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Pacquiao vs. Horn: A Different Feel

Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn will have somewhat of a different feel for viewers.

For many years, Manny Pacquiao fights were among the most highly-anticipated events in the world. In the United States, Pacquiao fights equal to millions of pay-per-view buys, and in the Philippines, it amounts to thousands of packed venues and a lighter-than-usual traffic.

But after the lukewarm reception of Pacquiao’s previous fight with Jesse Vargas, it is clear that interest in his fights are waning. After all, Pacquiao is closing in on 40 years of age and it seems that his best days as a power-punching weapon were now behind them.

Which is why in the United States, pay-per-view is no longer an option in the Pacquiao-Horn fight. Realizing the decline of interest in his fights, promoter Top Rank announced that the aforementioned bout will air on a basic cable channel in ESPN, hoping that a switch to a more readily available medium will rekindle interest in him.

Over in the Philippines, the Pacquiao-Horn fight will still be aired live on pay-per-view. ABS-CBN will hold exclusive pay-per-view rights to Pacquiao vs. Horn after signing an agreement with manager Arnold Vegafria last June 9, which also includes video-on-demand, internet and mobile broadcasts.

Due to ABS-CBN’s exclusivity, rival cable and satellite companies have no choice but to agree to the broadcast giant with regards to the carriage of the fight. This includes Cignal TV, a main rival of ABS-CBN affiliate SkyCable.

Meanwhile, GMA will have the rights to free TV and radio coverage of Pacquiao vs. Horn, after signing its own deal with Vegafria the following week. But like many Pacquiao fights aired on the network, the bout with Horn will be seen on a delayed basis, with plenty of commercial placement to boot.

As for long-time Pacquiao rightsholder Solar Sports, they will still air his fight with Horn on a delayed basis as well. However, Solar Entertainment will no longer play a key role in distributing the event on pay-per-view after ABS-CBN’s acquisition of rights.

While the Pacquiao-Horn fight will not be as highly anticipated as previous Pacquiao bouts, viewers can still expect a very entertaining contest. Father Time may be catching up to Pacquiao, but the ‘fighting senator’ should still be at his very best come fight time.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn, the Battle of Brisbane, will take place this Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. It will be held live at the Suncorp Stadium.


14 thoughts on “Pacquiao vs. Horn: A Different Feel

  1. chakuyprodbicol says:

    Kung ayaw po ng via satellite sa TV, e pwede namang pakinggan ung Live Blow By Blow sa lahat na RGMA Stations Nationwide, like the previous Pacquiao fights.

    • Kaso, many would rather pay a lot for a PPV than listen to the radio and unable to see the action. I don’t think everyone will appreciate your suggestion, no matter how helpful this is.

      • chakuyprodbicol says:

        Narinig ko lang po ung plug ng pacquiao horn sa barangay 96.3 legazpi na lahat na rgma stations (super radyo and barangay) nationwide ang magsa simulcast ng blow by blow. Gaya ng kanyang mga nakaraang laban….

      • Realistically, boxing fans don’t care about blow-by-blow coverage on radio. They want to see, not listen, the action in the ring. I expect only about 10% will care for Pacquiao-Horn on radio, and these are ones that are either on the road or cannot afford a TV or a digital device. Let’s leave it at that.

  2. No wonder. Interest on any Pacquiao fights is declining in general since Manny Pacquiao is getting older.

    If you want some huge interest, better ask anyone from Gensan and Sarangani. I’m from South Cotabato myself and we are no longer as enthusiastic on a Pacquiao fight nowadays unlike the folks in General Santos City and Sarangani province.

    As for boxing coverage, people want to see real action unfolding on TV, hence they have to pay P1,000 for pay-per-view or watch the delayed telecast on Solar Sports and GMA, loaded with a ton of commercials rather than listening to a Super Radyo or Barangay FM station covering the fight.

    • Unfortunately, with so little hype on Pacquiao vs. Horn, I won’t be surprised if this event doesn’t sell out or earn huge ratings. Philippine boxing really needs a new star at this point now that Pacquiao is getting old. Problem is, where can we find them?

  3. Isel Ramos says:

    Its just a payper view for Pacman vs Horn but the Sky subscribers are not watching Pacaquao beacause they will watch on the live airing online and listen on the radio

  4. Harhar says:

    GMA radio commentators in paquiao fights are very bias and more often speak more of pacquiao’s offense than his opponent. You only hear of his opponent’s punches after the announcer’s determination if it was a solid punch. That why i hated radio broadcast of paquiao fights.

    • It’s possible they’re doing this for Filipino pride, hence the bias. It’s also the same phenomenon whenever international tournaments involving our national teams (esp. Gilas) are broadcast to a live audience.

      But since this is a radio broadcast, describing the action using our ears is not an easy task. That’s why boxing is not a good fit for radio in this day age (unlike the early 20th century where there’s no television back then).

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