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Sixth Incarnation of MTV in the Philippines to Launch Tomorrow

A revival of MTV in the Philippines will be launched tomorrow. (Logo courtesy of Viacom International Media Networks)

A new version of MTV in the Philippines will be seen anew.

On Tuesday, August 1, the sixth incarnation of MTV’s Philippine channel will officially launch in a majority of cable and satellite outlets in the country. This new channel, a collaboration of Viacom and Solar Entertainment, will be known as MTVph.

Viacom International Media Networks vice president and general manager Paras Sharma is excited to revive the MTV brand in the Philippines, saying:

“We are thrilled to work with Solar Entertainment Corporation to not only bring a brand new MTVph into the Philippines, but expand MTV’s reach across platforms. We already have a strong MTV fan base in the country, so this move solidifies our on-going commitment to bolster local programming to cater to the viewing preferences of our Filipino young audience.”

The premiere will coincide with the 36th anniversary of MTV in the United States. Before YouTube became the go-to-source for popular music videos, it was MTV that popularized the vehicle, turning unknown artists into superstars almost overnight with the help of music videos.

However, the history of MTV in the Philippines is anything but memorable. There have been five prior incarnations of MTV in the country, none of which lasted as long as the original.

  • MTV Asia (1992-96) – Aired on Channel 23 licensed by Ermita Electronics Corporation. Viacom and STAR TV joined forces for this venture, until the latter’s decision to launch Channel V eventually led to its demise.
  • MTV Philippines (1996-2000) – Channel 23 was acquired by ABS-CBN and rebranded as Studio 23. MTV continued to air in the channel during the daytime, but its broadcast ended after ABS-CBN launched MYX.
  • MTV Philippines (2001-07) – By far the longest-lasting and most popular incarnation, the original MTV Philippines was aired on Channel 41 24/7 through a partnership with Viacom and the Nation Broadcasting Corporation. The partnership ended once NBC and Viacom parted ways.
  • MTV Philippines (2007-10) – A partnership with Viacom and All Youth Channels, this version of MTV was the first to air exclusively on cable and satellite. However, AYC chairman Francis Lumen ended the partnership in 2010, and for the next four years, the MTV seen in the country was that of MTV Southeast Asia.
  • MTV Pinoy (2014-16) – Viacom and Viva joined forces to launch the more recent localized version of MTV. Unlike previous incarnations, MTV Pinoy aired mostly Filipino-dedicated content. After its dissolution, an MTV Pinoy block aired on MTV Southeast Asia for a few months.

Now that this latest incarnation of MTV in the Philippines will be launched anew, a few questions remain.

  • Will it become relevant in the age of YouTube and other streaming services?
  • Will Solar’s recent poor financial history play a big factor in this venture?
  • Will MTV be able to compete against contemporaries MYX and Channel V?

One can only hope that MTVph will make a lasting impression and not suffer the same fate as its previous incarnations. That said, if Solar can somehow put their finances into order, then MTVph will be in good shape in the years to come.


19 thoughts on “Sixth Incarnation of MTV in the Philippines to Launch Tomorrow

    • There’s no such word as “biasity”; the closest term that can be described as “favoritism.”

      And yes, it’s just like Myx for the Star talents.

      • Too bad for GMA talents. They’re always at a disadvantage. Anyway, the new MTVph can only hope to change that with greater balance. However we still don’t know if this new version of MTV will make an impact the same way the 2001-07 incarnation did. Right now, it’s either MYX, YouTube or Spotify for music lovers, and unless MTV can become a major player, all that hard work Solar and Viacom did will be all for nothing.

  1. Jose Tiamson says:

    And I heard based on ads being aired on their family of networks, MTV will be available in ALL Cable and Satellite subscribers nationwide.

    • That won’t help either given the huge operational costs of free TV. This was the reason why MTV Philippines on Channel 41 collapsed, simply because they were unable to maintain the rising costs. At least in cable and satellite, those operational costs are mitigated by subscriber payments.

      Let’s just hope that MTV will last a lot longer than their more recent incarnations. No one knows when will it last long and when will it make an impact, so the only thing to do for them is pray.

  2. The_Truthseeker21 says:

    My observations before the launch of MTVph last Aug. 1:

    1. Their Poo emoticon post with their slogan ‘We ain’t us’ last July 30 (correct me if I’m wrong), and

    2. The first MV aired during their Aug. 1 official on-air was ‘Yugto’ by Rico Blanco (used to be his revenge song against his former band Rivermaya).

    These coincidence, probably the MTVph’s ‘patama’ to the former network companies in whom MTV had formerly partnered, and possible a payback.

    • Pretty much signals a reboot for MTV in the Philippines. Then again, making an impact amid competition against MYX, Channel V, YouTube and Spotify is a daunting task. We can only hope that they’ll pull through with this venture.

  3. Since we don’t have MTVph on our cable operator, I basically have no comment about the new MTV.

    Since lumalakas na ang demand sa YouTube at Spotify, IDK kung makakasurvive ang bagong MTV sa mas digitalized na music content environment. Sa Amerika nga, kahit bumabalik na ang Total Request Live, MTV is basically dead and its lineup is now mostly reality shows. MTV’s glory days are over. Internet is the new king. Salamat sa YouTube, Spotify at iba pang streaming sites.

    • We can only hope for the best, that’s all. This is just MTVph’s first week so time is of the essence. They may not be an impact player in this day and age, but they may still be relevant to the OPM industry.

  4. chakuyprodbicol says:

    If MTV have a chance on Free TV (either Digital or Analog), there are the options
    1. They would be air on Digital Free TV on Solar Block, or
    2. They would be a blocktimer on Solar Free TV Channels, either ETC or 2nd Avenue (Kung sa ETC, good news sa akin kase merong ETC sa amin sa Albay TV 21)….

    • A music video blocktimer on free TV? Sorry to break the news but that will no longer work either. There used to be one of those on Channel 2, Studio 23 and even the defunct Citynet 27, but the increasing demand for cable and internet subscription made it obsolete. Not to mention that programming on ETC and 2nd Avenue (esp. catch-up episodes of American series) will be sorely affected should MTV come into the picture.

      Also, Solar is still figuring out their financial issues, that’s why for now, they’re just satisfied with the cable and satellite-only collaboration with Viacom, even if they’re only the minority partner.

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