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Thoughts on PTV-4 Using Other Networks’ Feeds

People’s Television Network has a very interesting case going on.

Last night, while President Rodrigo Duterte fielded questions from the media, PTV-4 inexplicably used the feed of the ABS-CBN News Channel instead of their own (see example video below). The reason: Radio-Television Malacañang, the media arm of the Philippines’ executive branch, was caught off guard by the unscheduled Q&A.

As a result, they were unable to document the press conference in time, so it was up to the respective networks to shoot their own. Unfortunately, PTV-4 failed to provide broadcast equipment in time for the impromptu event, forcing them to ‘borrow’ ANC’s feed.

This is not the first time that PTV-4 used a feed from another network. On a few other occasions, they have borrowed ANC, CNN Philippines and even GMA News TV’s feeds during President Duterte and various other spokespeople’s live appearances, when in fact they should have been sourcing these material from either their own or RTVM’s.

These occasional problems made it clear that PTV-4 is not ready to be a self-sustainable project just yet. While President Duterte promised sweeping improvements for the government station, so far these are on the side of gradual and not an immediate need at the moment.

However, PCOO secretary Martin Andanar should have been aware of PTV-4’s shortcomings. Realizing that the network is still dependent on private outfits to source some of the material, Andanar needs to change that mentality by providing the much-needed budget for PTV-4’s broadcast equipment.

The station should also be in constant communication with RTVM so that they can provide the necessary equipment in the event of a live appearance from President Duterte. With RTVM’s equipment more updated than PTV-4’s, perhaps the time is right for the two outfits to join forces and supplement each other’s broadcasts.

But if RTVM will not be up to task, it is up to Andanar and the PCOO to ask PTV-4 to go ahead as it happens. In short, PTV-4 should be more prepared than ever to document these crucial events.

PTV-4 is indeed the government’s best asset. But until they shed these overdependent tendencies, all that support will be for nothing.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on PTV-4 Using Other Networks’ Feeds

  1. Fitting for the network to cover the ASEAN Golden Jubilee today but this issue is nothing new to me. It happened even to his immediate predecessor, Noynoy and yes, blame it on the typical red tape that hindered speedy and urgent procurement.

    It’s not like commercial hands that procure such high-tech equipment faster and well prepared for impromptu engagements.

    Speaking of engagements, I am very wary about PTV’s return to cover SEA Games, which I have scheduled a post on the 16th.

      • I still think primetime IS and WILL NOT BE in their vocabulary either. Their programming grid will just remain as it is and that’s yours and my concern.

    • But as PTV is the government channel per se, they should have acted as backup in the event RTVM encounters feed issues. Then again, like you said, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing other networks’ feeds since the government still has other issues to worry about. Still, fixing PTV should also be one of their priorities if they want to bring it up to BBC or PBS’ level.

  2. The_Truthseeker21 says:

    Ralph, you’re right. If PTV can joint force to RTVM for every live coverages, that will be a good stuff.

    IMO, RTVM should also be consolidated to the incoming PBC (which is still under the passage into law by the Congress) thus a new way for PTV’s better coverage.

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