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Why Jackpot En Poy Only Makes Eat Bulaga Worse?

For 37 years, ‘Eat Bulaga’ was known for its innovative and groundbreaking segments.

Some of their most famous portions have become synonymous with the show; examples include Little Miss Philippines, That’s My Boy, Laban o Bawi, Pinoy Henyo and Juan for All, All for Juan. However, they recently took a further step back by introducing this ridiculous segment.

Earlier this year, ‘Eat Bulaga’ brought the game of rock-paper-scissors (or in Filipino, Jack en Poy) to the show and billed it as the ‘most serious’ game ever. Enter the infamous Jackpot En Poy segment.

In this game, four people who represent a particular color section of the audience (red, green, yellow, blue) go one-on-one in the game of rock-paper-scissors. The first round winners then face off in the finals, after which that round’s winner gets a chance to play in the jackpot round against a select team of ‘Eat Bulaga’ hosts, each with a particular prize money allotted to them.

To make the game ‘serious’, ‘Eat Bulaga’ brought in Gov Lloyd as its ‘referee’, while a guest judge takes a look at violations that took place during the segment. Initially, Jose Manalo, Paolo Ballesteros, Wally Bayola and Maine Mendoza were brought in as ‘judges’, but after only a few episodes, they were reassigned to do another segment.

While the Jackpot En Poy segment typically used regular audience members as players, the more recent episodes featured none other than guest celebrities from different fields. For instance, the March 25 installment of Jackpot En Poy saw Senators Sonny Angara, JV Ejercito, Gringo Honasan and Manny Pacquiao play the said game.

Despite its ‘serious’ yet ‘entertaining’ nature, the segment proved to be ‘Eat Bulaga”s weakest and most desperate segment yet. Let’s face it, rock-paper-scissors is a simple game, but once ‘Eat Bulaga’ added some shenanigans to make it appear like it was innovated, this act only alienated a more vocal section of the audience.

It is no secret that the ratings of ‘Eat Bulaga’ continues to fall with each episode. The fact of the matter is, this noontime show is now on the twilight of its run, and with ‘It’s Showtime”s emergence, it appears that the torch has finally been passed.

Sorry, Jackpot En Poy, but this segment does not deserve a place on ‘Eat Bulaga’ lore. Let’s just hope that it will be good riddance to this simple yet ridiculous skit.


8 thoughts on “Why Jackpot En Poy Only Makes Eat Bulaga Worse?

  1. Despite that I watch that segment (but not today’s edition), you published it at the time PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa was part of the game. Yeah, the social media mavens have different strata of reaction: amused (for the die-hard supporters), displeased (for being off-duty) or mixed.

    While it’s your right to say it, I warned again concerning the same crowd — who crushed you for DTBY — to go on a retributive backlash.

    • Well, they can bash me all the time, but it doesn’t matter now, because as far as they’re concerned, they’re just bitter. Not all of EB’s segments are impressive, and this is one of them.

    • Vince says:

      I hear hanggang May na lang DTBY at papalitan na. Asan na ang 1 million tweet na pinagmamayabang nila. Kita naman sa Ika-6 na Utos na kapag nagrate i-extend naman nila. Asan na ang mga mayayabing na Aldub Nation? Hanggang Kalye serye na lang ba sila?

      • Honestly, Maine Mendoza is the ultimate culprit here. Lack of experience hurt her from the start. Compared to the child stars of ABS right now, she’s way worse.

        But enough of that. Jackpot en Poy ang pinaguusapan rito, hindi DTBY. It’s a shame na ginawang lokohan itong segment na ito. I thought they’re making it the most ‘serious’ game ever. Turns out they were wrong. Masyadong exaggerated lang ang ‘serious’ sa game na ito.

  2. Eleanor says:

    I don’t understand what is so exciting about this jac n poy.. so boring especially when the referee doing it is Rufa G. .. mata sa mata.. Seryoso… 123 GO! OMG, I can’t stand watching it! I wish they can bring back the Pinoy Henyo..

    • It’s just basic rock-paper-scissors that had the feel of a boxing, wrestling or MMA match. It’s so annoying to say the least. Definitely one of the weakest segments in Eat Bulaga’s history.

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