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Hay, Bahay! Ends, All-Star Videoke to Premiere This Sunday

It turns out ‘Hay, Bahay!’ did not exceed expectations.

Last Sunday, the final episode of ‘Hay, Bahay!’ was aired on GMA. But like all previous episodes, the sitcom made little noise among its viewers.

First aired on June 19, 2016, ‘Hay, Bahay!’ succeeded another Vic Sotto-starred sitcom in ‘Vampire ang Daddy Ko’. The latter’s stars Vic and son Oyo were joined by Oyo’s wife Kristine Hermosa, Ai-ai delas Alas, Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola.

Unlike ‘Vampire ang Daddy Ko’ which lasted for over three years, ‘Hay, Bahay!’ was only able to air for over a year as it had to contend with the long-running ABS-CBN gag show ‘Goin’ Bulilit’. Overall, the sitcom aired 61 episodes, joining a list of more recent Vic Sotto sitcoms that had a short run (e.g. ‘My Darling Aswang’, ‘The Jose and Wally Show Starring Vic Sotto’).

So what’s next for Vic Sotto? According to GMA, a new sitcom starring Vic and Ai-ai delas Alas is in the works, but the premiere date and the show’s title is yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, a replacement for ‘Hay, Bahay!’ is set to premiere this Sunday night. The new show will be called ‘All-Star Videoke’, and it will be hosted by Solenn Heussaff and Betong Sumaya.

The game play of ‘All-Star Videoke’ is as follows:

“The game features six celebrity contestants or Videoke stars vying to outwit one another by filling in the missing words on a song in a videoke-type of presentation.

In the event that every player correctly answered the words in each song, a pair of celebrity ‘laglagers’ will choose one player who will be out of the competition.

The two remaining contenders will proceed in the semi-final round for a chance to play in the jackpot round. The winning contestant becomes the All-Star Videoke Champ! and may bring home a cash prize of up to 100,000 pesos.

A “Super Oke” prize is also up for the win if the winner decides to continuously play in the succeeding weeks.”

In short, ‘All-Star Videoke’ shares some similarities with another long-running videoke game show ‘All-Star K’. But whether or not the former will enjoy the same success as the latter remains to be seen.

In the age of foreign franchised programs, it is good to see networks such as GMA maintain a more local approach. Still, the success of a particular program will only depend on the response of the viewers, and for ‘All-Star Videoke’, it will not be an easy task.

‘All-Star Videoke’ airs Sundays after ’24 Oras Weekend’ on GMA.


16 thoughts on “Hay, Bahay! Ends, All-Star Videoke to Premiere This Sunday

    • For a change, you decided to comment on an article that is not related to TV5. Dapat lang, because we need you to voice your thoughts on other stations’ shows.

      Anyway, All-Star Videoke should be a great show, plus it could be a perfect foil to the upcoming ABS franchised show I Can See Your Voice. Best of luck to them.

  1. Vince says:

    Ano pa lang end game ng mga sitcom sa Pinas? Sa US di ba syndication sa mga local affiliates at cable channels. Ang mga teleserye kasi natin pwede ibenta sa aboad eh yung mga sitcom na kagaya nito? Itatago na lang ba sa baul?

    • I have no idea. We’ve never heard of a Pinoy sitcom na naexport sa ibang bansa. Madalas napupunta na lang sa either Jeepney TV (ABS-CBN) or Fox Filipino (GMA/TV5).

  2. yong says:

    Nung inere nila yung teaser nung latter show, they used the word “magbabalik”, parang “ang paboritong blahblah game show magbabalik na”. So pumasok sa isip ko is All Star K!, pero yung graphics nung teaser sobrang layo sa All Star K! (well i don’t know if that really matters). Pero do you think they were supposed to reincarnate All Star K! pero just thought of something different instead?.

    • They could have done that considering that All-Star K was a very popular show during its run in the mid-2000s. Kaso they went a more generic route by using the All-Star Videoke name and instead of Allan K and a female co-host of his choosing, si Solenn at Betong ang pinili. They may have shared a particular lineage but for all intents and purposes, let’s just say na iba ang All-Star Videoke sa All-Star K despite their similarities in game play.

    • Since there was no network indicated, a blocktimer could be responsible for this. Would’ve been a great show with some interesting mechanics, but too bad it was never launched.

  3. There are really differences between All Star K and All Star Videoke. The format remains the same, but the words that have retired include the categories PatoK! na PatoK!, K!Hit Ano and K!Puso, and the categories for each song change every week based on the theme. The monicker for the judges has changed from Hired K!ller to All-Star Laggers, and they would say laglag instead of katay.

    • Even with these differences, it’s obvious to many that All-Star Videoke was just a rehash of All-Star K. What’s with the lack of originality on Philippine TV these days?

    • GMA is trying to come up with great local game shows, but they can’t match the success of franchised shows that ABS normally produces. Perhaps people don’t care anymore about ‘sariling atin’ and instead go with the tried and tested ‘colonial mentality’ of foreign franchised shows.

      Regardless, GMA should keep on trying even when the odds are against them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And there are rumors now circulating that ASV is on the chopping block and will end either this month or next month. If the rumors are true, then that would mean a run of seven or eight months: a decent run by GMA standards, but still not enough to give PGT and friends a run for their money. Seems it didn’t really catch on (unlike All-Star K! which lasted for several years), which is kind of a shame since the concept had potential.

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