In 100 Words: Yes the Best? More Like Yes the Worst!

Looks like nothing has changed on 101.1 Yes the Best.

Despite a massive and heavily hyped rebrand that took several months to materialize (even going as far as labeling the station as the ‘Home of the Millennials’), the sound of Yes the Best remains virtually the same as its previous incarnation. They are still a ‘masa’ station with ridiculously named DJs, playing some OPM, dance and hip-hop tracks, and even classic rock ballads from years past.

If Yes wants to truly live up to their billing as the ‘Home of the Millennials’, the station should have morphed into a Top 40 CHR station ala Magic 89.9 and 99.5 Play FM. This is poor advertising on MBC’s part, one that will definitely fool the more educated listener.

Sorry, but the rebrand of 101.1 Yes the Best is a thumbs down. Get your priorities straight, MBC.


6 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Yes the Best? More Like Yes the Worst!

  1. And provincial Yes FM stations suffered the same fate since May 1. Yes FM actually targets millenials na nasa lower class. If you can’t stand it, there’s Home Radio (in Cebu, CDO and Gensan), Magic (in Cebu, Zamboanga, CDO and Gensan), and Radio Boracay.

    • That ‘Home of the Millennials’ branding is just foolish. Not every millennial will listen to a station that still has Air Supply, MLTR and other cheesy old ballads on its playlist. Yes is just doing bad advertising.

  2. Ah, cosmetic changes. They may look good in the outside but they aren’t for the better deep inside.

    Just like what I am fearing of concerning the upcoming facelift on one entity with on one of the three AM stations this coming June.

    • Yes FM is fooling around. No kidding. They think they’re the ‘Home of the Millennials’ now, but they’re actually not. They’re still Yes FM, Automatic Yan, just with a new name and same format style.

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