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ABS-CBN Shakes Up Weekend Lineup with Entry of I Can See Your Voice

Changes are indeed aplenty on ABS-CBN this weekend.

Last weekend marked the season 3 finale of ‘Bet on Your Baby’. The 36th and final episode was aired last Sunday and it featured a reunion of original ‘Mara Clara’ stars Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes.

Although ‘Bet on Your Baby’ enjoyed impressive ratings throughout its run, the game show faltered in its final few episodes, prompting ABS-CBN to shelve it for the time being. Initially, ‘Bet on Your Baby’ was to be replaced by ‘I Can See Your Voice’, but ABS-CBN made a drastic move and placed the program on primetime starting this weekend.

Hosted by Luis Manzano alongside judges Angeline Quinto, Alex Gonzaga, Kean Cipriano, Wacky Kiray and Andrew E, ‘I Can See Your Voice’ is the first Kapamilya franchised program to originate from Korea. For more information on its game play, click this link.

‘I Can See Your Voice’ will air every Saturday after ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’, and Sunday after ‘Rated K’. All told, ABS-CBN will bring back the game/talent/reality show format at the 9:30 p.m. slot, something that was not seen since ‘I Can Do That’ ended.

The premiere of ‘I Can See Your Voice’ casts some doubt on the fate of ‘Lethal Weapon’. The Tagalized American action series aired its 14th episode last Saturday, and according to some knowledgeable sources, the first season of ‘Lethal Weapon’ still had four more episodes to go.

However, no teaser for the next episode was aired, and for some unexplained reason, ABS-CBN effectively canceled ‘Lethal Weapon’ before its season really ended. This despite the fact that the program enjoyed good ratings during its short run.

As for the vacated slot of ‘Bet on Your Baby’, ABS-CBN decided to fill the Saturday slot with a rerun of the ‘Shake Rattle & Roll’ anthology series. Then on Sundays, ABS-CBN opted to extend ‘Kapamilya Weekend Blockbusters’ instead of adding another program to its slate.

It will be interesting to see how these changes will affect ABS-CBN’s weekend lineup. But for those who await to see ‘I Can See Your Voice’ on the small screen, good luck and have fun.


12 thoughts on “ABS-CBN Shakes Up Weekend Lineup with Entry of I Can See Your Voice

      • Vince says:

        Palagi talo ang Rated K. Baka dapat palitan na nila yan. Bitawan muna ng ABS lahat ng bahid ng dilawan. Saka na lang nila yan kunin uli kapag nakapagrenew na sila.

      • You’re right. Rated K has been losing in the ratings for quite a while now. But at least they don’t air for two hours unlike KMJS.

        However, canceling the show is long overdue now considering Korina’s issues in recent years (e.g. her controversy with Anderson Cooper). Then again, ABS has not prepared an eventual replacement at the moment, so Rated K stays for the time being regardless of its performance.

        Ikaw, ano sa tingin mo ang dapat pumalit sa Rated K?

  1. for those who are curious i can see your voice is originally from mnet (a well known music channel in korea) the show is hosted in korea by leeteuk (of super junior fame), yoon se-yoon (of snl korea fame) and kim jong-kook (a member of the group turbo) kim bum soo (a famous balad singer) once hosted this show from seasons 1-3 the game play is Singer’s Visual (where one has to guess who is tone deaf based on looks) Singer’s Lip-sync (they need to guess based on lipsync) and lastly Singer’s Proof ( where selected people will have to defend their assigned contestant after hearing their contestant’s singing voice and/or seeing their evidence.)

    • Ano to, Ika-6 na Utos? Kung umextend ang isang teleserye hanggang Sabado, chances are mabu-burn out ang mga manonood. There’s no way ABS will extend a teleserye to Saturday the same way GMA did.

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