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Next Challenge for A Love to Last: I Heart Davao

It’s another rom-com vs. rom-com starting this Monday.

On GMA, the picturesque setting of Davao will be the focus of this soon-to-air primetime series. Enter ‘I Heart Davao’, the network’s newest offering on the Telebabad block.

In this up-and-coming series, Carla Abellana will play the role of Hope, a heart transplant recipient who goes to Davao in hopes of saving her family’s chocolate business. There, she meets Ponce (Tom Rodriguez), the proud yet pragmatic son of a chocolate haciendero who happens to be the former boyfriend of Hope’s donor.

Unfortunately for the two, their cultural differences and personalities become a challenge as they try to help each other out. It only gets more complicated when Hope’s childhood friend and businessman Paul (Benjamin Alves) arrives on the scene to rekindle their relationship.

According to GMA, 80% of ‘I Heart Davao”s scenes were shot in Davao in an effort to highlight the province’s amazing scenery. The network also made good use of the Davaoeño dialect by incorporating speaking lines in the said tongue.

‘I Heart Davao’ will also star Betong Sumaya, Maey Bautista, Ricardo Cepeda, Glenda Garcia, Racquel Villavicencio, Joel Saracho, Geraldine Villamil, Natileigh Sitoy, Kevin Sagra, Philip Lazaro, and Catherine Rem, with special participation by the Davao theater group Cine Madayaw. The series is directed by Marlon N. Rivera.

While ‘I Heart Davao’ should be a must-watch, they will face a very serious challenge from the start. ABS-CBN’s ‘A Love to Last’ is coming off a highly-rated wedding episode between Anton (Ian Veneracion) and Andeng (Bea Alonzo), and with latter still raking in episode victories on a consistent basis, the former’s winning aspirations will not be an easy one.

Add to that is the fact that it will be GMA Public Affairs who will shoulder the series’ burden. Considering the division’s many non-news programs that primarily focused on winning awards than ratings, it will not be a surprise to see ‘I Heart Davao’ follow the same path.

In any event, good luck to GMA in making ‘I Heart Davao’ a success. There is no doubt about its potential, but will it be more than enough?

‘I Heart Davao’ airs weeknights after ‘My Love from the Star’ on GMA Telebabad.


14 thoughts on “Next Challenge for A Love to Last: I Heart Davao

  1. Promoting the President’s hometown is good but being produced by a more credible department other than their disgraced entertainment division is unsurprising since they aired Dangwa and currently airing D’ Originals YET IT’S CANCER — stage 5 (I know that’s not medically possible).

    • Too bad they don’t have the subdivisions that ABS have such as Dreamscape, Star Creatives and Ruel Bayani’s group hence they’re dumping the non-news stuff to GMA News.

      Maybe they should just merge into the GMA News, Public Affairs and Entertainment group since everything is becoming indistinguishable.

    • No. APT and M-ZET are independent production companies. APT is Tony Tuviera’s production arm, while M-ZET is the production unit of Vic Sotto. Neither are affiliated with GMA but are known to produce content for the network; APT produces Trops and Sunday PinaSaya, while M-ZET produces Hay Bahay at the moment.

      In reality, GMA never has its own subdivisions for production of programs in the same way Dreamscape, Ruel Bayani and Star Creatives does for ABS. Their last resort, it seems, is to dump the production of some entertainment content to GMA Public Affairs, which unfortunately is a no-no given the latter’s responsibility of producing content related to news.

  2. Vince says:

    Dapat tapusin na ng ABS yung ALTL. A good opportunity to launch a new show behind La Luna Sangre. Yung maganap/ma-action ang ipalit. Sa lineup sa Primetime yung ALTL ang napaka-snoozefest.

    • Question is, anong show? ABS has yet to announce upcoming projects for the 2nd half of 2017, and the only sure things are the Asianovelas that last one or two months. For now, tiis-tiis ka muna sa ALTL because they’re doing so well contrary to what you think.

      Besides, an action series (Ang Probinsyano) and a suspense series (La Luna Sangre) are more than enough to be ‘maganap’ at ‘ma-action’. For a change, romantic comedies such as ALTL are a perfect balance dahil sobra na talaga yung mga napapanood nating iyakan, sampalan and the like.

      • Vince says:

        Victims of Love ni Julia Montes. Mag-start na sila mag-film sa July. May Agimat TV series din na plano. ALTL is such a drag. Sobrang bagal ng pacing para 3rd slot.

      • Wala na tayong magagawa diyan. ABS can’t move the show elsewhere given the preceding teleseryes’ popularity. Tiis-tiis ka na lang for now, or pwede ka namang lumipat sa Channel 7 at manood ng I Heart Davao. If you don’t like the show, just change the channel.

      • Vince says:

        I’m okay with a light serye pero wag sa 3rd slot. Yan ang oras kung saan matutulog na ang mga tao especially sa Probinsya tapos sasabayan pa ng nakakaantok na serye. Sa AP-LLS-ALTL-Goblin block yung momentum ng excitement ay namatay dahil sa ALTL like nung Pilot week ng LLS.

      • So you’re saying na even JaDine’s On the Wings of Love which is a light drama na ipinalabas sa third slot ay nakakaantok rin? Well, everyone’s opinions will be varied, I get that. Kaso kung sa iba ay nakakaantok, the others can think of it as a way of relieving stress dahil sobra na yung mga sampalan at iyakan na napapanood nila during the day.

        But in your case, yung gusto mo talaga ay yung mga light dramas sa umaga, like Be Careful with My Heart. That will do fine, but it will still depend on how ABS can utilize this format.

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