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DZMM TeleRadyo Unveils New Look, Programs

It is a new era in DZMM TeleRadyo’s 10-year history.

At 4:00 a.m. of Monday, June 19, viewers of the channel were treated to something different and fresh. Updated graphics were introduced to DZMM TeleRadyo, with an increased emphasis on the program and the hosts.

This is how DZMM TeleRadyo looked like last Sunday during the showbiz talk show ‘ChisMax’.

And this is how the same channel looked like the following morning during ‘Failon Ngayon sa DZMM’.

Another change that took place on DZMM TeleRadyo is the use of a studio set in lieu of the normal radio booth for select programs. This new set made its debut on ‘Sakto’.

The set is later used on the debuting program ‘Good Vibes’ and on the DZMM mainstay ‘Todo-Todo Walang Preno’. Speaking of ‘Good Vibes’, this new show is essentially ‘Magandang Gabi Dok’ moving into the early afternoon slot, with the latter’s hosts Niña Corpuz and Dra. Luisa Puyat now at the helm of this program.

Another new show is ‘On the Spot’, which takes over the timeslot of ‘Radyo Patrol Balita Alas-Kwatro’. Hosts Vic de Leon-Lima and Toni Aquino are carried over to this new program.

Other programming changes on DZMM TeleRadyo include a new timeslot for ‘Usapang de Campanilla’, now airing at 8:30 p.m. (the show will only air for 30 minutes on TeleRadyo), and ‘MMK Klasik’, now airing at 9:00 p.m. The only casualty of the change is the afternoon music program ‘Dr. Love Always and Forever’, which was canceled to give way to ‘Good Vibes’.

But for those who still clamor the original style, here is how the new graphics were implemented with the traditional TeleRadyo look, as seen in ‘Mismo’. It is likely that this classic graphics setup will be used in a few other shows, most notably those that air during the wee hours and on weekends.

Only ‘Headline Pilipinas’ remains unchanged as far as graphics go, since the said newscast premiered just recently.

The updated look and new programs on DZMM TeleRadyo continued a process that began last April. Part I of the makeover saw the network unveil an afternoon block for other ABS-CBN news and current affairs shows and an early edition of ‘Bandila’.

Changes are indeed aplenty for DZMM TeleRadyo. But it doesn’t stop here, as the urge to innovate further will continue amid the ongoing evolution of journalism in the country.


14 thoughts on “DZMM TeleRadyo Unveils New Look, Programs

  1. Gab says:

    The new DZMM TeleRadyo’s on-air look is the start of the station’s plans to convert into a full-pledged news TV station. So expect more programs will be moved in a new studio soon.

    • That was quite surprising. Bandila, the DZMM early version, is aired in mostly full screen. Why can’t they do that now with TV Patrol? My most possible answer is that since the same show is simulcast on Channel 2 (unlike Bandila which has two editions and no simulcast), TeleRadyo needs to make it more distinct, hence the updated traditional style that they still use on TV Patrol.

      • Update: They’re showing TV Patrol in full screen now, similar to Channel 2. Yung traditional look during late nights and early mornings na lang ito ginagamit (except for replays of NCA afternoon and evening shows).

    • To summarize:
      New shows
      Good Vibes with Nina Corpuz and Dra. Luisa (1:00 p.m.)
      Wow Trending with Rica Lazo (2:30 p.m.; exclusive to radio)
      On the Spot with Vic Lima and Toni Aquino (4:00 p.m.)
      New timeslots
      Headline Pilipinas (12:30 p.m.; formerly exclusive to TeleRadyo, now simulcast on radio)
      MMK sa DZMM (2:00 p.m.; exclusive to radio)
      Usapang de Campanilla (8:30 p.m.; 30 minutes only on TeleRadyo, 60 minutes on radio)
      MMK Klasik (9:00 p.m.; exclusive to TeleRadyo)
      NCA shows (9:30 p.m.; formerly exclusive to TeleRadyo, now simulcast on radio)
      Cancelled show
      Dr. Love Always and Forever

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