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The End of Destined to Be Yours

AlDub needs improvement, period.

This has been a recurring theme for the tandem ever since ‘Destined to Be Yours’ premiered on February 27, 2017. The onus was that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are not ready to be certified primetime stars just yet, either because the expectations are too overwhelming or that the tandem still has a lot of work to do chemistry-wise and skills-wise (particularly Maine, who obviously lacked prior acting experience).

Indeed, the intent of GMA is to run ‘Destined to Be Yours’ as short as possible, and that is exactly what happened. Only 63 episodes of ‘Destined to Be Yours’ will have aired once it concludes this Friday, thus putting them in a dubious list of short-lived teleseryes that fail to reach the typical 80-episode threshold.

Still, even with an uncharacteristically short run, ‘Destined to Be Yours’ should have been winning according to AlDub loyalists, right? Considering that AlDub enjoyed a tremendous crossover appeal in both social media and on the small screen, the series should have had a winning streak in the ratings and trending topics game.

Instead, a child actress by the name of Nayomi ‘Heart’ Ramos’ (joined alongside Coney Reyes, Ria Atayde, Zanjoe Marudo and Bela Padilla) overwhelmed AlDub. The fact that the ABS-CBN drama series ‘My Dear Heart’ constantly defeated ‘Destined to Be Yours’ in the ratings does not sit well with AlDub fans.

Unfortunately, that is the reality of it all. Alden and Maine together are simply not primetime material for the moment.

With the impending conclusion of ‘Destined to Be Yours’, there is plenty more work to do for AlDub. While they will still be an integral part of ‘Eat Bulaga’ for years to come, GMA should start working on their skills and chemistry in hopes of elevating the duo to the same heights as KathNiel, LizQuen and JaDine.

Unfortunately, they will not have someone like Cathy Garcia Molina to guide them. That said, GMA must look for someone with equal capabilities as the former in order to turn AlDub to a success story, and that alone is not easy.

For now, rest easy AlDub. After that, it’s time to get back to business.


10 thoughts on “The End of Destined to Be Yours

  1. B says:

    They have chemistry. It’s just that Maine needs improvement in acting particularly in drama. She can act well when it comes to comedy. Apparently they ended this early as they’re planning to shoot a movie already.

    • Maine really needs a lot of experience since she’s still relatively green here. She’s not like Kathryn or Nadine who began their careers as child actresses. She’s already a late-bloomer in my book. That’s why she needs more work.

  2. Pepsilikethesoda says:

    Hindi dapat drama ung ginawang story para da kanila dapat romcom hindi drama at cliche na story lines. Mahirap na inlove sa mayaman yaada yada yada…. sana light lng ung ginawa story sa kanila. Well anyway what’s done is done. At least Maine experienced to be in a prime time drama actress. 😁😁😁

      • GMA, having a fondness for drama-comedy series, should’ve adapted that for DTBY indeed. Either way, Maine has plenty of lessons to take in this series and should bode well in the future. But more training is needed to make her more relatable and well-acclaimed.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I remember the vocal AlDub fans claiming that the reasons why the show ended so soon included “mabilis lang talaga ang mga Kapuso serye para mabigyan ng chance ang iba/para di nakakaumay” (nevermind that that feels hollow when you consider IANU and THS), or “gagawa sila kasi ng movie, tapos busy sila sa mga ibang project”. Which is odd given that no such projects have materialized since then. Seems like they were just making excuse to explains how the show was a surprise flop.

    I also read some comments, and while reception tended to be mixed (with loyal AlDub fans loving it and non-fans not really liking it), it was interesting to note that even some loyal AlDub fans were disappointed at the show: they said that the plot wasn’t that good, or that they accepted that Maine was not yet ready for primetime.

    Finally, it’s weird that the show regularly beat My Dear Heart on AGB… and yet it ended earlier than MDY (which continued for about a month or two after DTBY ended). I guess it’s really a sign that AGB’s methodology is flawed somehow, if the shows they claim are winning still end up being axed quickly. Maybe it didn’t help that DTBY lost badly to MDY on a regular basis on Kantar.

    • DTBY arrived at a time when AlDub was on the decline. The peak of the love team was around three years ago when they were still starting to hit their stride but once it reached the first anniversary the spark was all but gone. Had it aired opposite, for instance, Forevermore or Pangako Sa ‘Yo, it would’ve given KathNiel or LizQuen a worthy challenge. Alas, Maine was still raw then and by the time DTBY aired, it went poof. In the end, AlDub didn’t have sustaining power and worse, Maine admitted that they’re just friends with Alden and not in an actual off-screen relationship which only exacerbates their falling popularity.

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