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GMA’s Own 5:00 P.M. Regional Programming Issue

ABS-CBN is not the only major television network with a regional programming problem.

Archrival GMA also endures its fair share of issues when it comes to regional programs. Similar to what ABS-CBN experiences, GMA’s biggest concern is at the 5:00 p.m. slot where regional news programs are aired in the provinces in lieu of shows relayed straight from Metro Manila.

Just last Monday, GMA’s Mindanao-based channels began to air a new regional newscast titled ‘One Mindanao’. The program is anchored by longtime Mindanao-based GMA anchors Tek Ocampo, Sarah Hilomen-Velasco and Real Soroche, and is aired on weekdays at 5:00 p.m.

Like ‘Balitang Amianan’ (Dagupan and Ilocos) and ‘Balitang Bisdak’ (Cebu), ‘One Mindanao’ preempts the first 30-40 minutes of ‘Wowowin’, the GMA afternoon game show hosted by Willie Revillame. But as far as GMA is concerned, this was just a minor inconvenience.

Consider the following factors:

  1. Most GMA regional networks are now mere relay outlets following the closure of most stations and the layoff of its employees.
  2. ‘Wowowin’ is still aired after the newscasts, thus no need to reair the show the following morning.
  3. ‘Wowowin’ more often than not beats an ABS-CBN Koreanovela (only a few relay areas receive such programs due to regional ‘TV Patrol’) in the ratings game regardless of either Kantar or AGB Nielsen.

With that in mind, it was clear to GMA that they are undeterred about the overall programming disparity between Greater Manila Area and regional areas. However, with the entry of ‘One Mindanao’ in the Mindanao area, they now have every reason to worry since ‘Wowowin”s audience will be reduced significantly.

Issues among ABS-CBN and GMA’s regional network programs are in dire need of a resolution. The 5:00 p.m. slot, usually a haven for regional networks to produce their newscasts, is one example of what each network needs to do to make things all the more parallel.

But since GMA currently has less regional stations than ABS-CBN, their own concern may be revisited once they decide to resuscitate some of these stations. For now, GMA can only hope that their regional networks’ standing will be improved with each step.


6 thoughts on “GMA’s Own 5:00 P.M. Regional Programming Issue

  1. Mindanao won’t even matter to the GMA executives since they are still obsessed on being #1 nationwide, especially in Metro Manila and Urban Luzon, where they claim that most nationwide viewers came from these areas. #YabangPaMore

    • Granted that they’re losing their footprint in the regions, every excuse is needed when it comes to so-called claims of being No. 1 nationwide. They may have reprieved themselves with a Mindanao-wide newscast, but those issues in the regions are still issues in general because they don’t really care about ratings outside Luzon.

    • Problem is, Dagupan, Ilocos at Cebu na lang ang tanging non-Mindanao regional stations ng GMA. If they want to do this ambitious project, they must first turn some of those relay stations back to where they once were: regional broadcast networks complete with talents and production crew. Yun lang ang chance nila to be honest.

    • SMCS says:

      I also heard quite recently that there is another regional news programming currently airing in the Western Visayas region, and it will be named as “One Western Visayas”. One Visayas or even One Luzon may be possible but they may opt to use the Filipino language instead of another major or auxilliary Philippine languages in order for most people to understand the news report. One Mindanao has been using Cebuano for the reporters and Filipino for the texts dispalyed below the TV screen, despite the fact that there are still non-Cebuano-speaking provinces such as Sulu and Maguindanao. And yes, bitin panoorin ang Wowowin kasi putol.

      • Honestly, the decrease in regional programming due to digitalization hurts. But then again GMA and ABS need all the resources to fully migrate, hence they have no choice but to reduce some of their newscasts in the provinces just to meet the demand.

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