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Full House No More: Full House Tonight Airs Finale Saturday

‘Full House Tonight’ airs its finale this Saturday night. (Logo courtesy of GMA Network)

GMA’s own attempt to recreate ‘Saturday Night Live’ for Filipinos is officially out.

The last episode of ‘Full House Tonight’ will take place this Saturday night, owing to host Regine Velasquez’s inclusion to the cast of ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’. However, Regine’s addition to the said fantaserye is not the main reason why ‘Full House Tonight’ will come to an end.

First airing on February 18, 2017, ‘Full House Tonight’ was a comedy-musical variety show that focuses on comedic performances from a select group of professional comedians. In essence, this program was viewed as a primetime version of ‘Sunday PinaSaya’, and it drew comparisons to the long-running American variety show ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Unfortunately, ‘Full House Tonight’ failed to deliver during its soon-to-be 14-episode run. The show was placed against powerhouse ABS-CBN reality shows ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7’ and ‘I Can Do That’, and the expectations to stand out against both shows were too much to bear.

Not only that, most of the comedians in ‘Full House Tonight’ were hardly household names at all. That, along with Regine’s co-hosts/performers being relegated to the background, contributed to its demise.

It’s a shame that ‘Full House Tonight’ will go down swinging after this Saturday. Let’s face it, Regine hosting a comedy show is an insult to her reputation, considering her lack of comedic background unlike her husband Ogie Alcasid.

Perhaps GMA would have spiced the show up with guest celebrity hosts rather than Regine pulling all the strings. Had they done that, not to mention further training for the comedians and stars involved (if any), ‘Full House Tonight’ would have lasted longer than the 14 episodes it will accumulate at the end.

Alas, ‘Full House Tonight’ will go down as one of the most forgettable programs in GMA lore. If there is any consolation, it was that they put a lot of effort to produce a show like this, even if it goes in vain.

Come this Saturday, a final round of applause will be needed to send off ‘Full House Tonight’. So long, and good riddance.


7 thoughts on “Full House No More: Full House Tonight Airs Finale Saturday

    • In Philippine television, a season finale can be misleading at times. Alyas Robin Hood season 1 was advertised as having its final week, but then a cliffhanger took place and GMA decided to continue the series after a hiatus of several months. Celebrity Bluff was also promoted by GMA as having its finale, only to be revived a year later. In the case of both shows, positive viewership can lead to its return within a specific time frame.

      Unfortunately, in the case of Full House Tonight, GMA might not revive the show at all despite its promise to do so. Its ratings were not very good and worse, they made the huge mistake of employing comedians and talents that were not well-known to the public. Also, Regine is not that good of a comedy show host. That said, it is very unlikely for GMA to bring it back considering its poor reception.

      • yong says:

        Pero for me ayos naman yung mga comedian eh (kung sa nakakatawa nakakatawa naman sila, pero in terms of exposure siguro dun nga sila nagkukulang). May (or maraming) times din na corny si regine maybe dahil di niya kayang magdeliver ng linya nang maayos, pero sya yung lead ng show eh, so…

    • Notwithstanding religion, Full House Tonight was a poorly-created show overall. GMA tried it to be like Sunday Pinasaya on primetime, but they made a big mistake by bringing in amateur comedians from comedy bars rather than training their own stars within the stable. It goes to show how pathetic GMA is in running the entertainment group.

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