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Alyas Robin Hood Back to Original Timeslot as Super Ma’am Premieres Tonight

The truth really hurts.

Frustration within GMA’s Telebabad block reaches a new high as they once again made a timeslot change at the top of the order. The reason: they still cannot beat the Philippines’ top two programs in ‘Ang Probinsyano’ and ‘La Luna Sangre’.

It can be recalled that on August 14, GMA brought back ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ for its second season. Hoping to give ‘Ang Probinsyano’ a run for its money, GMA decided to place ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ opposite the long-running ABS-CBN action series while ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ was placed at the second slot against ‘La Luna Sangre’.

After only a month, it was clear to GMA that Pepe (Dingdong Dantes) was no match for Cardo (Coco Martin). And it was not even close as ‘Ang Probinsyano’ climbed 20% higher in the ratings than that of ‘Alyas Robin Hood’.

As a result, GMA decided to once again shake things up. Beginning tonight, ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ will return to its original timeslot (as intended to by this writer), where they will finally butt heads with Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) and Tristan (Daniel Padilla) of ‘La Luna Sangre’.

In the meantime, ‘Ang Probinsyano’ will receive a new opponent. After dispatching ‘MariMar’, ‘Little Nanay’, ‘Poor Señorita’, ‘Encantadia’, ‘Mulawin vs. Ravena’ and ‘Alyas Robin Hood’, Cardo will now have to deal with Minerva (Marian Rivera) of the upcoming GMA fantasy action series ‘Super Ma’am’.

‘Super Ma’am’ features the story of Minerva, a teacher with a soft spot for students. But an encounter with the Tamawo, a clan of mythical creatures who abduct children for the sake of gaining energy, changed Minerva’s life as she became the superhero known as Super Ma’am, one who is determined to protect the world from the Tamawo.

The cast of ‘Super Ma’am’ also includes the following:

  • Helen Gamboa
  • Matthias Rhoads
  • Joyce Ching
  • Kristoffer Martin
  • Kevin Santos
  • Isabelle de Leon
  • Andrew Gan
  • Jackie Lou Blanco
  • Jillian Ward
  • Enrico Cuenca
  • Ash Ortega
  • Marika Sasaki
  • Vincent Magbanua
  • Meg Imperial
  • Ashley Rivera
  • Jerald Napoles
  • Shyr Valdez
  • Al Tantay
  • Julius Miguel
  • Kim Domingo
  • Carmina Villarroel
  • Dina Bonnevie
  • Aiai delas Alas

The series will be under the direction of LA Madridejos.

Despite possessing the power couple of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, both ‘Super Ma’am’ and ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ will have their hands full in trying to defeat ‘Ang Probinsyano’ and ‘La Luna Sangre’. That said, the imposing shadow of both Coco Martin and KathNiel will be on GMA’s minds this week as they look to overcome Primetime Bida’s top two shows.

The task will once again not be easy for GMA Telebabad. Oh well, best of luck in hurdling over these foes anew.


22 thoughts on “Alyas Robin Hood Back to Original Timeslot as Super Ma’am Premieres Tonight

  1. Little known fact: Super Ma’am’s premiere coincides with the National Teacher’s Month (Sept 5 to Oct 5). It does kick in to say the least.

    But a bigger insight: Tonight also marks the back-to-back fantasies with the return of now conjugal leading roles of DongYan. Which raises a question: How will they take care of Baby Zia during the production?

    Even bigger: The post-24 Oras lineup is still leading by OLD GUNS. Yes, that includes you, Heart Evangelista.

    The hidden and the biggest problem: THEY’RE SPENDING TOO MUCH ON FANTASERYES EVERY DAY. If only like TV5, they should go block scheduling.

    • Too much veterans and no sight of any new artists. Must be a GMA thing.

      Marian trying to beat Coco Martin? It won’t happen. Tinalo nga ni Cardo ang naunang anim na palabas ng GMA with not-so-impressive results at tatalunin naman ni Cardo ang Super Ma’am.

      As for ARH returning to the old slot, the show learned its lesson the hard way. Try to mess with Cardo, baka mabiktima ka lang niya, kahit nakakaumay na sa ilang manonood ang kwento sa Ang Probinsyano. Mulawin vs. Ravena suffered the hardest on the timeslot change and it proved to be its downfall, trying to compete against KathNiel, GMA’s former #1 star (Angel Locsin) and the original Mulawin (Richard Gutierrez) in La Luna Sangre.

      GMA will never learn at all. Fantaseryes are way too costly and GMA is more willing to waste money on Super Ma’am habang nagkanda-leche na ang DTT rollout ng GMA and they’re even behind BEAM and SMNI on provincial DTT rollout department.

      • My first thought on Super Ma’am was that it would be a family drama. Turns out we’re fooled. DongYan this, DongYan that. Much like Felipe Gozon himself, GMA’s simply too old and too slow to keep up with ABS-CBN. Never mind ABS’ franchise issues with Duterte. GMA future’s just as bleak, and unless they change the way they produce shows, they’ll always play second fiddle to the network from Mother Ignacia.

  2. @Kim Martin: That happened from their inception (in 1961) until the 1980s. But it’s now the 21st century, GMA — like the other giant in South Triangle — now focuses on local — and might I add, cliched — content that catered to the masses.

    But as our generation will try to resist and to defy the depriving quality in favor of their style (diversified genres) and structure (a weekly series), money still talks in favor of the lower class but at the expense of a lower rate of return.

    Yeah, the current Telebabad lineup reminds me of Supergirl and Arrow.

    • GMA really started to fall into a sense of temptation once the 2000s arrived. Before that, their programming is a whole lot different from what ABS is airing; they even air animes at night for crying out loud. Now they’re trying to be like ABS when in fact they’re a poor man’s version of said network. In an age of advancing TV technology, they can’t even diversify their business thanks in large part to their unwise investment on fantaseryes.

      • What he meant was that the peak of US shows on GMA came during the early 60s to 80s. Of course, by the time the 90s came, more local programming arrived thus necessitating the gradual phaseout of US shows from the network.

    • We’ve been through this for the longest time. Incompetent management led by Lilybeth Rasonable is dragging the product down. Yet GMA doesn’t mind at all. They always insist that they’re fine left and right. Increased revenue this, increased revenue that. But what’s the point of such revenue when they’re using them for unnecessary reasons such as fantaseryes. That’s not the way to spend money wisely.

      • Speaking of TV5, they are willing to waste money on NFL and aired the network’s first regular season NFL games yesterday.

        GMA wastes money on fantaseryes. TV5 wastes money on costly sports rights. Perfect candidates for the next IBC 13.

      • And as a result, ABS-CBN is the only network (or group of networks) that viewers depend for a wide array of programs at this point. Not a good recipe to be honest. ABS can’t do it alone. Healthy competition, equal strength and balance is what Philippine TV needs, but with TV5 and GMA making foolish decision after foolish decision, any hope of that won’t come to fruition.

      • As ABS-CBN spent money wisely on diversifying their business, their fantaseryes were not as costly (e.g. Lobo, Ang Panday, Dyosa, Lastikman, Imortal, Juan dela Cruz).

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