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Time’s Up: Luchi Cruz-Valdes Must Retire The Mic

No one is as hard-working and determined as Luchi Cruz-Valdes.

The head of News5 is a do-it-all woman. Behind the scenes, she supervises the overall operations of the department, and on-screen, she anchors important programs and newscasts to occasionally critical acclaim.

Unfortunately for LCV, the ongoing situation within News5 is unbearable. Many of the department’s mainstays have departed for either greener pastures or a life of privacy, and the inability to find immediate replacements both within and outside the organization has put tremendous pressure on Luchi herself.

To make matters worse, Luchi was placed in the hot seat herself a number of times. There were rumors that she would step down as the head of News5, and yet these were put to rest.

And coming off recent surgery, Luchi’s on-camera work was significantly reduced of late. For all intents and purposes, she has relinquished her hosting job on ‘Relasyon’ in favor of the former head of Radyo5 Gladys Lana-Lucas, and her appearances on ‘Aksyon Prime’ and ‘ReAksyon’ were increasingly infrequent.

Still, TV5 has trust on Luchi Cruz-Valdes as far as on-screen roles are concerned. Which is why starting this Saturday, they gave the head of News5 a weekly debate series called ‘Manindigan’.

Airing every Saturday at 7:30 p.m., ‘Manindigan’ is an hour-long series that will tackle some of the issues that affect the country today. The series is essentially ‘ReAksyon’ in a forum format.

While ‘Manindigan’ will only be aired for a short period of time, it is clear that the on-air side of Luchi Cruz-Valdes is waning in significance. Last Monday, she anchored TV5’s coverage of the State of the Nation Address, but working the coverage by herself (with a little help from Ed Lingao) is career suicide considering her age and increased pressure of her job.

Perhaps the time has finally come for Luchi to retire the microphone and leave the anchor’s chair altogether. It would be better for her to focus on behind-the-scenes work full-time, something that contemporaries Ging Reyes, Marissa Flores and Armie Jarin-Bennett pride on doing.

No offense, but with News5 in must-improve or else mode, Luchi should focus on being the head of News5 instead of doubling as an on-screen talent at the same time. A commitment to restore News5 to its former glory is a must for her at this point.

Stepping aside may be the hardest thing to do, but for Luchi Cruz-Valdes, the time has finally come. Time to hand the reins over to younger journalists who are willing to gain experience in every way possible.


6 thoughts on “Time’s Up: Luchi Cruz-Valdes Must Retire The Mic

    • Since TV5 doesn’t do any press releases at this point, I’ll make it like a 200-word summary. TV5 really borders on the short-term at this point, hence the brief article.

  1. chakuyprodbicol says:

    Naalala ko last year ung nangyari sa debate tapos sinabihan ni Madam Luchi si Binay na huwag magdala ng notes ang then-VP.

    • By that point, age and the demands of her job are taking its toll on her. Kahit yung mga simpleng instructions minsan nakakalimutan na rin. It’s obvious that LCV can’t do two roles at the same time, and it showed.

  2. Jason says:

    Actually I’m okay with her doing this kinds of specials pero dapat yun lang.
    Give Relasyon to Gladys Lana-Lucas and Aksyon Prime to Cheryl and Ed.
    Though with that suggestion, they need new anchors(maybe Kathy San Gabriel for Aksyon Sa Umaga and Jove Francisco and Cherie Mercado for Tonite).

    • I’d rather see her focus as the head of News5 than as an on-air talent. That’s what puts her into trouble. Handling two roles at the same time takes its toll on her. She’d be better off rebuilding News5 behind the scenes than salvaging whatever pride they had on-screen.

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