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The Return of Alyas Robin Hood

This is not a rerun.

On Monday, August 14, GMA announced the return of ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ to the small screen. The second season (or Book 2 in teleserye lingo) will bring back almost the same cast with the addition of new actors to spice up the series.

Continuing the same series after a lengthy hiatus is nothing new to Philippine television. In 2007, ABS-CBN’s ‘Maging Sino Ka Man’ received a second season after a break of six months; take note that this does not include sequels of a particular series such as the ‘Encantadia’ trilogy or the ‘Lobo’ franchise.

The new season of ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ will once again be headlined by Dingdong Dantes as Pepe, the former vigilante-turned-lawyer. New challenges await the protagonist, such as the kidnapping of his mother, the revelation of some of his secrets, and a powerful evil force that threatens the city.

Andrea Torres will reprise the role of Venus, Pepe’s ally and love interest. But instead of bringing back Megan Young’s character Sarri for season 2, GMA brought in Solenn Heussaff to portray Pepe’s other love interest, Iris.

Also returning for season 2 will be Ms. Jaclyn Jose, who will once again breathe life to Pepe’s mother Judy. Rounding out the mix of returning and new cast members are Ruru Madrid, Edu Manzano, Gary Estrada, Paolo Contis, Jay Manalo, Rey ‘PJ’ Abellana, Gio Alvarez, KC Montero, Lindsay de Vera, Dave Bornea, Rob Moya, Antonette Garcia and Luri Nalus.

The first season of ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ ran from September 19, 2016 to February 24, 2017. The series, while a decent performer with 115 episodes in total, could not get past ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’, ‘A Love to Last’ and ‘My Dear Heart’ in the ratings.

On its second season, ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ will go up against the KathNiel-led series ‘La Luna Sangre’. Considering that the latter is raking in at least 35% in the national ratings of late, ‘Alyas Robin Hood”s task became even more difficult now that they face the popular tandem of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla (not to mention former GMA star Richard Gutierrez).

Still, for loyal followers of ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ who stuck through the difficult times, the return of the series is like a breath of fresh air. With GMA keeping the faith, one can only hope that the second season of ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ will last just as long as the first.

Directed by Dominic Zapata, ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ airs weeknights after ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ on GMA Telebabad.


15 thoughts on “The Return of Alyas Robin Hood

    • Continuing an old series after a lengthy hiatus may be a good idea after all. Creatively speaking, if one long-running series (e.g. Ang Probinsyano) endlessly produces new episodes without any rest, they could become stale and disoriented, and viewers might tune out.

      The time is indeed right for a changing of the guard. But it will be up to them to cooperate.

      • B says:

        Telenovelas should start offering their episodes in seasons. This would give writers a lengthy break that could result to more creativity and less predictability and could offer more than the usual overused themes.

      • That’s what I’m saying. But that will depend on whether or not the big networks will cooperate, since their mentality is always money and not quality.

    • TBH i expected this to happened, since it will follow the norms of Genre in their respective timeslots, 7:40pm: Action, 8:30pm: Fantaseries, 9:10: Rom-com/KiligSerye. GMA did a good job in lining up the shows. Good luck for GMA though.

      • The only thing missing for them is a teleserye to compete with Wildflower, which is destroying Wowowin in the ratings. One of their Afternoon Prime teleseryes need to move to Telebabad while Wowowin moves to an earlier timeslot in order to make it happen.

  1. Vince says:

    Wow ha talagang Probinsyano pa siya itatapat. Mukhang prepared ang La Luna based on sa promo for next had it been them facing it.

    • Either Dingdong is scared of KathNiel and Richard or just eager to take on Coco Martin. But here’s a warning to ARH: Be careful what you wish for. GMA might regret their decision to take on AP which is still overwhelmingly popular despite suffering a creative nadir of late.

      • R4nce Rood says:

        Maybe they want to try face Ang Probinsyano that confidently, Because when the series was aired before (Season 1) Its ratings has been decent 20% consistent both Kantar-AGB on 2nd slot. Maybe this would make ch.2 viewers binge-watching for ARH, Maybe viewers wanted to try else new. since Ang Probinsyano is near 3 years old now. Selected viewers may tuned out.

      • Then again, ARH season 1 faced not-so formidable competition when it first aired. Magpahanggang Wakas, A Love to Last (first two weeks) and My Dear Heart couldn’t even crack the 30% mark against ARH which should explain how this series drew impressive yet not good enough ratings.

        Unfortunately, AP is a different animal. Regardless of how stale its story had become of late, they still draw in 40% or better regularly, which should make things tougher for ARH to handle.

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