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In 100 Words: Papa Jack (or Papa J) Joins 106.7 Energy FM

From Love to Energy.

After taking a break of over two months, the DJ formerly known as Papa Jack (John Gemperle in real life) officially announced his comeback on Facebook with a simple photo. In it came news that he will join 106.7 Energy FM as Papa J.

It can be recalled that John unexpectedly resigned from 90.7 Love Radio last December without citing a reason behind it. Following his resignation, John’s vacated timeslot was given to newcomer Lloyd Cafe Cadena (formerly of 93.9 iFM).

Papa J’s debut on 106.7 Energy FM will be on March 20. Still, despite his overwhelming popularity during his tenure at 90.7 Love Radio, it remains to be seen if he will help 106.7 Energy FM turn things around.


19 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Papa Jack (or Papa J) Joins 106.7 Energy FM

  1. His new show on Energy FM will be named “hello… S.T.G.” with STG meaning Sorry, Thank you & Goodbye. Same slot as his old show True Love Conversations on Love Radio.

  2. Since Energy FM is out of Top 10 based on the January 2017 Kantar survey, malalaman natin if Papa J (formerly Papa Jack) would turn things around for Energy para lang makapasok sa Top 10.

  3. akosiagentorange21 says:

    Another update: Chico Loco from Yes FM and TAG FM in Dubai will return to Philippine Radio in May. This time, he will be on Energy just like Papa J.

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  5. chakuyprodbicol says:

    I am currently listening to 106.7 Energy FM thru Live Stream from Albay. Wala kaseng Energy FM sa amin at di abot sa amin ang signal ng Energy FM Naga 106.3 kaya I choose to stream online.

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