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Meant to Be Down to Last Five Episodes

The search for ‘the one’ is down to its last week.

In the final week of ‘Meant to Be’, Billie (Barbie Forteza) has a choice to make. For the past 118 episodes, Billie’s heart is chased by four men: Fil-Chinese Yuan (Ken Chan), Fil-Brit Ethan (Ivan Dorschner), Fil-Indian Jai (Addy Raj) and pure-blooded Filipino Andoy (Jak Roberto), and now, she must pick who among the four will fit her best.

In an unprecedented move, GMA asked viewers and fans the same question as Billie. Voting for ‘the one’ took place from June 4 to 18 on GMA’s official website, with each entry qualified for the opportunity to win a Samsung J7 smart phone and a meet-and-greet with the ‘Meant to Be’ cast.

The winner of the poll will be determined throughout the final five episodes of ‘Meant to Be’. That said, viewers must wait with bated breath to see who among their favorites won Billie’s heart.

First aired on January 9, 2017, ‘Meant to Be’ premiered on the same night as its current rival ‘A Love to Last’. But for the first two weeks of its run, ‘Meant to Be’ was pitted against ‘Till I Met You’, the ABS-CBN drama series that starred James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

Luckily for ‘Meant to Be’, they began their run on a strong note, as they took advantage of an underachieving opponent. But once ‘A Love to Last’ moved down to challenge the former, the tables turned against them.

While ‘Meant to Be’ still enjoyed impressive ratings (on average, the series raked in 14% per episode), they were unable to contain ‘A Love to Last”s 18% or better mark. Nevertheless, ‘Meant to Be’ still had some memorable moments that could make Anton (Ian Veneracion) and Andeng (Bea Alonzo) say wow, such as Billie’s bikini moment with the boys.

According to Ken Chan on Pep.PH, ‘Meant to Be’ was initially aimed to last six weeks. But the surprisingly positive reception from viewers (notwithstanding its shortcomings against ‘A Love to Last’) extended the series to a mere six months, which is still noteworthy.

As ‘Meant to Be’ enters its final week, the chase for Billie’s heart is on. Regardless of the outcome, viewers and fans alike should be pleased with how this feel-good story turn out.


16 thoughts on “Meant to Be Down to Last Five Episodes

  1. chakuyprodbicol says:

    Speakung of Meant To Be nagkaroon yata ng copying if concept from Trops kaya naisipan ng Trops na magdagdag ng 2 babaeng cast at yun ay sina Tony Aquino (anak ni Ruby Rodriguez) at Shaira Mae (from TV5)

    • Successful at first when they beat JaDine’s Till I Met You in their first few episodes. But they couldn’t sustain the momentum once A Love to Last took over the latter’s timeslot. GMA will only be successful if they employ new leadership,; Lilybeth Rasonable essentially ruined the entertainment group’s reputation so much that the Public Affairs team is bailing them out production-wise. Honestly, that’s not a good recipe for success.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kawawa naman si Barbie, may bagong pelikula pala siya, pero di pa nagtagal ng isang linggo sa sinehan pull out na agad. Parang di nga ramdam na may pelikula siya eh, di man lang ata masyadong pinag-usapan.

      • Suffice to say that if you’re a young GMA talent chances are you’re doomed from the start. They simply don’t know how to take care and promote them. It’s in their nature; they simply lacked a lot of things that ABS has now.

      • Anonymous says:

        In all seriousness parang panget talaga ang promotion ng film. Ako nga, di ko nga alam na may film siya hanggang nakita ko nalang sa balita napull-out na pala. No posters, no billboards, very little advertisements, etc. As far as I could tell, it was mostly only Barbie fans who even knew she had a film coming out, and that even most Kapusos were unaware. And those who were aware, it seems like there weren’t enough of them to justify a longer run in cinemas.

    • That will depend on GMA though. It’s also worth considering that they tried to bring back Alyas Robin Hood for another season but it failed to deliver. They must think twice about this before making a decision.

      • you’re right. but Alyas Robinhood is way different from Meant To Be when it comes to ratings. So I think Meant To Be deserves to have another season. 🙂

      • Meant to Be did perform well, but it was up against A Love to Last, which had better ratings in the end. Besides, Barbie Forteza has a new series coming up.

        If Meant to Be were to be revisited, perhaps a sequel series and not a new season should be produced in which the characters from MTB were all grown up. After all, Philippine teleseryes are different from American series in which they air daily and do not stop production until the producers say so.

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