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A Summary of TV5’s New Blocktimer Shows

TV5 is soldiering on with the help of blocktimers.

Over the next two days, three new programs will make their way into TV5’s lineup. They are:

Travel 360

A new travel show to be hosted by Kim Sarreal, Carla de Castro and Bien de la Paz, ‘Travel 360’ will highlight various places of interest while giving prospective travelers tips on how to enjoy one’s vacation to the fullest.

Bloggers TV

Hosted by Adele David, ‘Bloggers TV’ is a lifestyle program that is dedicated to the passion of blogging. It will take a look at the latest events and happenings that every blogger should love.

Both programs will be produced by Style International Company. The up-and-coming group is known for three things: event promotion, marketing and advertising.

Meanwhile, a third program will be a co-production of TV5 and Coca-Cola Philippines. ‘Coke Studio PH’ will feature live performances from some of the country’s up-and-coming and highly recognizable musicians.

Some of the confirmed performers on the show include Reese Lansangan, Jensen and the Flips, BP Valenzuela, Autotelic, Gracenote, Ransom Collective, Franco, Sandwich, Ebe Dancel, Noel Cabangon, Moonstar 88, Abra, Gabby Alipe, Raimund Marasigan, Curtismith and Buddy Zabala. ‘Coke Studio PH’ will also be streamed live on YouTube.

At this point, the short term is becoming apparent when it comes to TV5’s local fare. With the network still reeling from last year’s disaster, the best that they can do at this point is to hook up with blocktimers to produce quality content that should satisfy even the most hardcore of Kapatids.

With that, good luck to the three shows that will air on TV5 this weekend. It may be short and sweet, but the effort should be worth it.


13 thoughts on “A Summary of TV5’s New Blocktimer Shows

  1. Coke Studio is the latest in a string of TV5’s franchised shows which also include the likes of The Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Philippine Idol, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Amazing Race, Killer Karaoke, Let’s Ask Pilipinas, Quiet Please, Hi-5 and Top Model.

    • Again, no comment on that. TV5 is really starving for local programs, that’s why they required the help of other sources to produce shows.

      However, the two shows produced by Style International have yet to hit the ground due to production-related issues. Their premiere dates remain uncertain and with TV5 adding more sports content via ESPN5, it only gets even more doubtful.

      It seems like you’re desperate for my attention. Next time, don’t ask that same question again and wait for my response. I’ll get to your comments eventually so be patient.

  2. It’s been four years since they had launched the Everyday All the Way, Weekend Do It Better and KBO blocks. I wish that they would air re-runs of these respective shows under these blocks instead of imported ones.

    • Problem is, they would become free TV’s version of Jeepney TV. No one would bother watch a station that is loaded with reruns. Look at AksyonTV now. Whenever they don’t have a sporting event to cover, they just load themselves with reruns. It’s not healthy to do that, and worse, advertisers would turn away from them. In short, reruns could be financially disastrous especially for a cash-strapped network like TV5.

      • Since their options are severely limited at this point, they have no choice but to depend on their sister channels now. At least it’s better than too much TV shopping and movies.

      • Let’s just hope that TV5 will bring back their glory as a general entertainment channel when Chot Reyes steps down, and breaks even. They have been suffering from revenue losses due to stiff competition with ABS and GMA during the beginning of the MVP regime.

      • Honestly, they no longer care about competition. They simply care about survival. TV5’s aim now is not to beat ABS or GMA, but to thrive on their own as a niche-oriented channel. Forget moving back to a general entertainment channel. If Chot Reyes wants to turn TV5 into a male-oriented S+A copycat, so be it. And even after he steps down, there’s no way they’ll ever go back to costly entertainment shows during the era of Perci Intalan, Noel Lorenzana and Vic del Rosario.

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