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TV5 Pulls Out Cartoon Network Shows, Refurbish Lineup Anew with NFL, Cockfighting, Japan Japan and Amo

What is Chot Reyes thinking?

When viewers tuned in to TV5 on the first week of September, one noticeable aspect of their programming is missing. It turns out that the Tagalized cartoons from Cartoon Network and Boomerang have been pulled out of the network, possibly due to the expiration of a contract between the two parties.

As a result, the network is once again living and dying with Tagalized movies and TV shopping blocks in the morning and afternoon. However, this latest development is not the only surprise that greeted viewers.

Tomorrow morning, TV5 will bring the NFL anew to the small screen. Except that the game is not the Super Bowl but an opening night contest between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs.

It can be recalled that it was ABS-CBN’s S+A that aired Super Bowl LI last February when TV5 could not accommodate said game. Now that TV5 has opened a gigantic hole in the morning, it is highly likely that they will carry some NFL football live all season.

Continuing the ‘Choose Courage’ theme that Chot Reyes implemented this year, TV5 also acquired a pair of refugees from the beleaguered IBC-13. Anyone who is a fan of sending roosters to the cockpit may remember ‘Tukaan’ and ‘Bakbakan’ right?

Both shows were long-time staples of IBC-13’s seemingly moribund lineup. But with the network poised to take its long-overdue process of privatization, they had no choice but to give up the two programs, and luckily TV5 was there to save them from extinction.

Another new show in TV5’s lineup is ‘Japan Japan’, a travel and lifestyle reality show starring Yachang and the Kawaii Pinays. Produced by the same company that brought ‘Amachan’ to the network, ‘Japan Japan’ takes a look at the various scenic destinations in Japan from the perspective of Filipino travelers and Yachang himself.

Finally, TV5 will bring the long-awaited Brillante Mendoza mini-series ‘Amo’ to the small screen. This 12-episode take on the country’s drug-related killings was originally slated to begin August 20, but the network’s coverage of Gilas in the 2017 Southeast Asian Games pushed back its premiere to this Sunday night.

Chot Reyes’ ‘Choose Courage’ vision is indeed alive and well, sort of. However, it’s still baffling to see more of the same old ‘Shop Japan’, ‘EZ Shop’ and Tagalized movies on the same roof, and unless TV5 can find a way to minimize said programs, they will not be perceived as being ‘courageous’ as their CEO emphasizes.


23 thoughts on “TV5 Pulls Out Cartoon Network Shows, Refurbish Lineup Anew with NFL, Cockfighting, Japan Japan and Amo

  1. Jason says:

    1) The CN/Boomerang pull-out was quite surprising to say the least since they acquired and debuted a new show,Wabbit,a week before.
    2)Naunahan pa ng Japan Japan yung Travel 360 and Bloggers TV eventhough mas promoted yung latter two doon sa isa.
    3)Sana naman matuloy na yung Amo. From February to August to September.
    4) I think you forgot about The Best Of PSL.
    5) Expect a few more changes in terms of weekday primetime as five of their shows are ending this month(The Flash,Voltron,The Walking Dead,Prison Break and Marvel’s Agents of Shield).
    But my main question is do they air program commercials/advisories for this?
    Sa sobrang dami ng pagbabago in terms of programming changes sana man lang magpalabas sila ng promo plugs para hindi malito yung tao.

    • According to the producers, Travel 360 and Bloggers TV have yet to premiere because production of episodes is slow. They also need to reshoot some episodes because they’re not satisfied with the original material. Also, like I said, it’s possible that Turner’s (rightsholder of CN and Boomerang) contract with TV5 expired kaya napull-out nang biglaan.

      I also decided to omit the Best of PSL because these are just reruns of past games. As for primetime, no need to elaborate because new seasons can come and go unless they don’t air at all.

      Regarding the program commercials though, I agree that they should do that too to inform those concerned viewers. Airing a brief schedule advisory is not enough to be honest. No wonder why TV5’s YouTube page is full of Alagang Kapatid episodes because they don’t even seriously promote their programs.

      • Pretty much anything on TV5 is not even courageous at all and their YouTube channel is basically useless.

        TV5 basically tried hard to be the modern-day reincarnation of the good old Studio 23 of ABS and the old RPN 9 before C/S, but didn’t even lived up to its expectations.

        As for NFL, good luck for TV5 as they will spend a huge ton of money to bring back American Football regular season on free TV, since the general popularity of NFL on Filipinos have basically declined and we’re way too focused on basketball.

      • Pin the blame on their inability to replace programs and settling on TV shopping and movie blocks instead. That’s the coward’s way out. You can’t be courageous if all you do is not show effort in the face of adversity, and so far, TV5 hasn’t shown their capability to overcome the odds.

  2. John says:

    In related news Mo Twister just pretty much confirmed on a live stream of GTWM:The Podcast that they will be leaving TV5 in a couple of weeks.

    • That news only concerns TV5’s digital arm. Their biggest worry is on the terrestrial TV side. Yes they produce a lot of original digital content online, but what’s the point of producing shows when they can’t even fill vacant slots on TV? TV shopping this, movies that, it’s sickening and repetitive.

    • I did not mention KBP in the article, but yes, only ABS and TV5 are the two major networks left under KBP. GMA pulled out a long time ago due to issues concerning commercial load. But to be honest, I can no longer consider TV5 as a ‘major’ network owing to questionable operations. They essentially look like a small TV network in the mold of Net 25 and UNTV minus many of the latter’s religious programs.

  3. Jose Tiamson says:

    If I were Chot Reyes, I would invest instead on bring US college basketball back to the filipino masses instead of wasting tons of money just to air a sport like american football which is not that popular than basketball. And to see and watch future NBA stars is a huge plus.

    • But with so many college basketball tournaments in the U.S., I don’t think it will be feasible enough. Besides, all the basketball fans care is the NBA, local college basketball and the PBA so that plan of bringing the US NCAA will not work.

      Also, TV5 has a history of pulling out shows at the last minute. That has been their strategy in the Chot Reyes era. Delay this, cancel that. Which is why I no longer trust this network because they act like cowards instead of living up to the courage mantra that their CEO wants to see.

  4. If I were Manny Pangilinan, I will be shutting down AksyonTV or give it to Solar for MTVph. As far as Radyo5 is concerned, they should shut it down and give it back to Francis Lumen so that 923 Joey can return.

    • I don’t think a music video channel on free TV will work at this point. MTV of the early-mid 2000s was killed thanks to YouTube, competition with MYX and music streaming sites. Same goes to the jazz-conscious Francis Lumen whose recent venture in Radio High 1059 failed to pan out.

      • May Crossover naman sa smooth jazz needs mo. Basically, TV5 is a mess and is slowly resembling what has happened ten years ago back when TV5 was known as ABC-5. TV5 is a mess with last-minute changes, Aksyon TV slowly becoming yet another sari-sari TV similar to GMA News TV, which are both considered useless news stations (GMA News TV only redeemed itself on weekdays from 6am-1pm, and the rest is basically crap), and Radyo5 is now losing its relevance.

        Looks like my initial prediction for GMA being the next IBC 13 is wrong. TV5 really is basically the rich man’s version of IBC 13.

      • IMO, the entertainment division was dissolved in the period of July-August 2016 due to mismanagement and questionable programming tactics. During that time, they were busy covering the Rio 2016 Olympics.

      • Well, the Olympics only made their spending and decision-making a lot worse considering it’s the world’s biggest multi-sport event and that they need to shell out a lot of money just to air multiple sports. Add to that the PBA which seems to run all year with all those breaks for FIBA competition.

  5. grace says:

    Why Was TV5 removed from ABSCBN TV Plus channel lineup? Di ko tuloy mapanood PSL games. Konti na Lang channels, nabawasan pa.

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