choice to subscribe to Kantar, since obvious naman ang manipulative tactics ng AGB Nielsen. In essence, despite the claims of being ‘more trusted’ and ‘having more subscribers’, AGB Nielsen is simply a foolish tool dahil hindi lahat ay sakop nila.

    • More like #AlternativeFacts and #PostTruthToBeTold, Anthony. Let’s get real, neither AGB nor Kantar are 100% reliable.

      What you say was just an opinion without delving further into evidence-based facts.

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  5. D5 says:

    I believe in AGB and ABS CBN is number 1 network because:

    1. Survey results nationwide are the main concern of the advertisers. Currently there are only two main sources of TV survey reports: AC Nielsen and Audits of Great Britain (AGB). Ratings are nationwide where the majority of consumers are situated. This includes all the provinces, cities, and municipalities of the country.
    2. Of more than 80 million Filipinos, majority of the population live outside Metro Manila, Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, and Bulacan. They are 62 million or 78% of the total Philippine population. Metro Manila, Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, and Bulacan has a population of only 18 million. (Source:Population Census)
    3. There are 13.8 million total households in the Philippines; Majority are in the provinces outside Metro Manila, Rizal, Laguna, Cavite and Bulacan. These provinces, cities, and municipalities would account to 10.05 million of the total household in the Philippine. While Metro Manila, Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, and Bulacan has 3.75 million household only. (Source:Population Census)
    4. Of the 13.8 million total Philippine households, 9.8 million have TV sets. 3.5 million TV households are in Metro Manila, Laguna, Rizal, Cavite and Bulacan area or roughly 1/3 of the total TV households in the Philippines. While the majority in the provinces would account to 6.3 million or 2/3 of the total TV household in the Philippine. (Source:Philippine Media Factbook and AC Nielsen)
    5. In the Philippines, Metro Manila has the television penetration rate (% of population with TV sets) at 96%. Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and Bulacan have a combined TV penetration rate of 93%. Luzon has an average TV penetration rate of 70%, Mindanao 63% and Visayas 60%. Metro Cebu and Metro Davao has a TV penetration rate more than the national average of 71%. Metro Cebu and Metro Davao has 90% TV penetration rate. TV penetration rate is higher in urban areas than in rural areas. (Source:Philippine Media Factbook)
    6. In the Philippines’ tv network, ABS-CBN has a 99% TV households reached in Metro Manila. GMA has 97%, RPN 95%, NBN 91%, IBC 92%, ABC 92% and Studio 23 74%. Outside Metro Manila, TV reach gradually decreases. (Source:Philippine Media Factbook)
    7. Nearly 100% of the upper class have TV sets, 94% of the middle class have TV sets and 46% of the lower class have TV sets in the country.
    8. Generally, Filipinos watch about 200 minutes of television daily. This high level of viewing is only second to Japanese viewers. Peak viewing times are between noon and 1 pm and in the prime time from 7 to 10 pm. (Source:National Statistics Office and FUNCTIONAL LITERACY, EDUCATION AND MASS MEDIA SURVEY)
    9. Metro Cebu, Metro Davao and Dagupan does not represent the viewing habits of the rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Viewing habits vary considerably from city to city. Metro Cebu (where ABS-CBN leads) does not represent the viewing habit of the whole Visayas because it differs with the viewing habit of Iloilo (where GMA-7 leads), another large city in the Visayas. Dagupan does not represent the viewing habit of the rest of Luzon because it has a relatively high cable penetration of 50%; the national average cable penetration rate is only 11%. Metro Davao does not represent the viewing habit of the rest of Mindanao because of its small percentage of the total TV households in Mindanao.
    10. As what history shows, the provinces follow the trend in Metro Manila. ABS-CBN became number 1 in Metro Manila in 1988. It took them quite a while to grab the lead in the provinces. The company became number 1 in the Visayas in the early 1990’s. It only became number 1 in Mindanao in the late 1990’s when they started to put up TV relay stations in the key cities of Mindanao.
    11. Advertising spends $347 million dollar in advertising spending. That is almost 20 billion pesos. So TV advertising is really important. Company profit and revenues reflect the company performance in the whole country.

    • Well, AGB may be the standard in ratings figures for years now, but its 2008 controversy surrounding the breach of ratings led to ABS-CBN’s pullout from the firm in favor of Kantar. Today, GMA continues to claim that they’re No. 1 nationwide based on AGB’s figures, but its coverage area is less than what Kantar emphasizes, and it was further exacerbated by the brief runs of some of its programs, thus misleading its viewers with regards to its overall performance.

    • Probably, but we’re not sure if they’ll reach the 100% of households that Kantar emphasizes. They better revise those by-laws first before we can accept their figures.

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