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In 100 Words: TV5’s ‘Choose Courage’ Station ID

TV5 under Chot Reyes is all about ‘courage’.

The network’s latest station ID was unveiled two weeks ago, and it featured the network’s newest offerings summarized in a one-minute film. The message of the station ID was simple: people should always overcome challenges and find the strength to escape fear.

As far as the station ID goes, the message may be prophetic, but what is the point when there are still some weaknesses to address. Remember the talk about TV shopping and News5 show reruns, not to mention all the problems that AksyonTV faces?

That said, unless Chot Reyes addresses these glaring issues, the ‘Choose Courage’ slogan that TV5 projects this year will not apply today. Until then, TV5 must take the long road in order to prove that they are indeed ‘courageous’.


6 thoughts on “In 100 Words: TV5’s ‘Choose Courage’ Station ID

  1. Concise point. Despite a good message, how can they practice what they preach?
    Kung totoo naman ang hinala mo o rather, natin, malamang pinagpyestahan ni Kevin ulit.

    Good thing I planned and posted ahead on detailing one of its series under that campaign — Philippines Next Top Model: High Street — that will be premiered tonight. I fear na hindi mo ito mababanggit ang bagong season after 10 years, given your one-post-per-day limit and your limitation. But then, applying the shared skepticism, will their stint in TV5 impress us or will they get tripped out just like the rest?

    • Either way, let’s just see what happens from here on. It will be interesting to see what plans are in store for TV5 given this ‘message’ on courage. Hopefully they don’t blow this up.

      • As in. COURAGE PA MORE. Everything on TV5 is now on a slump, Aksyon TV is becoming irelevant (thanks to EZ Shop), and Radyo5 must regroup, after seeing their originating stations in Cebu and Davao being defeated by Brigada.

        IDK if the new season of PHNTM will help TV5’s bottomline.

      • They still haven’t figured out a way to improve their signal power and reach. Which is why any hope of improving their programming will be meaningless if they don’t address these technical issues first.

      • Jason says:

        It’s a long hard road to travel back to relevancy both in TV5,AksyonTV and Radyo Singko.

        Personally the thing that’s good right now with them is to build off with the disgruntled minority which are comprised of anime fans and ones who are sick of the norms on Pinoy teleseryes. Developing a cult following would help them gain more viewers rather than what they did in the past in which they tried to compete with the two which caused extreme backlash both in viewership and financial.

        The only thing that I assume would hinder this plan of Chot Reyes would be the one who hired him as top honcho,MVP and his ambitions.(Tignan mo nangyari nung gusto ni MVP na makipagkumpitensiya sa dalawa gumastos ng karami-rami hindi naman bumalik yung investment niya on those things).

        Before I forget they will have the NCAA March Madness games on the weekends(Another problem with the station right now,the sports division).

        In terms of station ID, do I expect a “Patience is a virtue” next?

      • Last year they didn’t even air March Madness; that went to Solar/BTV. With US college basketball not even popular here, it’s no longer a good idea for TV5 to air March Madness on free TV.

        Before they can think about competing with the established giants, they should address their signal issues. That’s the reason why their previous attempts at competition failed, dahil pangit ang reception nila.

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