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Mulawin vs. Ravena Premiere Means New Characters for Ang Probinsyano

The threat is indeed real.

With the premiere of GMA fantaserye ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ later tonight, long-running ABS-CBN action series ‘Ang Probinsyano’ introduced a new slate of supporting actors that will add more color to an already endless story. They are:

  • John Arcilla
  • Angel Aquino
  • Ejay Falcon
  • Jhong Hilario
  • Lito Lapid
  • Mark Lapid
  • Sid Lucero
  • Long Mejia
  • Pokwang
  • Mitch Valdes

These actors will join the main cast that features Coco Martin, Ms. Susan Roces, Yassi Pressman and Awra Briguela, among others. Ironically, John Arcilla was last seen in the just-concluded GMA fantaserye (and ‘Ang Probinsyano”s archrival) ‘Encantadia’, where he was cast as Hagorn.

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The addition of new actors indicate that another fresh storyline for ‘Ang Probinsyano’ is about to take shape. After all, a new rival in ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ will come into play and the best way for the former to maintain viewer interest is to introduce new characters and plots to keep up with its latest adversary.

Speaking of ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’, the sequel to the popular early 2000s fantaserye ‘Mulawin’ is 12 years in the making. The original series (led by Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin) became a huge hit when it first aired, and with the creation of the sequel, the bar is raised even higher.

‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ will feature stars such as:

  • Dennis Trillo (as Gabriel)
  • Heart Evangelista (as Alwina)
  • Carla Abellana  (as Aviona)
  • Tom Rodriguez (as Rodrigo)
  • Lovi Poe (as Magindara)
  • Regine Velasquez (as Sandawa)
  • Bianca Umali (as Lawiswis)
  • Derrick Monasterio (as Almiro)
  • Bea Binene (as Anya)
  • Miguel Tanfelix (as Pagaspas)
  • Ariel Rivera (as Panabon)
  • Chynna Ortaleza (as Reyna Rashana)
  • David Licauco (as Malik)
  • Dion Ignacio (as Siklab)
  • Valerie Concepcion (as Tuka)
  • Roi Vinzon (as Daragit)
  • JC Tiuseco (as Tangos)
  • Winwyn Marquez (as Ribery)
  • TJ Trinidad (as Greco)
  • Angelu de Leon (as Lourdes)
  • Bobby Andrews (as Dionisio)
  • Charee Pineda (as Savanna)
  • Joko Diaz (as Antonio)
  • Martin del Rosario (as Aramis)
  • Kiko Estrada (as Rafael)
  • Nova Villa (as Lola Elo)

Directors Dominic Zapata and Don Michael Perez will once again breathe life into ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’, just as they did with the original ‘Mulawin’.

Heading into tonight, the challenge for ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ is a daunting one. ‘Ang Probinsyano’ has been a ratings juggernaut for nearly two years now and not even the efforts of its predecessor ‘Encantadia’ was enough to topple the former.

That said, the best chance for ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ might come from viewers who are becoming disenchanted with ‘Ang Probinsyano”s endlessly dragging storyline. With the latter’s new characters coming into play, this may be an opportunity for some to switch channels and watch something different and pleasing.

Still, with too many loyal viewers siding with ‘Ang Probinsyano’, the task will not be an easy one. So, good luck to GMA in their efforts to sway the momentum away from Coco Martin and company.


16 thoughts on “Mulawin vs. Ravena Premiere Means New Characters for Ang Probinsyano

  1. What a crucial and competitive week tonight… New Diverted Scene which is “cancerous for viewers” against New Old Series after 13 years which is “cancerous for producers”

    However, TBH, I hear Dominic Zapata being a director of the fantaserye. I cringe because I think that they might improvise props as something else — remember the cheap toy gun for a flamethrower. Good luck sustaining the finances and the viewers.

      • Gozon is still probably stuck on his old CRT TV. Kahit na shot in HD ang Mulawin vs. Ravena, we’re still stuck on 4:3 era, at least if you’re GMA.

        IDK if Mulawin vs. Ravena will provide a real challenge against Ang Probinsyano or it will suffer the same fate as other shows that tried to beat Ang Probinsyano. Fantaseryes are way too expensive and Ang Probinsyano is more of a lower-budget drama despite the fact that it is shot in glorious HD.

  2. B says:

    GMA is really going back to its roots on reinventing and remaking fantaseryes. These fantaseryes used to be huge hits and rating juggernauts just like Encantadia back in the day when GMA was still a strong primetime competitor. I just don’t know if they can regain their audience.

    • Encantadia failed to make an impact so what chance does Mulawin vs. Ravena have? Their only opportunity at this point is to cater to the disgruntled audience of Ang Probinsyano that are fed up with the long storyline, and that’s not easy since the latter has too many loyal audiences.

      Plus costly fantaseryes are the reason why GMA can’t even expand, diversify and modernize their business the same way that ABS and TV5 did. While they’re poised to enter the digital TV market with the ‘dongles’ they’re promoting, they’re still stuck with airing shows in 4:3 SD (which in fact are pan-and-scanned versions of actual 16:9 HD shots). No wonder the network is still stuck in the 2000s way of business.

      • That of course enabled them to spend freely with those lack of ad restrictions but at the cost of their long-term viability. Then again even some KBP members are struggling. TV5 which is a KBP member went on a free-spending spree acquiring some big artists and attempting go at par with ABS and GMA but it obviously failed and now they’re pretty much a sports channel.

      • Aside from GMA, other non-KBP members include PTV, Solar Entertainment and Fox Networks Group Philippines. According to Timow’s Turf, their pullout from the KBP yielded short-term entertainment programming and broadcasting mistakes. Pulling out from the KBP really destroyed GMA’s reputation.

    • Mukha kasi naka-hook pa rin sila sa bakbakan nila Cardo at Joaquin, kaya natalo si Mulawin vs. Ravena. The new characters on FPJAP might debut next week or within this week, so abangan na lang.

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