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One Week In, A New Opponent for D’Originals

‘D’Originals’ faces a new challenge starting next week.

The recently-premiered GMA comedy-drama series got its baptism of fire when it aired opposite ABS-CBN’s ‘The Greatest Love’. Sadly, the debut week of ‘D’Originals’ coincided with the gripping final episodes of ‘The Greatest Love’, and as a result, the series did not have enough time to prove themselves against one of ABS-CBN’s top-raters.

As ‘D’Originals’ enters its second week, they find themselves with a different animal. In contrast to ‘The Greatest Love”s family and health-oriented storyline, this new Kapamilya series should be familiar to many critics and viewers alike.

Once again, ABS-CBN is producing a ‘kabitserye’ in the afternoon slot. Enter ‘Pusong Ligaw’.

The latest in a series of infidelity-laced dramas, ‘Pusong Ligaw’ will be led by Kapamilya stars Diego Loyzaga, Sofia Andres, Enzo Pineda, Beauty Gonzales, Bianca King, Joem Bascon and Raymund Bagatsing. The complicated story of ‘Pusong Ligaw’ is as follows:

  • Fashion designer Tessa (Beauty) and beauty queen Marga (Bianca) were best friends with big aspirations, until Marga betrays Tessa after sleeping with her boyfriend Caloy (Joem)
  • Tessa gives birth and raises her son Rafael until he is stolen by an unknown woman. She then meets Jaime (Raymund) whom he helped along with her struggles and they adopt a son named Rafa (Enz0)
  • Rafael was adopted by the Policarpio family and pursued his studies as Potpot (Diego). He met Vida (Sofia), Marga’s daughter who opted to pursue a career as a fashion designer like Tessa, by then known as Terry.

‘Pusong Ligaw’ will be under the production of Star Creatives. The series is directed by GB Sampedro, Elfren Vibar and Henry King Quitain.

If another afternoon ‘kabitserye’ in ‘The Better Half’ is not enough, now comes ‘Pusong Ligaw’ which should test the patience of viewers. While ABS-CBN has had plenty of success with these dramas, the impending premiere of ‘Pusong Ligaw’ may come to a point that they are taking this familiar storyline too far.

Then again, ‘D’Originals’ also borders within the ‘kabitserye’ genre so it’s still a matter of choosing between a serious drama and a more light-hearted one. In any case, good luck to the viewers with regards to their choices.

‘Pusong Ligaw’ airs weekdays after ‘The Better Half’ on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.


12 thoughts on “One Week In, A New Opponent for D’Originals

  1. Jose Tiamson says:

    Before I say my piece about this new “Kabitserye”, I have to say that The Greatest Love would probably be one of the best non-loveteam led soap operas in the 64 year history of ABS-CBN and one of the most critically acclaim soap operas in Philippine TV this decade. This could have a 6-7 season run if made in the US. About Pusong Ligaw, I hope it can produce good moments worthy for good afternoon TV.

    • I don’t understand this logic. TBH is doing well against Legally Blind so why change the timeslot? It and Pusong Ligaw are just the same story-wise. Perhaps ABS is trying to throw GMA off its game hence this change. Still, it’s a nonsensical move.

      • Vince says:

        Maybe they’re giving Pusong Ligaw the better pre-prog show. Sa America palagi nila ito ginagawa like with NBC using The Voice to prop up new shows. Of course this doesn’t always work. Yung TBH kasi medyo erratic yung ratings para sa pilot week ng Pusong Ligaw.

      • Well, hindi pa naman umeere ang Pusong Ligaw so let’s just see what happens with this change. Kung hindi maganda, they can just switch timeslots again with TBH

  2. Vince says:

    Kabitserye ang Pusong Ligaw? Akala ko rom com.
    So di pumatok sa audience ng Ika-6 Utos yung D’Originals? Akala ko pa naman maretain niya at least 90% ng ratings nung pre-prog niya

    • If you watch the teaser it’s obvious to see why. As for D’Originals, they’re a different breed of kabitserye na may halong comedy kaya di pa sanay ang mga tao rito.

    • No other choice kasi ang ABS since the other primetime shows are still ongoing. Besides, Pusong Ligaw is too sensual for the late-morning slot kaya tama lang na ilagay ito sa hapon, not to mention that another Koreanovela will take the slot of Love in the Moonlight in two weeks.

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